-- Turn of the Century Marriages --

Source: The Recorder, Rising Sun
Fri., Dec. 23, 1899 edition

"Mr. Marshall E. Pavy and Miss Anna M. Klausing were united in marriage at the home of the bride's mother Wednesday, Dec. 20, by Rev. A. Krampe, of the German Reformed Church."

Source: The Recorder, Rising Sun
Fri., Dec. 29, 1899 edition

"December 26, by Rev. R.A. Kemp. Oliver B. Mitchell and Cora Newman."

Source: The Lawrenceburg Press
Thurs., Jan. 4, 1900 edition

"Miss Libbie Fisk of Rising Sun and Eugene B. Lynn of Memphis were married at the Grand hotel in Cincinnati Thursday. The bride is a sister of M.W. Fisk of the revenue service, and has frequently visited here."

Source for below:
The Recorder, Rising Sun
Fri., Jan. 5, 1900 edition

"In Cincinnati, December 28, by Rev. B. F. Rawline of Vevay, Eugene B. Lynn of Memphis, Tenn., and Elizabeth Albreeti Fisk of Rising Sun."
"In this city, December 20, M.E. Pavey and Anna Klausing."
"At Armona, California, Dec. 17, Dr. R.G. Simpson and Mrs. Virginia Baker, late of Rising Sun."
"At Scottsburg, Ind., Floyd Merrill and Miss Thomas."

Source for below:
The Recorder, Rising Sun
Fri., Jan. 12, 1900 edition

"In this city, Jan. 7, William Brown and Schlada Johnson of Missouri, colored."

The Recorder, Rising Sun
Fri., Dec. 21, 1900 edition

"In this city, December 19, by Rev. J.F. Carney, Lucian E. Kelly and Minnie M. Louden-both of Boone county, Ky."

Source: The Lawrenceburg Press
Thurs., Dec. 27, 1900 edition

"From the Rising Sun Local we learn that Edward Wingerter and Miss Mary A. Feiler were married in that town by Squire Calvert Dec.15 at the romantic hour of 11 p.m."

Source for below:
The Recorder, Rising Sun
Fri., Dec. 28, 1900 edition

"In this city, Dec. 25, by Rev. J. F. Carney, Howard Bailey and Carrie Elliott, all of Ohio county."
"In this city. December 15, by Lucian Calvert, Esq., Edward W. Wingerter and Mary A. Feiler, from Lawrenceburg."
"In this city, December 25, Guard Jones and Ida Sink."

The Recorder, Rising Sun
Fri., Jan. 11, 1901 edition

"Esq. E.S. Turner united in marriage, January 6, John Gulley jr. and Elizabeth McAllister."

1st Evangelical U.C.C. of Rising Sun
Marriage Records, pg. 260
Microfilm roll # B4-301260
Located at the Lawrenceburg Public Library

Mr. William Hoffner and Miss Pearl Kennett(?), married July 2, 1899

Mr. Oliver Gibbs and Mrs. Mollie Rodgers, married Sept. 28, 1899

Mr. Clarence A. Breen and Miss Elsie M. Brausford(?), married Nov. 12, 1899

Mr. Marshal E. Pavy and Miss Anna Marie Klausing, married Dec. 20, 1899

Mr. Lew.(?) E. Thorn and Miss Mary E. Moody, married Dec. 24, 1899

Mr. Geo. F. Niemann and Miss Lou. Lohide, married Feb. 18, 1900

Mr. Frank W. Luke and Miss Gertrude Mollen, married April 26, 1900

Mr. Marshall Durbin and Miss Mamie H. S???, married July 5, 1900

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