-- Union Township --


Source for the following List:
Civil war Soldiers of Ohio County. Found as a "Virtual Cemetery" on Find A Grave Website
The 34 in the list below are interred in Union Cemetery.

  • Brumley, Riley
  • Burns, Corp Richard C
  • Chevalier, Andrew
  • Conley, William
  • Covington, George
  • Craft, George A Jr.
  • Craft, Israel Loring
  • Durbin, John W.
  • Eastman, Philip
  • Harris, Charles M
  • Huston, Isaac M
  • Irons, Corp James H.
  • Jackson, Albion
  • Jamison, Capt Hugh
  • Jelly, James
  • Jelly William E.
  • Jones, Lucius R.
  • Keller, Jacob Spangler
  • Lemmon, Henry Clay
  • Lemmon, James F.
  • Lewis, John
  • Lynn, Lieut Samuel S.
  • McFarland, Abner
  • Mead, Henry
  • Neal, J. C.
  • Parker, Oscar
  • Powell, John
  • Riggs, John F.
  • Steel, John A.
  • Thom, David C.
  • Walker, M. C.
  • Whitlock, John T.
  • Williams, Lieut Jerome B.
  • Williams, Capt Orville

  • Van Crowley Scaggs ---- Scaggs Family Cemetery

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