Paoli Elementary School
1st Grade Class Number 2

Submitted by Bettye Kemple

This is the second 1st grade class of 1929 of the Paoli Elementary School. If you can help with the unknown names it would certainly be appreciated.

Front row: Two Dewhurst boys, Laverne Kay, Mary Lankford, Janice Trotter, Unknown, J. T. Bobbitt, Freeland Armstrong, Unknown, Dottie Groomer (Hill), Bob McCracken, Ruth Farlow (Uyesugi), Mabel Gobbel.

2nd row: Unknown, George Allen, Unknown, Charles Padgett, Unknown, Alberta Noblitt, Unknown, Unknown, Bob Lane, Pittman boy, Unknown, Dayton Oakley.

3rd row: Unknown, Louise Speer, Unknown, Donald Atkinson, Gwen King, Clifford Hudelson, Miss Van Buskirk - teacher, Unknown, Unknown, Clarence Owen, Unknown, Howard Claxton.