Paoli Elementary School
4th Grade Class of 1935

Submitted by Bettye Kemple

Our thanks go out to Francis Nicholson for adding this photo to our gallery.

Front Row: Lowell Doan, Charles Cook, Howard Walton, Sam (Goat) Holland, Freddie Tuell, Lawrence Jones, James Speer, Harold Lane, Francis Nicholson, Nova Walls, John Kimmel, Emory Collins, Arthur Merkley, Unknown.

2nd Row: Unknown, Ruth Webster, William Stone, Darlene Marship, Jeanne Cook, Carl ??, Martha Lankford, Lois Roach, Virginia Slaten, Unknown, Unknown, Betty Wells, Eloise Kay, Emma Dewhurst, Louise Busick.

3rd Row: Hazel Barnett, Catherine Dunn, Unknown, Ruth Boss, Clark Beatty - Teacher, James Kimmel, Lee Logdson, Jason Weeks, Dennis Walls.