Bethel IOOF Cemetery
Orangeville Township
Lat 38 39' 2" N  Long 86 33' 12"W

Located one and one half miles north of Orangeville on land which was entered by James Shields in 1815. The earliest burials were young children, members
of the Shields family. Rachel Fisher died in December 1821 and a Shields child who died in August of that year. The north part of the cemetery was said to be
by the Indians as a burying ground. A log church was built west of the present building in 1871. Bethel is situated on a road which was a pioneer trail, leading to
Vincennes. On the south side of the road is the I.O.O.F.addition opened in 1892. There are many unmarked graves. 

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Bethel Church From IOOF Cemetery

ABEL, S.T. Mar.2/1846-Dec.18/1920.
ABEL, S.J. Feb. 14/1843-Sept.2/1916.
ABEL, Birtie F. Jan.8/1881-Mar. 15/1904.
ALLEN, Arla May 1871-1939.
ALLEN, Benj. S. 1863-
BAKER, Robert D. b.&d. 1936.
BAKER, Alfred 1861-1935.
BAKER, Anna 1867-
BAKER, Herschel 1895-
BROTHERS, Agnes 1910-1933.
BROWN, Carrie 1888-
BROWN, Loyd E. 1886-1942.
BROWN, Louis A. 1884-1911.
BROWN, Ida S., his wife 1879-
BROWN, Harriet F. May 25/1848-
BROWN, Louis P. Nov. 7/1845-July 2/1932.
BROWN, Lenora Pruett 1903-
BROWN, Willard 1896-1942.
Willard Brown-Ind. Pvt. 144 Inf. 36 Div. Mar.24/1942.
BURTON, Jess M. Sept. 2/1880-Sept. 18/1902.
BURTON, inf. son of E. & S.C/ Jan.29/1903-Feb-5/1903.
BURTON, Eli May 6/1858-Aug.22/1930.
BURTON, Sarah, his wife Aug. 1/1861-
BURTON, Richard Aug. 17/1846-June 18/1910.
        Co. K. 53 Ind. Vol. (Gov't marker)
BURTON, Florence M. 1855-1923. Mother.
BURTON, Cora Margaret 1888-1917. Daughter.
Photo BURTT, Jesse W. Dec. 9/1873-Dec- 31/1916.
Photo BURTT, Mary E., his wife Sept. 11/1880-
CARROLL, Julia A. d. Mar. 10/1902 age 80y/9d.
CARTER, Leonard May 14/1876-Feb. 15/1922.
CARTER, Sarah E. his wife Jan. 15/1882-  
        In Memory of Mother and Father
CHAILLAUX, Louis J. Apr.25/1832-Mar.23/1892.
CHAILLAUX, Alice J. July 4/1833-Nov.22/1899.
CHAILLAUX, Rheu, no dates.
CHAILLAUX, Alpha no dates.
CHAILLAUX, Emma S., W. of J.A. June 26/1866-Apr. 11/1899.
CHAILLAUX, James A. 1862-1936.
CHAILLAUX, Mary E., w. of James A., no dates.
CHAILLAUX, infant son of J.A. & Mary. no dates.
CHAILLAUX, J. Bruce 1889-1926.
CHAILLAUX, Emma Lee 1891-1926.
PhotoCleveland, Edgar W. Feb 27, 1907 - May 6, 1995
PhotoCleveland, Mabel  Nov 9, 1909 - Jan 29, 1985
PhotoCleveland, George W.  Aug 11, 1867 - Dec 30, 1950
PhotoCleveland, Margaret A.  May 14, 1874 - Nov 16, 1962
PhotoCleveland, Thomas H.  Dec 27, 1873 - Dc 5, 1962
CLEVELAND, Henry July 15/1903-Sept. 26/1904.
CLEVELAND, Mable b & d. 1906.
        (son and daughter of F.A. & M.A. Cleveland.)
CLEVELAND, Hattie Sanders, w. of Fred d. Mar-5/1899 30Y/5m/26d.
Photo CLEVELAND, Mattie A., w, of Geo. W. Mar.14/1862 Dec- 7/1905,
CLEVELAND, Ralph M., son of G.W. & M.A. d. Feb.24/1904,12y/7m/16d.
CLEVELAND, William J. 1843-1926.
CLEVELAND, Anna P., his wife. 1835-1936.
CLEVELAND, Martha Elizabeth 1930 - 1933
COOK, Lydia Johnson 1889-1918.
DENNY, Thomas W. Sept. 27/1853-Apr.8/1915.
DENNY, Elizabeth, his w. Feb. 26/1847. FATHER AND MOTHER
DENNY, Mary w. of George Mar.13/1835-Oct-4/1910.
Photo DENNY, Clara L., w. of Samuel H. Feb-5/1874-Aug.20/1910.
DILLINGER, Martha Johnson, w. of L.V. 1897-1920.
DOUGHERTY, George W. Dec. 25/1860-June 19/1914.
DOUGHERTY, Lydia A., w. of George Jan. 9/1870--May 12/1901.
DOUGHERTY, William 1859-1940.
DOUGHERTY, Hattie A. 1871-
DOUGHERTY, mother and brother no other inscription
DOUGHERTY, Lois daut. of W.W. & H.A. Nov.10/-Nov. 19/1908.
DOUGHERTY, Walter O. son of C.W. & F.M. Jan.25/1907-Oct-16/1911.
EASLEY, T.J. 1868-1922.
EASLEY, Luarca 1873-
EASLEY, Mary Bell, w. of Joseph E. d. Sept. 10/1898, 40Y/7m/14d.
EASLEY, Joseph E. d. Jan.6/1940, age 83y.
ESTELL, Martha 1877-1943.
ESTELL, Warren 1926-1929.
FELKNOR, John Travis 1885-1916.
FLICK., Esthel Jr. b. Feb. 7/1943. 13 hours.
GARDNER, William W. 1870-1917.
GARDNER, Vergil R. b.&d. Mar.10/1909.
GIBBONS, Asa Mar-31/1840-May 31/1904. Gov't marker: Co.E. 66 Ind. Inf.
GIBBONS, Margaret June 25/1837-Oct. 13/1925.
GIBSON, John J. 1865-1907.
GOODPASTFR, Frances son of J.E. Aug.2/1909-Aug-3/1909.
GOODPASTER, Abaram, son of J.E. Dec. 28/1906-Mar.20/1909.
GRIGSBY, John W. Nov-30/1871-June 27/1899.
GRIGSBY, Maggie E. Bedster w. of John W. Grigsby Feb. 5/1869-Feb. 11/1897.
HALL, Earl 1889-1924.
HALL, Lillie A. 1869-
HALL, David R. 1864-
Photo HAM, Michael W. May 3/1833-Aug. 11/1863 49 Reg.
Photo HAM, Mary Ellen, his w. Jan.23/1835-Mar. 13/1922.
Photo HAM, Willet A. 1862-1935.
PhotoHam, Sarah 1866
Photo HAM, John M. 1857-1927.
Photo HAM, Ivan E. Feb-5/1892-Feb.29/1928.
HOPPER ,Leonard Strite d. Feb.7/1943 70y/11m/13d.
HOPPER, James A. Aug.14/1904-May 8/1915.
HOPPER, Oliver M. 1906-1937.
IKERD, Maude M. 1888-1938.
IKERD, Samuel E. 1876-
JENKINS, Mary F Apr 2/1827-Aug.6/1907.
JENKINS, John M: Aug: 30/1826-Oct. 31/1875.
JENKINS, James A. 1838-1927.
JENKINS, Lydia G., his w. 1843-1924.
JENKINS, Arcus P. Nov. 26/1878-Apr.6/1905.
JOHNSON, Bertha B. 1899-
JOHNSON, Albert 1894-1938.
JOHNSON, Perry Noble, son A & B. 1923-1936.
JOHNSON, Ermel Leon son A & B. 1921-1922.
JOHNSON, John M. 1871-1918 Father
JOHNSON, ........ Mother.
JOHNSON, Morinda E., W. of Albert 1897-1915.
JOHNSON, Little Aleyene 1915.
JONES, Stephen B. Mar.24/1828-Jan.28/1916.
JONES, Nancy J., his w. Jan. 10/1844-May 31/1913.
JONES, Laura S., daut. Sept. 19/1877-Aug.2/1897.
KIEFNER, Henry Jan. 16/1940 age 53Y/5m/23d..
KIRK, Belle Nov. 8/1867-June 2/1933.
LASWELL, Amanda C. 1858-1923.
LASWELL, John F. 1860-1937.
PhotoLeonard, Emma  1875 - 1941
Photo LEONARD, Charles L. d. Oct. 8/1938 age 66y/9m/18d.
PhotoLeonard, Lois Ham Dec 7, 1894 - July 5, 1986
PhotoLeonard, Louie C. jan 17, 1904 - Dec 30, 1971
MATHERS, George E. Dec. 15/1860-May 31/1916.
MATHERS, Ella L., W. of George Mar. 12/1866-June 22/1903.
MATHERS, Thomas N. Aug.23/1819-Apr.22/1904.
MATHERS, Lean, his wife Nov. 16/1819-Nov-7/1902.
MATHERS, T.P. 1862-1937.
MATHERS, Rebecca 1865.
MATHERS, Marion F. 1859-1935.
In MATHERS lot: Margaret Mathers Noblitt 1865-1942.
MATHERS, James L. 1853-1926.
MATHERS, Matilda, his w. 1859-1917.
MATHERS, James H. Feb 3/1831-Feb.27/1896.
MATHERS, Amanda J. Feb:4/1835-Nov. 11/1909.
MATHERS, Lawrence A. Feb.25/1859-June 21/1919.
MATHERS, Mary E. Aug. 8/1859-Jan. 5/1925.
MOFFATT, Mary Sept. 8/1853-Apr. 1/1924.
MOFFATT, James Co.A. 49 Ind. Inf. (Gov't Marker)
MOFFETT, Mary E. 1846-1932.
MOFFETT, Ephraim 1842-1902.
McCART, John P. 1884-1905.
McCART, Thomas C.1868-1920.
McCART, Nannie J. his wife 1859-1920.
McCART, Robert Dec. 22/1912-Sept.25/1933
McCART, Thomas B. 1844-1895.
        Government marker: T.B. McCart Co.C. 25 Ind. Inf.
McCART, Martha J. 1847-1908.
McCART, Minnie L. 1873-1896
McCART, Maud A. 1881-1904.
McCART, Lydia L. Kirk 1870-1903.
McCART, H.E. 1870-1941.
McCART, Margaret Hartman 1870-1915.
McCART, Elner C. d. Aug. 30/1941 age 71 Y.
McCAULEY, Emily wife of Joseph K. 1858-
McCAULEY, Joseph K. 1855-1932.
NOBLE, Bernice M. Nov. 12/1916-July 11/1918.
Photo NOBLITT, Margaret Mathers 1865-1942. (Mathers Lot)
OWEN, Albert 1871-1930.
OWEN, James M.1868-1925.
PEDIGO, Thomas B. 1858-1935.
PEDIGO, Sarah E. 1860-1928.
PEDIGO, Elizabeth 1880-
PHILLIPS, Lela d. Jan. 3/1934.
PIERCE., Eleazer J. 1848-1912. Co. A. 17 Ind. Vol. Inf.
PIERCE, Mary J. 1858-
PINNICK, Henry D. husband of Annie M. Street b. Aug 31/1866
        d. Dec. 3/1926/ Annie 1868-1942.
PINNICK, Susan E. June 4/1842-Apr. 5/1908.
PINNICK, William W. Feb. 6/1837-Aug. 13/1922.
        Gov't Marker: Corp. Co.G. 49 Ind. Inf.
PINNICK, Glenn B., son of H.D. & A.M. Sept.25/1898-Apr.15/1910.
PINNICK, Tressie O., daut. of H.D. & A.M. Nov.15/1905-Apr.4/1910.
PINNICK, Annie M d. June 4,1942 age 73y/7m/19d.
PINNICK Rufus E: 1867-1932
PINNICK, Carrie H. 1876-1935.
RAGSDALE, Permenius H. 1839-1922.
RAGSDALE, Melvina C. 1839-1928.
        Govt Marker: Corp. P.H. Ragsdale Co.G. 42 Ind. Inf.
REYNOLDS, Nell 1890-1941.
REYNOLDS, Homer 1877-
RUSSELL, James B. 1858-1897.
Photo SAGESER, John 1836-1918.
Photo SAGESER, Cordelia 1843-1933.
SANDERS MARKER: L.J. Sanders (no dates)
SANDERS, Noble Lee Mar.5/1921-April 28/1934.
SANDERS, Laura Carroll Jan. 30/1872-Mar-4/1907.
SANDERS, Ethel Burton July 24/1884-Jan.25/1912
SANDERS, Nancy M. Aug. 3/1883-Mar.27/1942. Mother.
SHIRLEY, Elizabeth Wilson d. May 1/1892 age 70y/2m/25d.
PhotoScarlett, Clara B. 1859 - 1944
PhotoScarlett, James H. 1859 - 1940
PhotoScarlett, Miller L.  1907 - 1983
SHIRLEY, George d. Sept. 21/1895 age 81y/11m/16d.
SORRELLS, Gladys 1870- SORRELLS, George W. 1868-1941.
SORRELLS, Harry Dec-31/1903-May 4/1905.
SORRELLS, Henry W. June 2/1906-Sept. 5/1916.
SPEER, Margaret J. w. of Harve 1857-1927.
STEPHENSON, Martha, daut. of Samuel & Deborah Miller
        July 10/1871-July 24/1916.
STONE, Charles B. 1857-1935.
STONE, Miranda C. 1862-
STREET, Thomas G. Mar.29/1841-Mar. 3/1901. Co. G. 4th Reg. Ind. Vol.
STREET, Eliza O., his w. Nov. 30/1843-July 14/1923.
TALBERT, Lany d. Dec. 1/1940, age 12d.
TINCHER, Mary E. 1872-1930.
PhotoToliver, Earl L. 1893 - 1979
Photo TOLIVER, Clara Fern 1897-1919.
PhotoToliver, Harold L. Oct 31,1916 -  Mar 10,1998
Photo TOLIVER, Hayden W., 1892- Father.
Photo TOLIVER, Ethel M. Scarlett 1893-1941. Mother.
TRINKLE, Bertha Johnson, w. of Irvine Trinkle Aug. 5-1892-Dec. 20-1910.         Note: In same lot are graves of Lydia Johnson Cook &
         Martha Johnson Dillinger.
Photo WALDRIP, Andrew d. Oct. 20/1892, age 80 y/2m/12d.
Photo WALDRIP, Elvira J. d. Nov. 20/1892, age 74 y/7m/28d. Andrew Waldrip &         Elvira J. Cowhered married Feb. 1/1838.
WHITE, Willard E. d. Nov. 9/1934 age 9 m.
WHITTINGTON, Myrtie, daut. of J.& E. Mar-7/1882-July 29-1901.
WHITTINGTON, William P. May 25/1872-July 12/1924.
WHITTINGTON, Edith May, daut. of W.P. & E. Apr.20/1913-Jul.22/1913.
WILSON, William A. Nov. 16/1827-Aug. 10/1907.
WILSON, Samuel J. Mar. 1/1825-Jan. 31/1905.
WILSON, Orphia J. July 14/1884-July 7/1900.
WILSON, Earl C. Dec. 16/1873-May 29/1900.
WILSON, Alva L. Oct. 23/1880-Mar.25/1901.
WININGER, Homer E. 1890-1923. Co.A. 140 Infantry.