Orange County

Harned Chapel Cemetery

   Section 20 T1S R1E SW Of Valeen 1 Mile From South Border Of The County

Partial Listing and Photos Courtesy of Chiquita (Heckler) Baker
Photographed May 22, 2011

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Last NameFirst NameBornDiedOtherPhoto
MathersCalvin J7/24/192812/19/2005SKSA US Navy WWII
MathersCharles E7/22/193010/2/1997SN US Navy
MathersDon C2/27/1934 7th Son of Henry
MathersSusan H3/8/1965   
MathersHenry R18941964  
Mathers Jesse F3/31/18928/23/1975WAGR US Army WW I
MathersNella Gott6/13/189510/11/1977  
MathersRufus Lincoln3/2/19195/23/2006EM2 US Navy World War II
Mathers Russell Thomas1/22/19243/12/1988US Navy 1941 - 1963
MathersVernie E18931959  
MayPearl M19091994  
May Elmer V19011077  
PurcellBertha A2/21/18734/14/1958  
ReddenMinnie Bracken18871970  
ReddenWilliam Andrew18931974  
ReddenLillie Violet18961975  
StrotherElmer Leo19301954  
StrotherGeorgia1900 1993  
StrotherMona E19291966  
StrotherNora A19191954