Sam William Condra

U.S. Army

First Sergeant - WWII

Paoli, IN

Olin Barnett, Sister

ENTERED SERVICE ON 4 APRIL 1937 RETIRED ON 30 NOVEMBER 1958.WWII SERVICE WITH THE 5th Infantry Division "Red Diamond" 19th Field Artillery Battalion Firing Battery "B". Arrived in Reykjavik, Iceland in May 1942 replacing the British Garrison. Departed in February 1943.Service with the 87TH INFANTRY DIVISION [GOLDEN ACORN]335TH FIELD ARTILLERY BATTALION[155mm].And with the 912th Field Artillery Service Battery. Assigned to the 3rd US Army III Corps.Arrived in Scotland on 22 October 1944. Landed in France 1 December,Moved to Metz on 8 December and went into action and took Fort Driant.Shifted to vicinity of Saar-German border on 10 December and captured Rimling,Obergailbach and Guiderkirch.On December 24 thrown into the battle of the Bulge in Belgium captured Moircy on 30 December and Ramagne. On 2 January 1945 took Germont and Tillet,moved to Luxembourg.On February 26 took Ormont and Hallschlag in night action.13 March crossed Moselle River and crossed the Rhine river on 25-26 March 20 April took up defensive position 4 miles from the Czech Border staying until V-E Day. AWARDS 5 GOOD CONDUCT AWARDS WITH BRONZE LOOPS;AMERICAN DEFENSE SERVICE MEDAL;AMERICAN CAMPAIGN MEDAL;EUROPE-AFRICAN-MIDDLE EASTERN CAMPAIGN MEDAL WITH 3 BRONZE CAMPAIGN STARS;ARMY OCCUPATION MEDAL & GERMANY CLASP,WORLD WAR TWO VICTORY MEDAL;NATIONAL DEFENSE SERVICE MEDAL;MARKSMAN BADGE AND CARBINE BAR;HONORABLE SERVICE LAPEL BUTTON WORLD WAR II.