Rex Hallaway

U.S. Army

Rank Unknown

West Baden Springs, IN

Grateful American

Entered service on 17 July 1943 at Louisville, Kentucky. Served with the 71st Infantry Division "Red Circle". Arrived at Le Havre, France on 6 February 1945.First action on 11 March 1945 at Ratswiller, Captured Pirmasens, Germany on 21 March 1945,Crossed the Rhine River at Oppenheim, Germany on 30 March 1945,Cut the Munich-Berlin autobahn on 13 April 1945,Crossed the Naab River at Kallmunz, Germany on 24 April 1945,Crossed the Danube River on 26 April 1945,Regensburg, Germany fell on 27 April 1945,Crossed the Isar River on 29 April 1945 and entered Austria on 2 May 1945. Participated in the liberation of concentration camps including Gunskirchen and Mathausen, Austria on 4 May 1945. Contacted Russian Forces East of Linz, Germany 8 May 1945 assigned occupation duty at Augsberg, Germany.