Carrell Burton Trinkle

U.S. Army

Private First Class (prior to 1968)

Valeene, IN

Grateful American

World War II Veteran Entered Service on 15 February 1943 at Louisville,Kentucky. Served with the 160th Engineer Combat Battalion,VI Corps attached to the 5th Infantry Division.Departed Boston on 27 June 1944 aboard the USS West Point AP 23 troop transport.Disembarked on 8 July 1944 at Gourock,Scotland transfer to Southampton,England.Departed for Utah Beach landing on August 12, 1944.Built tread way bridges and road repair in route to the Sauer River where on 5th February unit assigned duty to guard Radio Luxembourg.Moved to Echterhact on 6th February for the crossing of the Sauer River. Killed In Action on 7 February 1945 at the Sauer River Crossing near Echternacht,Luxembourg.He is buried at Luxembourg American Cemetery Hamm,Luxembourg. Award include The Purple Heart Medal [posthumous].