Leonard Alonzo Wolfington

U.S. Army

West Baden Springs, IN

Grateful American

Enlisted on 8 February 1943 at Louisville, Kentucky
assigned to the 207th Engineer Combat Battalion. Trained at Camp Swift, Bastrop, Texas. Sailed for Great Britain from New York on 3 December 1943 landing at Grennock, Scotland on 9 December 1943. Attached to the 1110th Engineer Group. Landed on Utah Beach June 1944. Supporting the 90th,79th and 8th Infantry Divisions in Normandy. September 1944 moved to Belgium to operated saw mills for road and bridge construction. Moved to Aachen, Germany in October for road and bridge construction. Moved back to Belgium during the Battle of The Bulge. Move to Badgodesberg, Germany to build bridges across the Rhine river. Was at Ansbach, Germany at wars end.