Moores Ridge Cemetery
French Lick Township
5906 W. Co. Rd. 375S
Lat 38 30' 06" N  Long 86 34' 08" W
Land for a church and cemetery was donated to a Methodist group by John Moore about 1830. Sarah Barbara Crout, mother of John Moore's wife, had already been buried there. She had come with the Moores from North Carolina. The marker at her grave was placed in recent years, when the graveyard was being improved. Probate records show that her estate was being settled in July 1829. There are many empty spaces and old graves with field stone markers bearing no inscription......Lost River Chapter Of The DAR 1940's.   As in many older cemeteries, some markers here are made of whetstone, or "Hindostan Slate", quarried near Hindostan Falls in Martin County. Whetstone is comprised of compressed layers of river silt, and though most have a very long life, these layers sometimes separate, taking the inscription with it. There are many such markers in this cemetery.

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Last NameFirst NameBornDiedOtherPhoto
MH. WPhoto
MainLillian3/2/19067/12/1925Dau of Martin & CynthiaPhoto
MainMarie12/1/190911/21/1912Dau of Martin & CynthiaPhoto
MainClayton R.6/23/1949----Photo
MainDorothy A.11/15/1953----Photo
MainCraig Lee1946----Photo
MainJanis K.12/14/1947----Photo
MainGary Gene2/5/195112/12/2001US Air Force VietnamPhoto
Main Kenny1952----Photo
MarlettJonathan E.18741947Photo
MarlettArvilla E.18731929Wife of JonathanPhoto
MarletteEugene G. 1929Son of  Banks & AnnaPhoto
Marley William9/22/185249y 1m 29d Consort of ElinPhoto
MarleyMary Celinda2/19/182612/7/1848Dau of Almira & D D Jackman Consort of Leonard MarleyPhoto
MarshallCharles H.11/19/19142/4/1915Son of J M & M FPhoto
MayfieldJohn T.18751913Photo
MayfieldSarah P.3/28/188945y 1m 6d  Wife of Jesse From DAR RecordsNo Photo
MayhughBillie Jeanette10/27/19294/8/1999Photo
McBrideBilly Joe10/25/19317/12/2011US Army KoreaPhoto
McBrideDonald Ray19481970VietnamPhoto
McBrideErmal E.18991955Photo
HillCleo McBride19101965Photo
McBrideRhoda S.9/18/18868/28/1971Photo
McBrideEdward A.10/14/18831/29/1974Photo
McBrideDessie12/2/187912/13/1909Wife of C EPhoto
McBrideFloraSept 18715/27/1904Wife of C EPhoto
McBrideElmer E.18751935Photo
McBrideMinnie M.187----Photo
McBrideMittie Audry4/27/19093/24/1919Photo
McCartyGrace D.19121930Photo
McDonaldPolly Ann--------Photo
McDonaldJack C. 8/9/19071/12/1931Son of Abner & CoraPhoto
McDondaldChester A. III1/26/19698/30/2014Photo
McDonaldChester Arthur Jr.6/6/1945----Photo
McDonaldMary Elizabeth Allstott7/4/1947----Photo
McIverB. F.3/21/183912/28/1900Co G 49th Ind VolPhoto
McIverMartha E.4/1/1846----Photo
McIverSilver (Sylvester)18741966Photo
McIverAubrey----12/1/1905Son of S. & B. McIverPhoto
McMullenPriscilla M. Burch8/24/19169/5/2008See also BurchPhoto
McCrackenShannon R.12/1/1945----Photo
McCracken John G.3/13/1942----Photo
MoadJames H.1865----Photo
MoadMay2/7/18952y 27d  Dau of J H & G MoadPhoto
MooreMary12/15/179912/10/1870Wife of JohnPhoto
MooreMargaret9/14/18227/31/1864Wife of EdwardPhoto
MooreCarrie Joyce5/24/1937From DAR RecordsNo Photo
MooreAndy9/15/18528m 3d Son of S & J  Photo
MooreDavid9/15/18246/6/184116y 9m 9dPhoto
MooreJoseph H.2/26/1863Died at Murfreesboro Tennessee 22y 8m 15d Co I 38 Reg Ind VolPhoto
MooreNancy--------Dau of J & M  From DAR RecordsNo Photo
MooreElizabeth8/14/1861Feb 1862Dau of J A & T E  From DAR RecordsNo Photo
MooreJohn A.11/29/186135y 10m 28dPhoto
MooreMary Jane8/20/18347/31/1862Wife of Wm DPhoto
MooreWilliam D.5/25/18344/26/1901Co I 38 Ind VolPhoto
MooreMalinda3/12/18413/4/1902Wife of Wm. DPhoto
MooreThomas T.12/9/183710/26/185517y 11m 14dPhoto
MooreSergeant E. W. Jr7/19/1863Died Jackson, Miss. Co G 49 Ind VolPhoto
MooreB. C.9/24/18483/27/1865Died in hospital Chattanooga, TennesseePhoto
MooreElza R.3/30/186712/6/1867Son of C C & IPhoto
MooreSusan Mattie12/7/18683/23/1869Dau of C C & IPhoto
MooreJohn D.12/21/18452/2/1869Civil WarPhoto
MooreLena E.3/27/189310/3/1906Photo
MooreLillian E.10/4/188911/22/1897Dau of J L & MaryPhoto
MooreJames L.1/5/18651940Photo
MooreMary A.11/22/18709/7/1928Photo
MooreBenjamin F.8/26/184612/29/1929Photo
MooreElizabeth7/9/18475/22/1918Wife of Benjamin F Photo
MooreJohn W.18701942Photo
MooreChristiann----10/4/185516y 5m 27d  Dau of R & JPhoto
MooreAmerica T.11/27/18388/10/1918Photo
MooreThomas G.----4/13/186224y 11m 18d  Co I 38 Reg. Ind. VolPhoto
MooreJoseph D.2/24/18446/18/185410y 3m 26dPhoto
MooreWilliam B.7/5/18301/10/185120y 6m 5dPhoto
MooreWilliam W.5/14/18839/12/1886Son of W B & M APhoto
MooreAnna1/22/18119/13/1877Wife of JohnPhoto
MooreGeorge W.2/10/18821/23/1884Son of E & S TPhoto
MooreEdward9/13/18759/21/1879Son of E & S TPhoto
MooreMalinda----12/21/188021y 8m 1d  Wife of L WPhoto
MooreMargaret E.----9/25/18819m 21d Dau of L W & M JPhoto
MooreElizabeth----1/31/188140y 11m 28d  Wife of B.Photo
MooreAlta E.18961970Photo
MooreCarroll Royce19351936Photo
MooreWalter Earl3/1/19183/26/1998US Army World War IIPhoto
MooreSarah J.11/14/18671/29/1868Dau of J. D. & M. MoorePhoto
MooreViolet June----1931Photo
MorganArmstrong9/9/183011/14/1891Civil WarPhoto
MorganHomer W.10/11/18922/19/1928Bat D 136 F APhoto
MorganSarah A.10/19/186110y 10m 11d  Dau of L & MPhoto
MorrisGlen Edward6/16/19392/10/2014Photo
MorrisDolly King6/17/1942----Photo
MorrisonRose T.Robbins19041973Photo
MossonClarissa A.2/27/18721/9/1916Photo
MossonCyrus C.18691954Photo
MossonRebecca8/29/186612/24/1948Wife of Cyrus C. MossonPhoto
MossonCella3/3/19109/3/1910Dau of C C & C APhoto
MossonH. G.1/21/19089/25/1909Son of C C & C APhoto
MossonHazel J.19001995Photo
MossonRoy O.18921954Photo
MossonMary Lou12/15/193812/15/1938Photo
MossonWalter Eugene3/11/19263/14/19262m 3d  Photo
MossonEthel B.6/4/19036/24/1905Dau of C C & C APhoto
MossonWilliam F.3/18/18976/28/1897Son of C C & C APhoto
MyersHelen Flick19051995Photo
MynattHazel Lashbrook19041934Wife of Jennings Mynatt  See also LashbrookPhoto
NelsonMary A.5/16/19167/27/1984Photo
NelsonJohn D.4/24/190011/28/1982Photo
NicholsAlvis P12/21/1915Son of M L & A MPhoto
NicholsMartin J11/25/19168/18/1917Son of M L & A MPhoto
NorthSarah10/10/193378y 2m 19d  From DAR RecordsNo Photo
OwenVirginia1924Dau of Lloyd & LillianPhoto
OwenWilima1926Dau of Lloyd & LillianPhoto
OwenCarol A. Stackhouse7/26/19464/17/2010Photo
OwenMichael Harold9/20/19431/18/2016US Air Force VietnamPhoto
OwenJessie B. Wilson3/24/192012/2/1997Photo
Owen Harold C.3/25/19168/26/2007Photo
ParksClorinda5/19/185012/18/1910Wife of SamuelPhoto
PeacockGeneva Stoner19201972Photo
PinnickHerbert9/5/18908/3/1910Son of AlbertPhoto
PinnickM. M. L.8/16/18318/21/1902Wife of JamesPhoto
PinnickArthur G.8/4/189910/6/1899Son of A W & SPhoto
PinnickMartha Ellen11/23/18922y 11m 4d  Dau of A W & S  From Dar RecordsNo Photo
PinnickSenith11/3/189330y 1m 6d  Wife of A WPhoto
PinnickVolney T.7/18/183512/8/1896Photo
PinnickEliza J12/19/18413/21/1908Wife of V T.Photo
PinnickSusie A.8/20/18688/8/1899Photo
PinnickJohn W.12/6/186610/16/1953Photo
PinnickElta M.3/23/18974/2/1897Photo
PinnickJessie A.7/3/18928/23/1892Photo
PinnickTheopholis R.18711954Photo
PinnickKenneth D.6/25/19356/11/2001US Army KoreaPhoto
PinnickMarlene K.7/6/1938 6/7/2007Photo
PinnickPearl A.4/26/18945/30/1963Photo
QualkenbushRobert Eugene3/29/19343/30/1934Photo
QualkinbushAlbert W.8/5/186511/24/1907Photo
QualkinbushMalissa M.4/6/18606/28/1919Photo
QualkinbushJesse W.7/23/191412/20/1917Son of Elmer & SophiaPhoto
QualkinbushPauline L.7/14/192710/30/1930Dau of Elmer & SophiaPhoto
QualkinbushRuby A6/10/19192/7/1922Dau of Elmer & SophiaPhoto
RaineyClifford W.19211982Photo
RenshawLaura12/20/18701/8/1871Dau of I H & H  From Dar RecordsNo Photo
RenshawA. A.4/10/18786/5/1901Photo
RenshawMinnie J.18721873Dau of I H &  H  From Dar RecordsNo Photo
RenshawMinnie E.7/18/187912/5/1890Stone shared with Malissa WallsPhoto
WallsMalissa P8/12/18543/2/1905Stone shared with Minnie E. RenshawPhoto
RileyBen F.4/11/18402/11/1929Co H 93 Reg Ind VolPhoto
RileyElizabeth8/2/18433/4/1923Wife of B. F.Photo
RileyClara8/4/18681/14/1895Dau of B. F. & EPhoto
RileyGeorge3/15/18692y 7m 1d  Son of B F & EPhoto
RileyCordie May11/20/18962/18/1901Dau of J W & L BPhoto
RileyJames W.18731959Photo
RobbertsWalter G.4/15/18809m 29d  Son of C B & A JPhoto
RobbinsBetty L.8/29/19385/28/2012Photo
RobbinsFred W.8/2/1937----Photo
RobbinsCarl C.9/17/19199/3/1981Photo
RobbinsJohn Woodrow1/28/191511/29/1997US Army World War IIPhoto
RobbinsJuna Lucille Flick6/16/19182/3/2005Photo
RobersonGreta Carnes1934----Photo
RobersonJames Arthur19301974Photo
RobertsBritany Marie----11/18/1996Photo
RobertsDustin Scott9/27/199710/3/1997Photo
RobertsWilliam18971965World War IPhoto
RobertsDena E.19021990Photo
RoyerDavid Lee4/22/19552/21/2006Photo
RoyerMyron V.2/12/193312/23/2010US Army KoreaPhoto
ScarlettSarah A.9/13/18364/21/1878Wife of J APhoto
ScofieldMary F.11/28/18599/14/1894Wife of W. M. ScofieldPhoto
ScofieldD. W. M.11/28/18599/14/1894From DAR RecordsNo Photo
SealsAlice L.18921976Photo
Seals Fred D.18811968Photo
SealsVirginia--------Infant Child of Fred & Alice SealsPhoto
SealsCharles8/8/19221/22/1923Infant Child of Fred & Alice Seals Dates From DAR RecordsPhoto
SealsNorma Jean1/10/19416/5/1998Photo
SealsCarl F.5/23/19376/14/2016Photo
SearcyClaude M.18961937Photo
SeyboldArnold D.18931942Photo
SeyboldGrover Lee12/17/19463/23/1971VietnamPhoto
SeyboldWillard C.3/17/19165/21/2004US Army World War IIPhoto
SeyboldSarah J.1/9/18647/15/1889Wife of JohnPhoto
SeyboldIsom3/26/18713m 4d  Son of I B & M JPhoto
SeyboldJoseph M.8/7/18013/27/1860Photo
SeyboldJane3/1/179812/6/1870Wife of Joseph M.Photo
SeyboldAnderson9/17/18558/4/1874Son of I & TPhoto
SeyboldThomas L.12/11/18196/9/1875Photo
SeyboldMary6/30/18202/10/1887Wife of Thomas L.Photo
SeyboldErnest6/22/18907/11/1909Son of G L & MaudePhoto
SeyboldMarjorie--------From DAR RecordsNo Photo
SeyboldMiles E.8/2/19149/20/1929Photo
SeyboldWilliam G.6/29/19181/5/1930Photo
SeyboldOlive D.6/11/189512/18/1876Photo
SeyboldGrover C.2/20/18925/5/1968Photo
SeyboldNancy E.18761944Photo
SeyboldFloyd B.18905/16/1964Buried Elm Ridge Cemetery Muncie, IN. Obituary Courtesy Rob LanePhoto
SeyboldMabel P.6/13/18934/3/1976Buried Ames Chapel Cemetery  Courtesy Rob LanePhoto
SeyboldOllis R.18951913Photo
SeyboldNellie H.18971933Photo
SeyboldLaurel W18991930Photo
SeyboldNellie H.8/5/183235y   From DAR RecordsNo Photo
SeyboldArnold D.6/12/18624/8/1887Son of Isaac & TeresaPhoto
SeyboldEthel6/29/18892y 10m 3d  Dau of J & MPhoto
SeyboldDella3/8/18821/26/1895Dau of J & MPhoto
SeyboldMinnie4/1/18646/2/1921Wife of JordanPhoto
SeyboldJohn Henry2/4/18473/14/1855Photo
SeyboldMary Jane5/18/18454/6/1855Photo
SeyboldSarah E.3/25/18557/21/1855Dau of S & E J    Photo
SeyboldAlice5/25/18687/19/1870Dau of S & E J    Photo
SeyboldOra O.8/13/18958/12/1927Wife of WrightPhoto
SeyboldMartha5/13/194015y 10m 4d   From DAR RecordsNo Photo
SeyboldArnold D.6/12/18624/13/1887Son of Isaac & TheresaPhoto
SeyboldIsaac  Son of S & E J
SeyboldIsaac B.6/4/18337/1/1877Photo
StokesJohn1878About 22y      Photo
StokesDorah4/12/1875Abt 10/25/1876Dau of J & R    Photo
SeyboldSamuel1/28/18492/20/1874Son of S. & E. J.   Photo
SeyboldAhi3/10/18626/4/1876Son of S. & E. J.   Photo
SeyboldIsaac2/17/18531/9/1880Son of S. & E. J.   Photo
StokesRhody12/30/185810/11/1876See also StokesPhoto
SeyboldArnold D.3/23/19223/9/1992US Army World War IIPhoto
SeyboldDonald Gene19311989Photo
SeyboldDusty Leroy11/9/19794/23/2006Photo
SeyboldMary E.4/24/19263/12/1983Photo
SeyboldRichard L.1/31/192110/8/1946Photo
SeyboldRuth4/8/19015/21/1901Dau of G. L. & M. SeyboldPhoto
SeyboldWillard S.8/3/19728/18/1972Photo
ShieldsBilly James19191942Photo
ShieldsPatricia Alden Lashbrook19001974Photo
ShieldsWilliam Henry Harrison18901970Photo
ShivelyLevi E.3/7/18591/15/1921Photo
ShivelyIda12/9/1859----Wife of LeviPhoto
SinclairJoseph Sr.1/15/18204/1/1911Photo
SinclairJane11/9/188457y 8m 11d  Wife of JosephPhoto
SinclairElwood1/27/187921y 11m 23d Son of Joseph & JanePhoto
SinclairLouisa9/19/187825y 7m 2d Dau of Joseph & JanePhoto
SinclairEsther12/29/188829y 1m 25dPhoto
SinclairJoseph18591859Son of J & C SPhoto
SinclairRaymond18581859Son of J & C S  From DAR RecordsNo Photo
SinclairHilbert11/18/18825/18/1889Son of J T & EPhoto
SinclairArthur T.11/30/188410/28/1909Photo
SinclairDelbert O.12/28/18838/19/1899Photo
SlaughterbackEdmon T.12/28/18838/19/1899Photo
SlaughterbackMary K.4/5/19247/15/1925Photo
SmithWm. H.1/15/18284/25/1895Photo
SmithMary E.7/22/1853----
SmithNancy J.1/12/18368/31/1918Wife of LeviPhoto
SmithNancy A. 12/30/187835y 4m 12d   Wife of WilliamPhoto
SmithWm R12/28/18628/21/1883Son of Wm & N APhoto
SmithSarah A8/11/186410/9/1893Wife of T MPhoto
SmithMary J12/8/18607/19/1913Photo
SmithWilliam P.7/26/18625/3/1944Photo
SmithAlvia U.6/30/19077/4/1916Son of  C C & N APhoto
SmithNora Kearby7/17/19054/1/1924Photo
SmithCharles Leon--------Funeral Home Marker OnlyPhoto
SmithDelphine V.18951986Photo
SmithNorman A.18881976Photo
SmithOlive Ann----2/5/1951Funeral Home Marker OnlyPhoto
SniderMary C.5/16/19438/10/1985Photo
SniderDonald L.10/7/19387/28/1978Photo
SnipesJohn M.12/12/18139/7/1892Photo
SnipesSusan9/27/18224/27/1904Wife of John M.Photo
SnipesWm. D. 3/21/18791y 10m 16d  Son W W & G J  From DAR RecordsNo Photo
SnipesZeno1/23/18773y 9m 1d  Son of W W & GPhoto
SnipesWalker4/12/18393/30/1901Civil WarPhoto
SnipesMargaret W. Hawhee18561918Wife of CyrusPhoto
SpauldingR. A.8/9/18303/13/1896Civil WarPhoto
SpauldingMartha A.7/19/18326/2/1906Wife of R APhoto
SpauldingAlonzo11/4/18671/20/1868Son of R A & M APhoto
SpauldingNelson1/6/18746/22/1878Son of R A & M A  From DAR RecordsNo Photo
Stanfield Marvin G.11/8/192310/20/2010US Navy World War IIPhoto
StanfieldBetty Jean5/29/1925----Photo
StewartMary A.1/4/18408/4/1922Wife of ChamberlinPhoto
SeyboldIsaac2/17/18531/9/1880Son of S. & E. J. SeyboldPhoto
Stokes John----1878About 22 y Photo
StokesDorah4/12/1876Abt 10/25/1876Photo
SeyboldSamuel1/28/18492/20/1874Son of S. & E. J. SeyboldPhoto
SeyboldAhi3/10/18626/4/1876Son of S. & E. J. SeyboldPhoto
StoutAlice L.3/4/189011/20/1943Photo
StoutAlvis L.10/13/18913/17/1969Photo
StoutClarence H.18891896Son of J.E. & Phebe StoutPhoto
StoutRuth L.6/1/19172/8/2000Photo
StoutRichard L.4/27/19163/7/1999Photo
SugarmanBenjamin M.D.7/11/19076/0/1980World War IIPhoto
SugarmanMargaret K.6/1/19164/16/1981Photo
SugarmanN. David7/16/19466/20/1978Photo
SuttonHerbert G.10/19/1881Son of E R & B JPhoto
SwannEtta Archer18661943Photo