Mt. Lebanon Cemetery

Formerly Scarlett Ridge Cemetery
Lat 38 31' 36" N Long 86 39' 05" W
Located on SR 56 SW of French Lick

The Lost River Chapter Of The DAR recorded all Orange County cemeteries in the 1940's. Their records show 551 burials here, in the original cemetery, most of which is contained within the boundaries of what is now labeled as Section 1 on the following map. Since that time, the cemetery has grown to over 2,500, but written records of burials before about 1995 are not available. The following is the most complete listing since the DAR work, and reflects all known burials between 1881 and May 13, 2016.
There are many unmarked graves in the original cemetery, and many are marked with stones that do  not bear an inscription. If you are aware of burials with no marker that do not appear in the following lists, please send me the details and I will include them.
 The current cemetery consistes of six sections defined by the driving lanes. The section numbers shown on the map are a guide to this listing, and were arbitrarily assigned.
In all sections, row numbers begin at the east end and progress west. Burials progress north to south in order. Rows in parts of section one wander, and sometimes are hard to follow. Photographed May 8-13, 2016.
Adjacent Knights of Pythias Cemetery is still active, and by written agreement is being maintained by the Mt. Lebanon Cemetery Board of Trustees.
Mt. Lebanon Methodist Church, located just to the east, is not connected to this cemetery. Though until recent years, donations raised at an annual reunion benefited the cemetery, there is no documented affiliation.
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Mt. Lebanon Cemetery
Knights of Pythias Cemetery is separate.

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