New Prospect, Indiana
1877 Orange County Map
The town of New Prospect, situated on Lost River, was born September 4, 1836. "Goodspeed's History of  Lawrence, Orange and Washington Counties", published 1884, says of it:


New Prospect, also in French Lick Township , was laid out September 4, 1836, by Nathan Pinnick, on the east half of Section 27, Township 2 north, Range 2 west. It is situated at the junction of French Lick Creek and Lost River , and on the New Albany and Vincennes turnpike. The auction of lots occurred on the 5th of September, 1839. Lost River was at that time navigable for ordinary river craft to the mouth or Lick Creek, about one mile farther up the stream, and where there were two grist-mills in operation for several years, one of which is now known as the Grigsby Mill. A post office has long been established here, and the place was formerly a very good trading point. Lick Creek is another post office in the eastern part of the township, kept by Mr. George W. Campbell. He is also doing a thriving trade in dry goods and general merchandise.

The Paoli True American
9 August 1839

Lots for sale at Auction in the Town of NEW PROSPECT.

A new town has been located on Lost River between 8 and 9 miles from Paoli, westerly, upon the Albany and Vincennes MacAdamised Road. This town has been called "New Prospect," and is beautifully situated upon the north bank of Lost River, and has certainly as many advantages as any new town that has been laid out in this part of the State for many years. New Prospect is situated in a rich and fertile region, being upon the lands of the French Lick Reserve, which lands are settling perhaps as fast as any in the State.

This town is located upon that part of Lost River which is navigable for Boats whenever White River is; and there is an excellent landing near or rather at the town. There are excellent mill sites immediately above and below New Prospect, and already there are three Saw and Grist Mills in operation near the town, two on Lost River and one on French Lick Creek. This creek runs into Lost River opposite the town, making the water sufficiently deep at all seasons of the year to float the largest Flat boats. The Saw and Grist mills spoken of aboveone is situated two miles above, one other two and a half miles below, on Lost River. The third, three mile from the town upon French Lick Creek. Excellent timber abound in the immediate vicinity of the town, and the lumber or logs can easily be floated to or from the mills in either direction. New Prospect is situated in the Lime Region, which article is becoming one of the most lucrative exports from this part of the State, and the demand for it is daily increasing, and likely to increase during all time to come. The stone is inexhaustible. Excellent Stone Coal is found in abundance in the vicinity. There is a Salt Lick near the town, and General Clendenin is now at work boring and making his arrangements for the manufactory of Salt. Plenty of iron ore is to be found not far from the town. Taking every thing into consideration, there can no doubt exist but that New Prospect has been located where more advantages can be derived, and where the prospects are greater for an extensive and flourishing town than any other town which has been laid out lor many years. There is no town near to interfere much with it, Paoli being the nearest town, and that nine miles off; . Mount pleasant next, 18 miles distant, and there is no other town which eflects it. New Prospect is situated high and healthy.


The sale of these Lots will take place at Auction, upon the premises, Thursday the 5th day of September, 1839, commencing at 11 o'clock, and continuing from day to day if necessary, until all of the Lots are sold.


The Lots will be sold upon three equal payments: One-third in six months, one-third in eighteen months, and one third in thirty months, with good personal security, and the deed immediately made; but should any purchaser be desirous of so doing, he can pay the first instalment in hand (for which six per cent, will be deducted) and take a deed, and mortgage to secure the two remaining instalments. Also, if any purchaser should be desirous, he can give personal security for the first payment, and mortgage the lot to secure the remaining payments. In each case deeds in fee simple will be made to the purchaser. These terms are somewhat new, but will be found upon examination to be very advantageous to purchasers, because it will give the right to transfer without the trouble of title bonds. If the above terms should be changed in any way, due notice will be given on the day of sale.

N. PINNICK. Proprietor
August 8, 1839.

Courtesy of Cathy Clark

The Jasper Weekly Courier
Saturday 8 July 1865
Notice to Bridge Builders

Sealed proposals will be received at the office of the Auditor of Orange county, Indiana on Tuesday the 1st day of August, 1865, for the erection of a bridge across Lost River, between New Prospect and West Baden Springs. Said bridge to be completed on or before the 1st day of December, 1865, upon two Stone Abutments; frame work to be covered and weather-boarded. For plan of superstructure and further information, apply at the above office, at any time after the 15th day of July, 1865. Bonds will be required of the sucessful bidder

July 1st 1865 - 3w.

Courtesy of Cathy Clark