Bacon School
Circa 1935

Submitted by Bettye Kemple

This small rural school was located in Southeast Township, Section 20 in the crossroads named Bacon, near Harned's Chapel. Taken in the mid 1930s, another fine look at a simpler time.

Front row l to r: Harold Judd, Leroy Harlow, Bobby Hawkins, Marilyn Lamon, and Eileen Piatt.

Second row: Bettye Mason, Maxine White, Jim Dollar, Doris Free, Bill Harlow, and Kenneth Hawkins.

Third row: Irvin Eickelberger, Billy Condra, Janus Murphy, Lawrence Wible, Donny Condra, and Otis Harlow.

Fourth row: Grace Trinkle, Maudie Harlow, Elzora Piatt, Henry Piatt, Nova Wells, and Wayne Stroud.

Last row: Wilma Judd, Marjorie Dollar, Pauline Pierson, Earlene Redden, Fern Trinkle and Mary White.