Bacon School
Class of 1940-1941

Submitted by Jerry Condra

The Bacon School was located in Southeast Twonship, across from Harned's Chapel. This is another photo from the collection of Mildred Condra Smith.

Front Row, left to right: Nova Wells, Everett ? (_others)(d), Robert Stroud, Loren Buchanan, Odas Harlow, Oda Piatt (d), Wayne Stroud.

Second Row, left to right: Billy ? (_der), James McQueaey, Bobby Hawkins, Leroy Harlow, Maxine White Poe, Doris Free Stroud.

Third Row, left to right: Fern Trinkle Free, Earlene Redden Bundy, Elzora Piatt, Mary White Shatterfield, Marjorie Dollar Lane, Lucy Denton, teacher (d), Grace Trinkle Free.

Back Row, left to right: Marilyn Lamon Doan, Maudie Harlow Ingle, Donald Wells, Leo Strothers (d), Billy Gene Condra and Donald Contra