Baxter-Case Family Reunion, sometime before 1962

Contributed by, Marilyn Nan Martin

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I have named the ones I know, maybe others can name more people. I had to scan it in 3 pieces, the lady in the wheelchair is on the far left and the shelter house is on the far right.
Named from right to left are:
2nd row-lady standing on the end is Pearl Kellums Baxter, 3rd from right in dark dress is Bea King, 7th from right is Myrtle Rogers, 8th is Mae Pruitt Baxter, 9th is Mable Baxter King.
3rd row- 4th from right is Chester King, 5th is dark shirt is Edward O. King, 10th is Joe Baxter, 12th is John Thomas Case. 4th row-4th from right is Amos Morton"Mort" Baxter.

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