Several years ago, I sent this photo copy picture[with the numbers] to several family members for help in naming these people. The results are listed below it. The little boy in the front row is my father, Cornelius Guy Baxter, son of Delta Sparks and Amos Morton Baxter, they are not in the picture. Cornelius looks to be about five years old and he was b. 1 Sept. 1907, so picture was probably taken about 1912. If any body can name any of these people, They can email me. Marilyn Baxter Martin

Left to right, front row, 9. Geraldine,daughter of Volney Baxter; 7. Cornelius Guy Baxter son of Amos M. Baxter & Delta J. Sparks; 6.Arthur Baxter[&dog]son of Wm.M. Baxter and Sarah E. Case;

2nd row, 11. ?Mable Seybold wife of Volney Baxter; 10. Sylvester[Sid]Baxter son of Wm M. Baxter & Sara E. Case; 8. ?Clarisse daughter of Joe Baxter and Maude Burton;

3rd row, 12.?; 13.?; 14.?; 15. Grace Gladys Baxter daughter of Wm. M. and Sara E. Baxter; 16. ?.; 18. Daniel Baxter son of Wm M. and Sara E. Baxter; 19. Lettie Mabel Baxter daughter of Wm M. & Sarah E. Baxter; 21. Sarah Elizabeth Case, daughter of Benj. Case and Nancy Gresham, wife of Wm. M. Baxter; 5. William Madison Baxter son of WM.Baxter and Priscilla Bradley; 4. Probably ? Isaac Flick son of Christopher Flick & Polly Cox; 22.Isaac Monroe Baxter husband of Lucinda & son of Wm & Priscilla Baxter; 3. Mary Jane Baxter wife of Christopher Flick & daughter of WM & Priscilla Baxter; 1. Abraham Baxter son of WM & Priscilla Baxter; 2. Lucinda Ann Case wife of Isaac Baxter & daughter of William Case & Elizabeth Spaulding.Two men,17 & 20, standing on porch are unknown and place unknown.