A History Of Trimble Cemetery
By Jessie Trinkle - 1950
Courtesy of Rebecca Gardner

That part of Orange County were Trimble Cemetery is was once a part of Washington County and was established prior to Orange County,  While it was a part of Washington County, David and Alexander McKinney, brothers, settled near here and soon David McKinney became the owner of the land, or a portion of it, which includes "Trimble" or "Tremble" cemetery.  By later arrangement of the boundaries of these two counties, this cemetery tract became a part of Orange County.

 While David McKinney and his family resided here, his little daughter, Cynthia Ann McKinney died May 18, 1814, and as usual in those days a family burial plot was set aside near their home, and in this plot Cynthia was buried.  This was the beginning of this cemetery and the first grave opened more than 200 years ago.

 To the original burial there there have successive additions by gifts, grants and purchases as space was needed.  A good road was built to the site and maintained by the county.

 Thomas Trimble became owner of the land following David McKinney, the little family cemetery grew by the addition of graves of neighbors and those living in the vicinty and by usage it became known as the Trimble Cemetery and carried that name since.

 Buried within Trimble Cemetery are several soldiers very the various wars beginning with the Revolutionary War.

 Revolutionary War - David and Alexander McKinney, William Case and Arthur Johnson
War of 1812 - Uriah Glover, William Cunningham and Isaac Bridewaters
Mexican War - William Cook
Civil War - Joseph Ballard, John W. Ellis, Lewis F. Hayes, Wiley J. Hayes, William Ferguson, Smith T. Miller, Theofilus Montgomary, Thomas Parish, Caot. William H. Peters, Thomas Skeen, Claudius Standeford, Seth Stratton, Frank Throll, Andrew Tegarden, Robert Tuell, James C. Walker, William W. Wheeler and William Waldo
World War I - Elvie M. Hutchinson and Hobart Jackson