From the Records of the Lost River DAR

Transcribed by Tom Agan

Orleans Township Section 24, T3N R1W. Seldom Used.

Located one and one half miles north west of Orleans, on land entered by John Clark Brooks, and yet owned by descendants. Record supplied by Mr. Ralph Brooks.

The following is a transcript of data recorded by the Lost River Chapter of the DAR in the 1940's and remains their property. This page may be freely copied for your personal use but may not be reproduced in any public media without permission

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Brooks, John Clark; b. in Virginia in 1783. (no marker.)
Brooks, Hannah Sharrow; wife of John C. b. in Virginia. (no marker)
Brooks, Elizabeth; wife of Thomas. May 6, 1821—July 28, 1899.
Brooks, Francis; daut. of Thomas & Elizabeth. 1852—Sept.25, 1927, age 75y.
Brooks, Dovey; l859 - Nov. 20/l939.
Brooks, Thomas; Dec 27, 1824 - Nov 1, 1908. Age 83y/10m/4d.
        Son of John & Hannah
Dalton, Rachel; (no marker)
Elrod, Delila; wife of James M. d. Mar 14, 1853, age 36y/10m/24d.
Fidler, twin babes; of Frank M. & Eliza J. d. Sept 6, 1867.
Grady, Betsey; (no marker.)
Grady, Jimmie; (no marker.)
Hackney, Gerty; & Albert, children of John & Belle.
Jobnson, Levi; d. Mar 17, 1876, age 82 y.
Johnson, Anna; wife of Levi. d. Oct l1, 1875, age 77y/8m. (Anna Featherkile.)
Johnson, Elizabeth; daut. of Levi & Anna. d. Mar 7, 1855, age 24y/4m/6d.
Langford, Menan; (no marker.)
Langford, Mourning Dalton; wife of Menan. b. in Va. in 1785.(no marker.)
Langford, John; d. July 2, 1854, age 43y/7m/2d. (son of Menan and Mourning.)
Langford, Mary; wife of John. Sept 6, 1813 - May 27, 1875.
        (daut. of John & Hannah Brooks.)
Langford, Harrison; Jan.1, 1815 - Sept 28, 1865.
Langford, William H.; d. Sept 29, 1852, age 15y/11m/8d.
Langford, Malinda; (no marker.)
Langford, George; (no marker.)
Langford, William; (no marker.)
Langford, Elizabeth; (no marker.)