Carroll Family Cemetery

From the Cemetery Records compiled by the Lost River Chapter DAR

Jackson Township Section 20 - T1S R2W. Abandoned

See also transcript of graves moved to Patoka Memorial Cemetery.

Located south east of Elon, in a cultivated field, on high ground. The fence is torn away, cattle have grazed over the place, and markers have fallen and broken. The Carrolls were early settlers in this region and Benjamin Carroll was a large land owner, the burial plot being on a part of his farm, but no longer belongs to the family. He married Sally Sinclair. He is known to have been buried here, his grave unmarked. There are traces of about 20 unmarked graves.

The following is a transcript of data recorded by the Lost River Chapter of the DAR in the 1940's and remains their property.  This page may be freely copied for your personal use but may not be reproduced in any public media without permission

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BYERS, George T.; 27 Aug 1851-26 Apr 1884} one stone
BYERS, Nancy, w. of G.T.; 14 Nov 1858- }
CARROLL, Benjamin; died in 1892, no stone found
CARROLL, Sarah J., w. of Benjamin; 6 Jun 1813-29 Apr 1882
CARROLL, George, son of B. & S.; 4 Oct 1839-29 Oct 1862.
        He was in Co. I, 38 Reg. Ind. Vol.
CARROLL, John, son of B. & S.; 9 Jan 1832-7 Oct 1866
CARROLL, Isaac, son of B. & S.; 12 Mar 1850-3 Aug 1881;
        husband of Rosy J. Carroll
CARROLL, Rebecca, w. of Isaac; d. 11 Oct 1877, age 23y
CARROLL, Susan, w. of B.; 8 Apr 1855-14 Jun 1875
CARROLL, Eliza A., w. of B.; 3 Oct 1859-13 Apr 1883 (wives of Benjamin Carroll Jr.)
CARROLL, George, son of J.W. & M.; d. 12 Apr 1883, age 2y/3m/17d
CARROLL, Oscar, son of J.W. & M.E.; 7 Oct 1885-7 Feb 1888
CARROLL, Benjamin, son of J.W. & M.E.; 24 Oct 1868-10 Sep 1888
CARROLL, James W., son of J.W. & M.E.; 15 Nov 1887-23 Aug 1888
CARROLL, Thomas; 10 Jun 1875-2 Feb 1897
CARROLL, Hickmon; 1854-1920}
CARROLL, Sarah E., his w.; 1864-1895} three on one stone
CARROLL, Amanda E., his w.; 1870- }
CARROLL, Cora B., daut. of H. & S.E.; 22 Feb 1887-1 Apr 1887} two on one stone
CARROLL, Joseph B., son of H. & S.E.; 24 Nov 1882-25 Sep 1887}
CARROLL, Alice B., daut. of Hickmon & Eva; 1909-1920
CINCLAIR, Rachel; 5 Mar 1790-29 Sep 1877
        (on stone with daut. Sarah, wife of Benjamin Carroll)
CLEMENS, Nancy, w. of J. Clemens and daut. of B. & S. Carroll;
        24 Jun 1833-28 Oct 1874
FURGESON, Abigail, w. of Harrison, d. 12 Mar 1873, age 20y/5m/22d
THOMPSON, David, son of H.C. & P.; 20 Sep 1875-3 Oct 1875
THOMPSON, Betsy J., daut. of H.C. & P.; 8 Mar 1877-15 Apr 1878