Concord Cemetery

Located in Southeast Township, Orange County, IN, Section 32, T1N R1E, on the Valeene Road south of Paoli.

Transcribed by Robert E. Lane & Derek J. Lane in 2003, with a few updates in 2011.

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Name Birth Date Death Date Inscription or Remarks
Agan, Ruia Mae 1924 1996  
Allan, Ellen Maxine 7-Feb-21 9-Jul-99  
Andis, Gilbert Avery 07-Oct-1892 23-Mar-76 Pfc US Army WWII
Andis, Iona Adeline 02-Sep-1896 29-Jan-75 nee Wells
Andis, Rose M. 2-Sep-57 9-Jan-83 d/o Gene & Ruia Agan
Andis, James Dustin 26-Nov-74 26-Nov-74 Her infant son, stillborn
Andry-Heckler, Bernice 25-Feb-36 6-Oct-00  
Babcock, Alvis F. 1909 1915 Sons of O.M. & K.D.
Babcock, Charles Z.   1916  
Babcock, Elizabeth 1884 1919 w/o Ira Floyd Hickman
Babcock, Lora E.   1918 d/o O.M. & K.D.
Beals, Charles Elbert 21-Sep-48 07-Jul01970 PFC, US Army, died in Vietnam
Beals, Bertha May 04-Apr-1890 25-Sep-74  
Beals, Clinton Henry 8-Dec-17 21-Dec-85  
Beals, Christina 10-Nov-21 3-Dec-72 nee Corvell
Beaty, William Abe 1883 1968  
Beaty, Rella M. 1885 1963  
Brown, George 20-Feb-1854 12-Mar-31  
Brown, Lizzie 21-Feb-1860 2-May-28  
Brown, Nannie 08-May-1864 27-Apr-49  
Cook, Hiram Lucian 1858 1932  
Cook, Colanza Ellen 1859 1940 nee Scrimager
Crecelius, Paul 1918 1927  
Crecelius, Ralph 1933 1936  
Crecelius, Susan Mae "Susie" 24-Apr-1891 13-Jun-28 nee Moore
Dailey, Denby 1900 1938  
Dailey, George W. 1831 1910  
Dailey, Mary Ann 1842 1915 nee Bridgewater
Dailey, Harley E. 1884 1939 Cpl. Co. M 23 Inf. Ind. Vol.
Dailey, Josephine 1862 1947  
Dailey, Mort 1864 1934  
Dailey, Pliney V. 16-Dec-1895 24-Aug-63 Pvt. US Army WWI
Davis, John W. 08-Mar-1861 4-Feb-40  
Davis, Minnie A. 05-Feb-1873 10-Feb-15 nee Hollowell
Denton, John T. 04-May-1867 13-Mar-46  
Denton, Laura A. 15-Aug-1870 13-Nov-50 nee Alspaugh
Denton, William E. 1889 1940  
Denton, Opha D. 1899 1974 nee Davis
Dewitt, Charlie 1889 1977  
Dewitt, Dovey 1894 1989  
Dewitt, Edward B. 12-Aug-13 4-Feb-87 Pfc. US Army WWII
Dewitt, Noble Ray 18-Jan-25 2-Feb-84 Ssgt. US Army WWII
Dewitt, Catherine 3-Jan-28 24-Feb-75  
Dixon, Buddy Raymond 29-May-34    
Dixon, Alma Joyce 13-May-35 5-May-84  
Dixon, Charles “Ed” 30-Oct-06 7-Oct-98  
Dixon, Lois Ethel 30-Mar-09 28-Jan-93 nee Eickelberger, m. 21-May-1927
Dixon, Ruby Ann 2-Jan-42 13-Feb-55  
Dixon, William E. 1930 1984  
Dixon, Wilda Joan 1932    
Dollaske, Fred 1900 1977  
Dollaske, Dorothy 1917 2000  
Doty, Hannah Ellen 1854 1911  
Dykstra, Dirk H. 1884 1963  
Dykstra, Beulah B. 1898 19??  
Eickelberger, Dexter Wade 15-Oct-79 15-Oct-91  
Eickelberger, Janet N. 8-May-33 6-May-02 nee Armstrong
Eickelberger, Jerry 1879 1959  
Eickelberger, Anna E. 1887 1957 nee Denton
Eickelberger, Hanna 23-Jan-1836 08-Feb-1899  
Eickelberger, Knofel E. 9-Sep-11 27-Oct-95  
Eickelberger, Dora M. 6-Jul-13 4-Jul-92 m. 18-Jul-1931
Eickelberger, Mary B. 10-Jun-06 19-Jul-06 d/o J. & Annie
Eickelberger, Merle Lee 18-Mar-24 7-Jul-25  
Eickelberger, Moses 30-Jan-1827 12-May-00  
Eickelberger, Samuel 06-May-1856 21-Aug-47  
Eickelberger, Martha 25-Oct-1856 28-Dec-34  
Eickelberger, Walter Dale Sr. 20-Nov-32 23-Apr-10  
England, Michelle Dawn   2-Oct-69 d/o K. & R.
Free, Marsha Sue 1950 1998  
Garloch, Harry 1897 1982  
Garloch, Nora 1907 1987  
Garloch, M. Marie 29-Jul-40 18-Nov-64 Stone also mentions an infant
Garloch, Rolanda     Infant d/o Ed & Jean
Garloch, Timothy 10-Dec-62 24-Aug-68  
Gray, Lydia 09-May-1881 19-Sep-1894  
Gray, Mahulda J. 1867   d/o J. & R. Lane, w/o George
Gray, Milley E. 20-Oct-1836 15-Jun-24 nee Wellman
Gray, William J.     38 Ind. Inf., 2nd husband of Milley
Grider, Cecil C. 10-Jun-1898 1984 Pvt US Army WWII
Harding, Harry 06-Apr-1871 18-Nov-48  
Harding, Orpha E. 31-May-1872 14-Feb-50  
Harris, Roscoe 1890 1968  
Hickman, Charles Ambrose 06-Aug-1841 20-May-10  
Hickman, Roxie Emeline 16-Dec-1848   nee Denton
Hickman, Ira Floyd 22-May-1882 27-Jul-71 h/o Elizabeth Babcock
Hickman, Iva Anna 1914 1915  
Hickman, John Thomas 26-Sep-1867 3-Jan-42  
Hickman, John W. Jr. 3-Mar-58 20-Jul-99  
Hickman, Martha Ellen 1908 1920  
Hickman, Nancy A. 24-Aug-1865 17-Jul-09 nee Newlin, w/o John T.
Hickman, Ollie 1873 1932 w/o Isaac
Hickman, Elvis 1897 1975 s/o Isaac & Ollie
Hickman, Viola B. 28-Jun-1888 31-Oct-05  
Horton, Della F. 28-Jul-10 28-Apr-60  
Horton, John A. 27-Jan-30 8-Apr-74  
Huffines, Franklin Eugen   16-Jun-34  
Jones, Glendon R. 1928 1983 A 2C US Air Force, Korea
Jones, Frances 1931 1975  
Kays, Fred E. 1911 1987  
Kays, Genevieve 1912 1989  
King, Jackie M. 2-Jul-60 7-Nov-60  
Lamb, Jonathan W. 16-Apr-1853? 10-Jul-25  
Lamb, Susan J. 1869 1919  
Lane, Jesse A. 1842 1917 Co. D 52 Ind. Inf.
Lane, Rachel A. 1839 1906 nee Allen
Lane, Lora 06-Oct-1898 05-Sep-1899 d/o Enoch Bloomer & Minnie
Lane, Ora 06-Oct-1898 17-Aug-02 d/o Enoch Bloomer & Minnie
Martin, Brian Wayne 13-Apr-71 14-Apr-71  
Millican, Mary Jean 20-Jul-64 30-Jun-97  
Moore, Vincent 1849 1906  
Moore, Margaret Jane 1854 1931 nee Eickelberger
Moore, Raymond M. 1894 1906  
Murphy, Lisa Ann   27-Sep-70 d/o J. & N.
Newlin, Albert 22-Nov-1876 07-Nov-1898  
Newlin, Amos 04-Jun-1880 10-Aug-1893  
Newlin, Dessie E. 28-Jul-1879 28-Sep-01 w/o S.C.
Newlin, Joel 07-Oct-1836 9-May-20  
Newlin, Permelia A. 14-Feb-1844 16-Mar-12  
Newlin, M. Ezra 1875 1904  
Newlin, Mary Florence 18-Sep-1882 19-Jan-1899  
Newlin, William 03-Mar-1827 26-Feb-1895  
Newlin, Mary 13-May-1832 18-Feb-1893 nee Stout
Owen, William P. 25-Mar-18 16-Apr-85 Pvt US Army WWII
Owen, Frieda 1923   m. 1941
Patton, Dail 22-Mar-1866 14-Jan-49  
Patton, Lizzie 18-Nov-1866 14-Mar-42  
Patton, Erbie 1887 1963  
Patton, Ettie 1892 1916  
Patton, Telitha 1900 1927  
Patton, Zelbert 1911 1960  
Patton, Alice 1910 1981  
Pomeroy, Anna M. 14-Apr-1892 4-Mar-70  
Pomeroy, Mary Jane 17-Feb-1873 16-May-58  
Pulis, Jeff D.   Sep-64  
Radcliffe, Donald K.   28-Mar-32 s/o J. & E.
Redford, Lois I. Orr 20-May-05 12-Sep-78  
Rezac, Russell 1902 1994  
Rezac, Julia 1887 1960  
Rodefer, Othella M. 1930 1976  
Ruetze, Gerd E. 18-Jan-37 20-May-81 m. 16-Sep-1960
Ruetze, N. Jeane 15-Nov-31    
Smith, Harold D. 12-Jan-27 20-Dec-97  
Smith, Mabel Jane 9-Sep-30 23-Jun-91  
Stout, Joseph 1849 1933  
Stout, Elizabeth 1855 1935  
Strother, Nancy White 1848 1929  
Strother, Harden 1870 1909  
Strother, George W. 1873 1943  
Strother, Marthena 1878 1935  
Strother, Oliver P. 1878 1953  
Strother, William A. 08-Jan-1839 3-Mar-15 Co. G 14 Regt. Ohio Inf.
Sutton, Ben S. 21-Jan-1884 11-Jan-29  
Sutton, Hattie J. 17-Jul-1893 14-Nov-80  
Sutton, Bennie 11-Dec-24 12/26/1996  
Sutton, Glennie 18-May-23    
Underhill, Orville 1915 1978  
Underhill, Roy Olden 19-Oct-18 1-Nov-90 Pvt. US Army WWII
Vincent, Elizabeth 1898 1977  
Walls, Ben H. 31-Jul-1892 17-Aug-62  
Walls, Martha H. 6-Mar-08 20-Nov-86  
Walton, Rose Ann 1866   d/o J. & R. Lane, 1st wife of Samuel
Walton, Sylvania 1872   d/o J. & R. Lane, 2nd wife of Samuel
Wellman, William N. 27-Jan-1879 14-Mar-60  
Wellman, Minnie Alice 14-Nov-1879 10-Sep-53 nee Newlin
Wellman, Joel Monroe 11-Nov-10 7-Jun-12 children of W. & A.
Wellman, Infant Son 4-Apr-19    
Wellman, Infant Son 26-Dec-22    
Wells, Ayles S. 1-Dec-04 11-Nov-65  
Wells, Iva M. 6-Mar-08 20-Nov-86  
Wells, Chester W. 1936 1987  
Wells, David P. 10-Mar-1873 20-Apr-56  
Wells, Martha E. 22-Apr-1877 13-Feb-37 nee Newlin
Wells, Edgar L. 7-Apr-19 14-Dec-90 Pfc. US Army WWII
Wells, Eugene 21-Jan-30    
Wells, Gloria Sue 21-Feb-38 7-Sep-95 One stone with Eugene
Wells, Everett J. 7-Apr-19 4-Mar-91 Pfc. US Army WWII
Wells, Hazel R. 18-Mar-23 17-Dec-89  
Wells, Fred D. 25-Dec-15 24-May-46  
Wells, Glendon R. 26-Feb-41 30-Oct-97  
Wells, Sherman F. 14-Jun-37 15-May-57 US Army