Submitted by Virginia Trowbridge Chase

Southeast Township, Section 29, TIS R2E

The land was owned by Joseph Weathers in 1819. It was later owned by Obediah Crandall who married Elizabeth Weathers. I went with the family last summer when they went in to clear away the brush this summer.

This information was given to me by Geneva McQueary who is also a Crandall descendant. This listing was made by James Crandall, great grandson of Joseph Weathers, who made it when he owned the farm in 1945. In addition to this, some of the information came came from Mrs. Elwood Holiday, a granddaughter of Obediah Crandall.

The cemetery is fenced off therefore it has been saved being trod over. Someone had planted Crepe Myrtle or Vinca and it was covering the ground nicely. We all chipped in and paid the caretaker to spray weed killer on the cemetery a couple of times a year. We're hoping that this will make the job easier.

We counted over 30 unmarked graves which had rough field stone markers. The cemetery is in good shape other than getting overgrown with weeds andsmall trees. The family usually goes in every year or so to clear it.

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AGAN, Milton; 10-14-1815 to 4-28-1909
AGAN, Celia; 8-6-1824 to 4-8-1925, Daughter of Obediah
AGAN, John R.; 1-28-1851 to 10-1-1875
AGAN, Elizabeth; Unmarked
BROOMFIELD Washington; he was the grandson of Waddy
CRANDALL, Obediah; Born in England? Unmarked
CRANDALL, Elizabeth; Unmarked, Her maiden name was
CRANDALL, Obediah, Jr; Unmarked
CRANDALL, Caroline; Unmarked
CRANDALL, William; b.6-29-1841 - d.5-2-1931, Son of Obediah
CRANDALL, Susan; b.1852 - d.1925, 2nd Wife of William, Her
    maiden name was FANCHER
CRANDALL, Benjamin G.; b.10-10-1881 - d.4-21-1882, Son of
    William and Susan Fancher
CRANDALL, Vina Ellen; b.1874 - d.1945, Daughter of William
    and Susan Fancher
CRANDALL, Hester Jane; b.1878 - d.1958, Daughter of William
    and Susan Fancher
CRANDALL, Joseph; b.1846 - d.1925, Son of Obediah
CRANDALL, Artemisa; b.1853 - d.1940, Wife of Joseph, do not
    know maiden name
CRANDALL, Martha; b.8-9-1878 - d.9-16-1886, Daughter of
    Joseph and Artemisa.
CRANDALL, William or Willard; b.11-1-1881 - d..9-18-1886, son
    of Joseph and Artemisa.
CRANDALL, Sherman Wesley; b.Mar, 1875/6 - d.Nov. 1955; Son
    of Joseph and Artemisa.
CRANDALL, Daniel; Unmarked, (unsure of who this is)
FERGUSON Martha; Possibly not buried here, a relative said
    that she might be buried elsewhere, she was the daughter of
    James Crandall
WRIGHT, Jacob; Do not know who this is, or his connection to
    the families.