Edwards Cemetery

Submitted by, Robert E. Lane and Gary Lane

Location: Northeast Township, Orange County, IN, section 12 T2N R1E, east of state road 337, Livonia quadrangle.
Other Information: Isaac Edwards, the owner of this land, emigrated to Orange County, IN, from Shelly County, KY. He served with the mounted volunteers in the U.S. Service in 1813. He married Ulila Feathergill (or Featherkile). The first burial in the family cemetery was James F. Edwards in 1827.

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  • Abel, Jane b. 13-Oct-1803 d. 26-Oct-1851 w/o John (buried in Miller Cemetery)
  • Abel, John N. b. 12-Oct-1850 d. 06-Sep-1851 s/o G.W. & J.H.
  • Boon, Catherine b. 06-May-1811 d. 21-Jun-1883 w/o John, d/o Isaac & Ulila Edwards.
  • Boon, Infant no dates child of J. & K.
  • Boon, John b. 16-Jan-1807 d. 06-Mar-1872
  • Boon, Lewis d. 05-Nov-1866 24y/10m/4d, s/o John & Catherine
  • Boon, Mary E. d. 10-Jan-1838 1y/1m/6d, d/o J. & K.
  • Edwards, Eliza b. 19-Jun-1838 d. 01-Aug-1841 d/o Thomas & Lucinda
  • Edwards, Isaac d. 23-Apr-1855 72y/6m/11d
  • Edwards, Isaac W. J. d. 28-Oct-1828 8y/2m/30d
  • Edwards, James F. d. 09-Nov-1827 21y/2m/9d
  • Edwards, Jane Grafton d. 15-Nov-1833 35y, w/o T. Edwards
  • Edwards, Lewis M. d. 20-Aug-1894 79y/2m/2d
  • Edwards, Lucinda b. 20-May-1811 d. 05-Jun-1870 w/o Thomas
  • Edwards, Marcus D. L. d. 31-Jul-1852 11m/8d, s/o L.M. & M.A.
  • Edwards, Mary Ann d. 20-Jul-1852 25y/3m/7d, w/o Lewis
  • Edwards, Melissa D. d. 25-Dec-1857 22y/8m/17d, w/o Lewis M.
  • Edwards, Sarah no dates w/o T.H.
  • Edwards, Sarah E. d. 14-Apr-1852 16y/8m/28d, d/o T. & L.
  • Edwards, Thomas d. 14-Sep-1857 64y/11m/12d
  • Edwards, Thomas H. b. 09-Mar-1809 d. 10-Mar-1889
  • Edwards, Thomas J. b. 09-Sep-1836 d. 03-Nov-1859
  • Edwards, William L. d. 14-Dec-1863 18y/8m/24d, s/o Thomas & Sarah
  • Edwards, Ulila d. 24-Aug-1844 62y, consort of Isaac.
  • Martin, Infant b. 13-May-1834 d. 13-May-1834 child of S.A. & J.H.
  • Martin, Isaac C. d. 29-Aug-1842 8m
  • Martin, James W. d. 13-Oct-1837 2y
  • Martin, Juliana H. d. 17-Aug-1844 26y/6m/5d, w/o Samuel
  • Martin, Samuel A. d. 18-Oct-1849 39y/10m/14d
  • Phipps, Melissa A. d. 01-Apr-1884 26y/3m/15d, w/o Calvin C.
  • Trinkle, Eliza d. 17-Feb-1901 51y/1m/28d

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