Faucetts Chapel Cemetery

Location: Northwest Township, Orange County, IN, Section 10, T2N R2W.
Contributed by, Robert E. Lane

Other Information: Faucett’s Chapel, Methodist, was organized in 1837, at the home of James Faucett, who had come from North Carolina. A log church building, erected in 1847, was replaced by a frame building in 1879. The earliest marked grave is that of William Faucett, who died in 1848.

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Bostwick, David 27-Jun-1851 39y/2m/27d

Compton, James F. 11-Feb-1830 10-Sep-1895 Co. E., 13th Ind. Cav.

Compton, Mary 06-Dec-1858 23-Dec-1879 d/o J.F. & Nancy

Compton, Nancy Jane 03-Jun-1896 w/o J.F.

Faucett, Eli H. 15-Oct-1824 08-Aug-1913

Faucett, Eliza 11-Jun-1829 25-Jul-1900 w/o E.H.

Faucett, Elizabeth 17-Aug-1864 70y/9m, w/o James

Faucett, Emily F. 17-Feb-1860 23-Mar-1860 d/o E.H. & E.

Faucett, Hester 13-May-1850 14-Jan-186? d/o E.H. & E.

Faucett, James 01-Feb-1854 64y/10m

Faucett, James 05-Jan-1823 28-Feb-187?

Faucett, John 15-Apr-???? 15-Apr-???? s/o E.H. & E.

Faucett, Levi W. 08-Aug-1863 15-Aug-186?

Faucett, Robert 08-Jun-1854 26-Sep-18?? s/o E.H. & E.

Faucett, Robert 01-Mar-1854 16y/8m

Faucett, Sarah 23-May-1819 21-Mar-189? w/o James

Faucett, Thomas 07-Feb-1861 17-Jun-186? s/o E.H. & E.

Faucett, William 11-May-1848 29y/4m/16d

Gieger, Glen H. 01-Oct-1851 16-Aug-1901

Henson, Charles F. 08-Aug-1860 16-Aug-1901

Jones, Hannah 02-Aug-1820 21-May-1904 w/o William A.T. [nee Bostwick]

Morgan, Harriet E. 01-Feb-1857 06-Mar-1938 [nee Pruett]

Morris, James M. 06-Apr-1846 03-Nov-1870

Pruett, Hannah E. 07-Sep-1885 28-Apr-1904 Married William Taylor, 1903

Pruett, John E. 19-Jul-1851 10-Dec-1891