From the Lost River DAR Records

Transcribed by Tom Agan

Orleans Township Section 3, T2N R1E.Abandoned.

This pioneer cemetery is not only abandoned, but well on the way toward obliteration. Cattle have grazed over it, pushing over monuments, so that several now lie broken. The land was entered by David Finley in 1812 and is in the beautiful upper Lost River valley. The cemetery is near the site of the old Finley house and is on a knoll where the stable stood in 1814 when David Finley’s horses were stolen. This incident is related in Goodspeed’s History or Lawrence, Orange and Washington Counties. on page 371. According to family tradition, David Finley was a Revolutionary soldier and fought at the battle of Cowpens, but no proof of this has been found.

This, and other items of information, came from the late Charles Finley of Orleans, a great grandson of David. The cemetery records were copied on April 14,1946.

The following is a transcript of data recorded by the Lost River Chapter of the DAR in the 1940's and remains their property.  This page may be freely copied for your personal use but may not be reproduced in any public media without permission

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Baker, Frederick Grave has limestone marker, no inscription. A soldier of  War of 1812, who came from Green Co., Ky. in 1811. He died in 1855.
Chisham, inf.; of G.W. & M.E. b. Oct. 10/1860.
Chisham Mary E.; wife of George W. Jan.7/l837—Sept. 30/l865.
Chism, inf. daut.; of G.W. & L. J. b & d Dec. 14/1876.
Finley, David;, d. April 19/1848, age 93y/l0m/18d. (b. June 1/1754 and is said to have been a Rev. soldier.)
Finley, Elizabeth; wife of David. d. Jan.9/1835, age 72y/5d.

On one stone:
Finley, Jefferson; May l6/1805——Nov. 19/1829.
Tegarden, Miriam; widow of J. Finley and second wife of A. Tegarden.         d. Dec.12/1848, age 43y/1m/8d. Note: J. Finley a son of David & Elizabeth

Finley, Samuel; (no dates. Son of Jefferson & Miriam and father of Charles. Born July 10/1828. )
Finley, inf. daut.; of S. & E. b. Feb.13/1860.
Finley, Ulysses; son of S. & E. Feb.9/1868—May 17/1869.
Finley, Minnibell; daut. of Wm. J. & Eliza J., d. Jan.13/1871. age 13m/25d.
Irvine, William; In Memory of, d. Sept. 25/1850, age 86y/11m/30d. (A pensioner of Rev. war.)
Irvine, Mary; In Memory of, who was b. Feb. 14/1775. and d. Sept. 23/1835,  aged 60y/7m/9d.

Irvine, Samuel P.; In Memory of, who was b. June 2/1807, and d. Jan.7/1838, aged 30y/7m/5d.
Irvine, James D.; In Memory of, who was b. Jan. 22/1804 and d. Mar.13/18 38, aged 34y/1m/19d.
Irvine, Jane; daut. of William & Mary, Lived to be old, grave not marked.
Irvine, Eliza A.; Feb.14/1812—Ju1y 8/1890. 78y/4m/24d. ) one
Irvine, William W.; Apr.5/1817—(son of Wm. & Mary) ) stone
Irvine, inf.; of W.W. & E. d. Feb.13/1855, age 1 m.
Irvine, ...daut.; of William W. & E. Aug.7/1848—Apr.5/1868.
Irvine, ...son; of William & E1iza. Mar.l844-Mar..l846. 2y/4d. (these two stones broken in pieces.)
Mahan, inf.; daut. of W. & M. b. & d. Dec.20/1871 (Worth & Martha Finley Mahan)
McHard, James; d. Dec. 5/1866, age 37y/5m/1d.
McClane, John; Aug. 29/1817—Feb.9/1866.
McClane, Robert; d. 1864. No stone found.
McClane, E.; wife of Robert. d. May 5/1864, age 67y/1m/20d. Note: Robert & Elizabeth Van Zent McLane were early settlers from Kentucky.
McLain, Samuel R.; d. July 4/1883, age 42y/6m/2d.
McLain, inf. son; of S.R. & M.E., d. Mar. 30/1863.
McLain, Ellsworth; son of M. C. & M. E., d. June 17/1874, 5m/8d.

On one stone:
McLane, Martha E.; wife of William. Nov.13/1813—-June 9/1888.
McLane, William; of Wm. & Mary Irvine

McLean, Issiah; d. Nov.17/l875, age 35y/8m/20d. Note: This name occurs with four different spellings
Tegarden, Miriam; See Jefferson Finley.
Wallace, William Grant; d.....1873. (young child, stone broken)
Wallace, Susan; wife of John A. May 11/l846—Dec.27/...stone broken. Daut. of Wm. & Eliza Irvine)