Higgins Cemetery

As transcribed by the Lost River DAR

Orangeville Township Section 7, T2N R1W. Abandoned

A short distance south of the village of Orangeville on the old Higgins farms lies this cemetery, on a high hill. It commands a beautiful view over Lost River Valley, near the true rise of the river. There are many unmarked graves many whose markers have crumbled, and the whole area is covered with a thick growth of periwinkle, briers and shrubs, so that it is impossible to decipher some of the inscriptions. These were copied on August 12,1937.

The following is a transcript of data recorded by the Lost River Chapter of the DAR in the 1940's and remains their property.  This page may be freely copied for your personal use but may not be reproduced in any public media without permission

Copyright The Lost River Chapter of the DAR and Orange County INGenWeb

ABEL, Sarah, w. of Francis 1845-1866.
BIXLER, Susan A., w. of Not readable.
BIXLER, Harry .......Not readable.
BIXLER, Dovey Not readable.
CRITCHFIELD, Eliza w. of M. Critchfield 1848-1884.
        (daut. of Daniel and Jane Shirley-Hudelson Higgins)
DENNY, Harvey d. 1874 age 56.
DENNY, Margaret w. of Harvey..... .... Not readable.
DENNY, Robert M., son of H. & M. d. 1874 age 16 y.
DILLINGER, Joseph d. 1861 age 2 y.
HALBERT,, Seth d. Feb.9/1878 age 82y/8m/27d.
HALBERT, Frances, w. of Seth. d. Feb. 1/1858, age 5gy/2m/21d.
        (daut. of Joel Charles.)
HALBERT, Michel Not readable.
HALBERT, Laura, daut of S.& R. Dec. 23/1857. age 23d.
        (daut. of Silas and Rhoda.)
HALBERT, Amanda daut of J. & M. Nov.9/1848-June 17/1854.
        (daut. of John and Mary.)
HENSON, Zimri 1818-1873.
HENSON, Eliza, wife of Zimri d. Oct. 1905 age about 80y. From Paoli newspaper.
HICKS, Eliza J., w. of Rev. Samuel Tricks d. 1854…. Not Readable.
        She was Eliza Lee.
HIGGINS, Robert 1819-1899.
HIGGINS, Mary Ann, w. of Robert 1814-1869.
HIGGINS, William T., son of R. & M.A. 1844-1869.
HIGGINS, Daniel H. 1823-1894.
HIGGINS, Jane wife of Daniel 1817-1878.
HUDELSON, Cordelia wife of J.H. d., July 5/1875 age 31y.
HUDELSON, Emeline wife of J.H. Mar.24 1852-June 12/1878.
HUDELSON, infant daut. of J.H. & E.
JACKSON, William J. d. 1855 age 21y.
LEWIS, Mitchell..... ....Not readable.
LEWIS, Wesley d. 1885 age 27Y.
LEWIS, infant not readable.
LEWIS, Elizabeth, w. of ......d.1875.
LEWIS, Samuel d. 1857 age 58Y.
LEWIS, Spicy w. of Samuel d. 1867 age 63y.
LEWIS, Melinda, daut. of S. & S. age 48y. d.1876.
NETHERLAND, Fanny Ann, w. of M.E. d. 1869 ...... Not readable.
POWELL, Thomas D. 1827-1863.
QUINN, Sarah w. of J.T. Quinn d. 1864 26y. Not readable.
QUINN, Willie son of J.T. & S. Not readable
SHIRLEY, Henry Mar.26/1779-Dec.22/1847.
SHIRLEY, Mary Ann daut. of Henry & Catharine 1831-1833.
SHIRLEY, Samuel, son of G. & E. 1849-1854.
        Note: Catherine, w. of Henry Shirley, is buried at Springer Graveyard,
        grave unmarked. She was a native of North Carolina, he of Virginia.
         **Reported later at Higgins Cemetery:
STACKHOUSE, Hugh b. Liecester, England 179--? d. about 1870. His wife Jenkins,
        d. several years prior to Hugh. Graves had markers.