Lick Creek Friends Cemetery

From the Cemetery Records compiled by the Lost River Chapter DAR

Transcribed by Karen Hugo

Paoli Township, Section 8-T. 1N.-R. 1E, Still used.

This is the oldest public burying ground in the county. It is three miles east of Paoli and one quarter mile south of state road 150. Jonathan Lindley entered the land in 1811. In that year his wife Deborah died. She was the first of the Friends’ colony to die after their arrival from North Carolina. Her grave is in the east end of the cemetery. Many of the graves of these pioneers were never marked, and some of the old stones have crumbled, or have been displaced. It was a custom of Friends to record marriages, births, and deaths, but the birth and death records of Lick Creek Meeting have been lost. The meeting was set up in 1813. The old records are kept in the Orange Co. Bank at Paoli.

The following is a transcript of data recorded by the Lost River Chapter of the DAR in the 1940's and remains their property.  This page may be freely copied for your personal use but may not be reproduced in any public media without permission

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ALEXANDER, Joseph; 18 Oct 1835-27 Nov 1906.
ALEXANDER, Mary E.; 8 May 1846-3 Oct 1928.
ANDREW, Sarah Lindley; dau of Thomas & Miriam Lindley, and wife of Aaron Andrew. Grave unmarked. Came from N.C. in 1823.
ATKINSON, John; 9 Oct 1796-14 Aug 1874.
ATKINSON, Milly; wife of J. Atkinson, 29 Dec 1793-8 Apr 1884.
ATKINSON, Alfred; d. 1863-age 24 years.
ATKINSON, Margaret [Morris], his wife; d. 11 Sep 1903; age 72y/2m/5d. [married 1 Dec 1853].
ATKINSON, Mary J.; b. 10m,11d,1831-8 Jan 1884.
ATKINSON, Alice; 1855-1906.
BARKER, Welcome; son of M. T. and C., 1859-1860.
BOSLEY, Nancy, wife of J. W., 1835-1860.
BOSLEY, Anna; 8 Apr 1880. Age 55y/20d.
BOSLEY, Della Stout, wife of Sherman Bosley, 1869-1904.
BOYD, Sarah E; 1857-1902
BOYD, Martha; wife of Wm., d. 1862. Age about 68 yrs.
BOYD, Wood; d. 1 Aug 1871. Age 54y/7m/11d.
BOYD, Michel; wife of Wood Boyd. 22 Dec 1823-16 Jul 1882.
BOYD, Elizabeth; 1825-1881.
BOYD, Jesse; 1818-1896.
BOYD, Ellen; 1849-1924
BOYD, William L.; 1843-1915
BOYD, Virginia; 1848
BOYD, Franklin; 1848-1900.
BOYD, Louisa C., his wife; 1854-1929.
BOYD, Zeno; son of W. + M. [Wood & Michael], 26 Dec 1846-14 Feb 1865.
BOYD, Eliza; wife of J. T., 15 Aug 1837-9 Feb 1904
BOYD, John T.; 4 Dec 1824-15 Apr 1870 [one stone with Eliza]
BRAXTON, Thomas; d. 29 Nov 1865. Age 90y/11m/17d.
BRAXTON, Hannah; wife of Thomas. d. 29 Jun 1859, Age 81y/8m/7d.
BRAXTON, Hiram; b. 15 Jul 1802-7 Mar 1864.
BRAXTON, M. W.; wife of H. Braxton, d. 22 Jul 1852.
BRAXTON, Hiram; 19 Nov 1841-10 Feb 1842.
BRAXTON, M. W.; d. 17 Jul 1833.
BRAXTON, R. A.; d. 18 Jun 1829
BRAXTON, John M.; 2 Aug 1844-19 Jan 1897.
BRAXTON, Melinda W.; wife of John M., 3 Jul 1840-30 Aug 1873.
BUNDY, Jehu; b._____ 1816 ________
BUNDY, Mary Hollowell; his wife, 1844-1888.
BURGESS, Lewis; 1864-1926
BURGESS, Martha; 1861-
CADLE, John G.; d. 27 May 1882. Age 59y/6m/27d.
CAPLINGER, John O.; 12 Aug 1862-28 Jan 1936.
CAPLINGER, Elva L.; b. 7 Jun 1859-
CASE, Mattie, dau of H. G. and M. A. Case.
CHAMBERS, Samuel; d. 9 Dec 1842, age 60y (stone not found)
CHAMBERS, Sarah; 4m,17d, 1835, age 27y/10 hrs
CHAMBERS, John; son of G. F. and M., d. 1856.
CHAMBERS, Mary S.; wife of G. F. Chambers, 1851. Age 23y.
CHAMBERS, William C.; 22 Mar 1816-26 Mar 1898.
CHAMBERS, Ellen M.; wife of William C., 25 Dec 1822-22 Sep 1891. [Erected to the memory of W. C. & E. M. Chambers.]
CLEMENTS, Lillie; wife of John W., d. 31 Dec 1894. Age 25y/8m/23d.
CLOUD, David; d. 13 Jan 1840, age 52y.
CLOUD, Joel; d. 26 Sep 1834, age 53y.
CLOUD, Rebecca; d. 19 Nov 1844. (b. 1786)
CLOUD, Eliza J.; d. 8 Oct 1834, age 8y.
CLOUD, John; d. 4 Oct 1834, age 11y.
CLOUD, William; 19 Dec 1846-1 Nov 1907.
CLOUD, Daniel; d. 14 Sep 1874, age 59y/9m/11d.
CLOUD, Mary A.; wife of Daniel. d. 13 Dec 1867. Age 44y/1m/19d.
CLOUD, John; d. 1842. Grave unmarked. Left a fund to Lick Creek Mtg. for "promotion of useful education."
CLOUD, Hannah Lindley; second wife of John. Grave unmarked.
COX, Joseph; d. 1831. Came from Tennessee to Ind. Terr. In 1810. Entered land now known as Ind. "Pioneer Mother’s Memorial Forest." Grave unmarked.
COX, Mary Lines; wife of Joseph. Grave unmarked.
COX, Solomon; d. 9 Apr 1844. Age 33y/10d.
COX, Elizabeth (Cloud); wife of William. d. 19 Apr 1890, age 73y/5m.
COX, Martha; d. 1854, age 3y/5m/2d.
COX, Elwood; d. 1855, age 16m.
COX, Clarkson; d. 1865, age 5y/11m/14d.
COX, Joseph; son of S. and N., d. 24 Jul 1849, age 13y/11m/7d.
COX, John C.; d. 2 Nov 1861, age 24y/10m/10d.
COX, Martha; dau of Wm. And R., d. 1865, age 26y.
COX, Nancy, dau of Wm. And E., d. 1877, age 30y.
COX, Rachel E.; 13 Jun 1848-23 Dec 1915.
DAUGHERTY, Leander; 11 Mar 1849-2 Oct 1913.
DAUGHERTY, Clara B.; his wife. 21 Oct 1859-21 Feb 1922.
DAUGHERTY, Pearl; dau of L. and C., 10 Jul 1890-24 Dec 1896.
DENTON, Delbert; son of G. W. and M., 1879-1895.
DILLINGER, Rodolphus; b. 18 Feb 1832-17 Dec 1901.
DILLINGER, Nancy; wife of R. S., 31 Jan 1836-3 Dec 1881.
DILLINGER, Charles; son of R. S. and N.J., d. 10 Jul 1857, age 11m/27d.
DILLINGER, Mary E.; dau of R. S. and N., d. 23 Feb 1875, age 21y/3m/27d.
DILLINGER, John; son of R. S. and N., d. 1874, age 7m/23d.
DIXON, Silas; d. 11 Nov 1852, age 64y/10m/27d.
DIXON, Lindley M.; son of Silas & Mary. D. 1858, age 22y.
DIXON, William; son of Silas J. & Mary., d. 3 Feb 1826. Age 17y/5m/21d.
DIXON, John; d. 18 Feb 1869, age 64y.
DIXON, Delphina H.; wife of Nathan. d. 6 Dec 1854, age 21y/9m/1d.
FARLOW, Mabel M., 1880-1903, wife of Arthur J.
FARLOW, Clifford.; infant son.
FLEMING, William R., 1851-1911.
FLEMING, Alice Ann; d. 1937, age 81.
GILLUM, John; d. 4 May 1857, age 34y/11m/24d.
GILLUM, William F.; 6 Dec 1819-14 Jan 1892 (age 72).
GILLUM, Anna B., 13 Nov 1814-5 Feb 1902.
GILLUM, Mary Emma; dau of J.W. & N. A., d. 1856, age 1y.
HALL, Joseph; 4 Jun 1828-20 Jan 1910.
HALL, Richard; 18 Aug 1796-26 Feb 1871.
HALL, Mary; wife of Richard. D. 15 Feb 1863, age 66y/6m/6d.
HALL, Lilly; wife of Richard. D. 15 Dec 1872, age 77y/11m/5d.
HALL, Robert; son of J. E. & M., d. at Corinth, Miss., 11 Mar 1863, age 19y. Co. D 66 Reg. Ind. Vol.
HAMMOND, Belle; w. of Otte, 1883-1917.
The following share one stone:
HAWORTH, Lewis; 1843-1935
HAWORTH, Louisa; 1850-1934
HAWORTH, Cora; 1872-1908
HAWORTH, Jesse; 1884-1916
HAWORTH, Minnie B.; dau of J. R. and A. B. Moore, 2 Jun 1870-7 Dec 1893.
HAZLEWOOD, Samire Ann; consort of Lee, d. 28 Mar 1844, age 23y.
HAZLEWOOD, Samira Ann, infant of Lee and Semire, d. 1844.
HENLEY, Abigail; dau of H. & G. Henley, d. 1871, age 35y.
HOBSON, James; 6 Mar 1817-28 Sep 1894. Lieut. In Co. D. 66 Ind. Inf.
HOBSON, Sarah; w. of J. M., d. 2 Jul 1871, age 69y/4m/28d.
HOBSON, Lydia; w. of J. M., b. 27 Aug 1819 -----
HOLLIDAY, Robert; son of Henry & Mary Fayle Holliday, b. in Chester Co., PA, 11m 29d 1748-d. 1816 (no stone).
HOLLIDAY, Hannah Newlin; dau of John & Mary Newlin, w. of Robert, d. 1835. (no stone).
HOLLOWELL, Robert; 13 Sep 1772-3 Apr 1865.
HOLLOWELL, Elizabeth; w. of Robert. 22 Feb 1772-10 Nov 1842.
HOLLOWELL, Celia; w. of James. D. 20 Sep 1858, age 40y/8m/26d.
HOLLOWELL, R. Jr.; (illeg.)
HOLLOWELL, Elizabeth; d. 18 Jul 1857, age 79y/6m/2d.
HOLMES, Henry; b. 14 Jun 1804, in N.C. and d. 27 Dec 1893.
HOLMES, James; 1845-1932.
HOLMES, Beatrice; 1862.
JONES, Ann; wife of James, d. 1862, age 17y [maiden name was Cloud].
KENOYER, Anna; dau of H. & S. Kenoyer, d. 1858, age 17y.
LEE, William; d. 1871, age 76y/4d.
LEE, Jonathan; b. 8 Oct 1807-d. 1853.
LEE, James L.; son of William and Mary, d. 1857, age 21y.
LEE, Samuel; son of J. and G., 1845-1862.
LEE, John; son of Wm., 15 Mar 1844-15 Dec 1864.
LEE, Amanda A.; dau of S. and E., 1847-1865.
LEE, Benjamin; d. 1871-age 23y.
LEE, Hiram; 1833-1907.
LEE, Ruth E., wife of Hiram, 1844-1883.
LEE, Arcus; son of H. & R., 1866-1883.
LINDLEY, Deborah; d. 8m, 10d, 1811.
LINDLEY, Jonathan; d. 4m, 5d, 1828.
LINDLEY, Martha (Sanders-Henley); d. 11m, 14d, 1851, age 82y/7m/27d. (second wife of Jonathan Lindley).
LINDLEY, Owen; Grave unmarked. "An elder and member of Lick Creek Mo. Mtg. Died 6m, 3d, 1828, age 65 yrs." From Qt. Mtg. Minutes.
LINDLEY, Thomas; Grave unmarked. b. 19 Sep 1766-d 1835. (Father of Sarah Lindley Andrew).
LINDLEY, Hiram B.; 16 Nov 1848-4 Nov 1927.
LINDLEY, Ida J.; wife of Hiram E., b. 26 Feb 1865-7 Feb 1908.
LINDLEY, Hattie; dau of H.B. and I. J., 1888-1895.
LINDLEY, Samuel A.; b. 9 Aug 1824-d. 18 May 1882.
LINDLEY, U.; d. 8 Aug 1833.
LINDLEY, Abigail -----
LINDLEY, Lucinda; d. 3m, 22d, 1839.
LINDLEY, A. I.; d. 3 Jan 1839.
LINDLEY, A.; d. 2 Aug 1833.
LINDLEY, E.; d. 7 Aug 1833.
LINDLEY, Mary Ann; dau of J. and M., age 8m.
LINDLEY, M.; d. 3m, 22, 1836 [probably Michel, wife of William].
LINDLEY, Gulielma; 9 Jan 1821-14 Nov 1842.
LINDLEY, Hester; wife of J., d. 17 Sep 1861, age 26y/10m/23d.
LINDLEY, David; d. 22 Feb 1879, age 62y/11m.
LINDLEY, William; son of Jonathan & Mary, d. 22 Jul 1844, age 13y.
LINDLEY, Hiram T.; consort of Benedicta Z., b. 11 Mar 1821-d. 18 Feb 1877.
LINDLEY, Cora Z.; dau of H. T. & B. Z., 12 Sep 1851-21 Oct 1871.
LINDLEY, Rumulus E.; son of H. T. & B. Z., d. 5 Sep 1880, age 20y/8d.
LINDLEY, Cleopatra; dau of H. and B., 1857-1858.
LINDELY, David; d. 26 Apr 1861, age 72y/11m/9d.
LINDLEY, Thomas; d. 6 Sep 1866, age 69y/2m/4d.
LINDLEY, Amy; wife of Eli, d. 19 May 1856, age 32y/8m/12d.
LINDLEY, Sarah; b. 6m, 28d, 1822-d. 30 Apr 1858.
LINDLEY, David; 10 Jan 1805-26 Sep 1855.
LNDLEY, George W.; son of S.D. and J.A., 1850-1872.
LINDLEY, Owen; b. 10 Aug 1793-2 Jun 1871.  Marker Photos Courtesy Paula Lindley-Butler (Added 9-7-2009)
LINDLEY, Mary; wife of Owen, b. 31 Aug 1796-23 Sep 1876.
LINDLEY, Jonathan T.; d. 29 Jan 1854, age 40y/3m.
LINDLEY, Wm. H., d. 1857, age 25y.
LINDLEY, Susannah; wife of James, d. 1859, age 55y.
LINDLEY, James; 7 May 1854, age 62y/6m/22d.
LINDLEY, Robert; d. 1852, age 27y.
LINDLEY, Peggy; wife of Thomas, d. 18 Jan 1852, age 51y/4m/6d.
LINDLEY, Samira; dau of Jonathan & Mary, d. 1844, age 21y.
LINDLEY, Samuel Newton; d. 1852, age 22y.
LINDLEY, Harrison; son of Jonathan & Mary, d. 1843, age 17y.
LINDLEY, Wm. R., 1845-1910.
LINDLEY, Alice E., 1857.
LINDLEY, William; d. 28 Dec 1850, age 63y/11m/20d.
LINDLEY, Thomas; d. 10 Jul 1850, age 64y/10m/27d.
LINDLEY, Elizabeth; wife of Samuel, d. 1860, age 36y.
LINDLEY, Hannah; 24 Mar 1869, age 69y/8d.
LINDLEY, Aaron; 3 Oct 1875, age 73y/8m/19d.
LINDLEY, Ann; wife of Aaron, d. 6m, 25d, 1881, age 74y/5m/5d.
LINDLEY, Catherine E.; dau of J. and N., b. 6 Feb 1867-d. 1 Nov 1884.
LINDLEY, Ira; 1 Nov 1838-9 Mar 1883.
LINDLEY, Nancy A.; wife of John, 16 Oct 1838-2 Nov 1867.
LINDLEY, Jonathan; 9 Jan 1799-17 May 1876.
LINDLEY, William H.; 1847-1932.
LINDLEY, Julia A.; wife of Samuel D., 30 Nov 1825-3 Apr 1877.
LINDLEY, Elwood; son of A. and A., 1845-1866.
LINDLEY, Charles C.; consort of Mary C., 18 Apr 1847-8 Jan 1875.
LINDLEY, John A.; 14 Jun 1830-23 Jun 1911.
LINDLEY, Mary C.; wife of John A. Lindley, d. 20 Feb 1889, age 43y/1m/3d.
LINDLEY, Samuel D.; b. 1 May 1811-8 Aug 1885.
LINDLEY, Eli; b. 7 Jun 1819-d. 16 Jul 1898.
LINDLEY, Mary; b. 21 Oct 1826-d.18 Aug 1896.
LINDLEY, Walter E., 10 Mar 1869-12 Dec 1898.
LINDLEY, Isabella A.; dau of John A. and Nancy A., 1856-1890.
LINDLEY, Elizabeth; wife of Henry, d. 11 Jul 1877, in 69th year of her age (no stone). Note: Elizabeth Lindley married 1st, Samuel Lee, 2nd Henry Lindley.
LINDLEY, Elizabeth; b. 22 Jul 1795-23 Jul 1837.
LYNCH, Hannah; 2 May 1834-11 Nov 1837 (a dau of Wm. D. and Mary Lindley Lynch).
MARIS, Jane (Holliday); wife of Thomas, d. 20 Apr 1858, age 74y/3m/11d. Note: Thomas is buried in Howard Co, Ind.)
MARIS, Susannah; d. 6 Feb 1842, dau of Thos. & Jane), age 16 yr.
MARIS, Jonathan; d. 17 Jul 1868, age 64y/2m/27d.
MARIS, Sarah; wife of Jonathan, d. 16 Sep 1862, age 48y/2m/5d.
MILLIKAN, Hiram; d. 19 Jul 1833.
MILLICAN, Jesse M.; 25 Apr 1823-31 Aug 1890.
MOORE, Vincen; 1822-1862.
MOORE, Claudius; 1867-1903 [son of Jos. R. & Ann Boyd Moore, mar Anna Bundy]
McDONALD, Rachel E.; wife of C., 14 Feb 1802-20 May 1865.
McDONALD, Emeline; wife of Joseph, 1831-1855.
McVEY, Edward; d. 23 Jul 1852, age 56y.
McVEY, Catherine; wife of E., d. 1863, age 69y/2m/1d.
McVEY, Mary J.; dau of E. & C., d. 9m, 2d, 1836, age 6y.
McVEY, Martha E.; dau of E. & C., d. 1856, age 22y/4m/25d.
NEWLIN, Stella; 1892-1934.
NEWLIN, Nathaniel; 1856-1928
NEWLIN, Emma; wife of Nathaniel, 1871-1920.
NEWLIN, Jonathan; in Memory of, 1789-1860. From N.C. in 1817.
NEWLIN, Mary Lindley; his wife, 1798-1845.
NEWLIN, Thomas; 3 Aug 1819-16 May 1906.
NEWLIN, Martha J.; 3 Sep 1833-21 Jan 1904
NEWLIN, Milly; wife of David, 1845-1867.
NEWLIN, David; 21 Aug 1837-11 Aug 1908.
NEWLIN, Homer M.; 20 Nov 1887-29 Feb 1912.
PRITCHARD, Benjamin; d. 12m, 18d, 1847, age 8m.
PRITCHARD, Benjamin; d. 4m, 16, 1856, age 43y/8m/28d.
PRITCHARD, Samuel; d. 25 May 1853, age 37y/7m/7d.
PURKHISER, Catherine; wife of S., 25 Mar 1818-21 Sep 1860.
STOUT, William; 1835-1919.
STOUT, Mary Adeline; 1845-1909
STOUT, Bessie; dau of Wm. and A., d. 20 Apr 1889, age 3y.
STOUT, Iram; 15 Dec 1808-13 Dec 1896
STOUT, Nancy; 1 Nov 1813-2 Jul 1863.
STOUT, Jesse; b. 11 Apr 1849-20 Jun 1870.
STOUT, John I.; 7 Apr 1862-3 Apr 1933.
STOUT, Almeda; 27 Nov 1871-13 Nov 1935.
STOUT, Donavin; 23 Aug 1897-3 Apr 1933.
STOUT, Cecil; 2 Jul 1894-4 Mar 1958.
THOMAS, Stephen; d. 13 Aug 1859, age 66y/2m/15d.
THOMAS, Mary A., dau of S. & L., 1849, 23y.
THOMAS, John F.; age 24y.
THOMAS, Joseph; 1851, age 28y.
THOMAS, Daniel; 1851, age 31y.
THOMAS, Stephen; 1852, age 20y.
THOMPSON, David; d 31 Aug 1865, age 54y/9m/1d.
THOMPSON, Melinda; wife of David, d. 2 Aug 1880, age 62y/2m/14d.
THOMPSON, Henry; b. 18 Oct 1835-17 Oct 1884.
THOMPSON, Deborah; b. 9 Apr 1838-19 Mar 1893.
THOMPSON, Rachel; 1840-1904.
THOMPSON, Jesse; b. 25 Oct 1819-d. 22 Jul 1901.
THOMPSON, Sarah (Dixon); wife of J., b. 9 Sep 1820-d. 15 Jun 1905.
THOMPSON, Enoch; d. 22 Jun 1855, age 72y/1m/28d.
THOMPSON, Owen; d. 1m, 28d, 1868, age 58y/11m/13d.
THOMPSON, Rachel; wife of Owen, d. 21 Jan 1862, age 46y/10m/27d.
THOMPSON, Edith M.; dau of O. and R., 1848-1866.
THOMPSON, Sarah L., dau of O. and R., d. 29 Nov 1864, age 29y/14d.
TOWEL, John; d. 20 Feb 1864, age 88y/2m/24d.
TOWEL, Mary; second wife of John, d. 2 Sep 1856, age 72y/5m/20d.
TOWEL, Martha; wife of John, 13 Jun 1817, age 40y.
TOWEL, Martha; dau of M. & J., d. 12 Apr 1851, age 20y.
TOWEL, Jesse Jr.; (son of John Sr., d. 1833, Grave unmarked). d. 1834, Grave unmarked, in East end of Cemetery.
TRUEBLOOD, William; 21 Nov 1760-14 Mar 1834 (no stone found).
UNDERWOOD, Rev. Jesse; 1819-16 Jan 1887.
VEATCH, Julia A.; wife of John R., d. 24 Dec 1872, age 30y/10m/6d.
VEATCH, Ella; 5 Feb 1878-16 Sep 1938.
VEATCH, David; 20 Dec 1868-27 Aug 1940.
WELLS, Nathaniel; Lee’s Co. Starkey’s N.C. Troops. Rev. War. 26 Apr 1817 (gov’t marker).
WHITE, Catherine; w. of William H., 14 Oct 1849-23 Apr 1910.
WHITE, Mollie E.; w. of Jeremiah, d. 11m, 17d, 1880. Age 24y/8m/9d.
WOODS, Robert; Co. K 5 Ind. Inf. (Civil War).
WOODY, Jonathan L.; son of Levi & Gulielma, d. 1853, age 12y.
WOODY, Hannah; dau of Levi and Gulielma, d. 1853, age 1m/13d.
WOODY, Martha J.; dau of Levi and Gulielma, d. 1856, age 16y.