McElyea-Nail Cemetery

Located in Northeast Township, Orange County, IN, section 31 T2N R2E, Livonia quadrangle, two miles southeast 
of Leipsic and about one mile due south of Freedom Cemetery.  John McElyea, a soldier of the War of 1812,
married Sarah Boone in Tennessee and they came to Orange County in 1828, buying land in section 31 in 1829. 
Sarah was a sister of Solomon Boone who is buried at Bromer Hillside (see transcription for Solomon Boone Grave).

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Name Birth Date Death Date Inscription or Remarks
Gammon, Clark   06-Jul-1830 1y/7m/15d, s/o J. & E.
Gammon, Elizabeth   18-Aug-1831 11y/10m/1d, d/o J. & E.
Gammon, Harris   15-Oct-1831 20y/1m/4d
Johnson, Benjamin   25-Aug-1843 22y/10m/25d
Johnson, Catherine 25-Sep-1830 13-Jul-1888  
Johnson, Chloe   02-Mar-1887 23d, d/o Henry & Dora
Johnson, Jacob 08-Apr-1815 22-Jun-00  
Johnson, Prather   25-Mar-1882 3y/3m/28d, s/o William & C.
Kellums, Mary M.   21-Mar-????  
Liston, Ebenezer      
Liston, Rebecca     Consort of Ebenezer
McCarty, Jacob 20-Jun-1844 04-Aug-1844 s/o John & Margaret
McCarty, John Louis Jr. 24-Jul 1843 26-Aug-1843 s/o John & Margaret
McElyea, Infant      
McElyea, James     s/o H. & E., 2m/8d
McElyea, John 12-Apr-1776 07-May-1843 67y/25d
McElyea, John   09-Sep-1846 s/o H. & E.
McElyea, John 1809 22-Jul-1834 25y/5m/3d
Miller, Infant   05-May-1841 d/o J. & L.
Miller, Infant   15-Sep-1846 s/o J. & L.
Miller, Isaac   04-Feb-1849 21y/2m/18d
Miller, Jacob 03-Apr-1787 06-Oct-1855  
Miller, James 1817 13-May-1880 63y/2m/3d
Miller, Lucinda   10_jul-1852 33y/2m/26d, consort of James
Mullins, Elizabeth 04-Oct-1837 11-Oct-1837 7d, d/o David & Nancy
Mullins, Infant   20-Jan-1840 s/o David & Nancy
Nail, George 1807 17-Jul-1853 48y/6m/28d
Nail, Priscilla 1813 28-Jul-1843 30y/8m/19d, consort of George