MIller Cemetery

Located in Northwest Township, Orange County, IN, Section 14, T2N R2W.  Located in the southeast corner of the township,
 on rising ground above a bend of Lost River, near the old Richard Miller homestead.
 The oldest marked grave is that of Rebecca Abel, consort of William, who died in 1830.
 On some of the stones the name is spelled Able.  There are several unmarked graves.

Transcribed by the Lost River Chapter of the DAR in the late 1940's, with additions and 
corrections by Robert E. Lane.  Updated October 2011

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Name Birth Date Death Date Inscription or Remarks
Abel, Andrew J. Dec 1815 28-Nov-1897  
Abel, Andrew J. 26-Apr-1857 18-May-37  
Abel, Sarah E. 22-Sep-1864 19-Oct-08  
Abel, Barbara 09-Sep-1788 03-Sep-1877 w/o Francis
Abel, Barbary 11-Jan-1834 26-Jun-01  
Abel, Emily 17-Mar-1847 01-Aug-1864 d/o Wm. & M.
Abel, Francis 26-Aug-1793 26-May-1869  
Abel, George 13-Jun-1861 15-Aug-1869  
Abel, Helen 29-Jul-1842 29-Jun-1843  
Abel, John 02-Mar-1791 07-Jul-1831  
Abel, John 06-Feb-1826 01-Oct-1895  
Abel, Joseph   12-Jul-1841 42y
Abel, Margaret Ann 21-Apr-1828 06-Sep-1846  
Abel, Matilda G. 02-Feb-1873 08-Aug-1874 d/o S.T. & S.J.
Abel, Nancy   10-Aug-1846 24y
Abel, Rebecca 11-Oct-1815 29-Mar-1886 w/o Andrew
Abel, Rebecca   ??-Jul-1832 35y, consort of William
Abel, Sarah A. 08-Aug-1870 14-Sep-1873 d/o S.T. & S.J.
Abel, Thomas J. 26-Sep-1854 02-Aug-1866 s/o A.J. & R.
Abel, William 27-Nov-1786 14-Mar-1863  
Abel, William   July 1832 10y, s/o William Elder
Baker, William H.   05-Jun-1837 2y/3m/9d, s/o William & Harriet
Barbee, Harrison M.   13-Jan-1847 35y/8m/14d, consort of Jane
Barbee, John S.   15-Jan-1847 32y/2m/9d, s/o Joshua & Elizabeth
Brown, Jonathan L. 30-Mar-1818 ??-Oct-1888  
Brown, Jonathan L.   07-Sep-1864 8y/5m/18d, s/o J.L. & S.A.
Brown, John 17-Mar-1782 16-Nov-1847  
Brown, John J.   29-Oct-1855 5y/9m/11d, s/o J.L. & S.A.
Brown, Rachel 17-Nov-1784 24-Nov-1847  
Brown, Sarah A. Davis   24-Aug-01  
Brown, Susanna E.   19-Aug-1841 18y/2m/18d, d/o John & Rachel
Bruner, Green B. 04-Jun-1851 28-Aug-1892  
Bruner, Lizzie 22-Sep-1851   w/o Green
Bruner, Stella E.   17-Nov-1881 1y/19d, d/o G.B. & E.
Cobb, Cade 19-Oct-1895 26-Jul-1898 s/o John D. & Sarah I.
Cornwell, Rebecca   02-Feb-1875 47y/5m/20d, w/o William
Cutsinger, Mary J.   05-Aug-1878 52y/10m/13d, w/o William P.
Cutsinger, William P.   21-Mar-1884 60y/6m/10d
Daugherty, Andrew 03-Apr-1863 23-Jul-1864  
Daugherty, John     Infant s/o W.A. & C.
Daugherty, William A. J.   01-Jul-186? 1y/7d, s/o F. & R.
Davis, Alonzo W. 18-Jun-1876 07-Feb-1879 s/o J.P. & S.E.
Davis, Green F. 06-Dec-1823 08-Sep-1873  
Davis, Griselda 18-Sep-1793 23-Mar-1872  
Davis, Thomas H.   10-Dec-1862 46y/20d
Denny, Jane   27-Jun-1862 7m/5d
Deaver, Infant   21-Jun-1859 4d, s/o W. & S.
Dever, William   02-Oct-1864 10m/14d, s/o William & S.
Denny, Henry H.   27-May-1889 17y/3m/7d
Denny, James   12-Dec-1861 20d
Denny, Jane   27-Jun-1862 7m/5d
Denny, Martha E. 11-Feb-1850 16-Aug-1886 w/o T.W.
Denny, Rachel   06-Jan-1859 1y/5m/24d, d/o J. & J.
Denny, William W.   23-Nov-1878 21y/7m/4d
Dougherty, Gabriel Sr.   24-Mar-1884 74y/7m/5d, Soldier in the war with Mexico
      Wounded at Buena Vista 22-Feb-1847
Elrod, Rosa L. 08-Oct-1868 23-May-06 d/o T.W. & M.E. Denny
Harner, Philip 26-Apr-1812 22-Feb-52  
Hughs, James   10-Jun-1863 63y/5m/8d
Hughs, Nancy P.   10-Apr-1863 62y, w/o J.M.
Keynon, Bessie V. 05-May-1897 02-Mar-1898  
Keynon, Charles A. 19-Jul-1864 25-Dec-1897  
Knight, John T. 01-Feb-1870 18-Jul-37 67y/6m/17d
Knight, Maude V. 01-Dec-1881 21-Jan-50 nee Scarlett
Knight, Avis M. 4-Jul-17 11-Mar-24  
Link, Laura 07-Sep-1862 24-Jul-1864 d/o J.?. & ?.A.
Link, George Ann 23-Oct-1841 27-Mar-21  
Link, Mary J. 11-Dec-1860 26-Oct-41  
Lonsdale, Frances   14-Nov-1861 d/o J.W. & J.A.
Lynch, Anna J.   7-Sep-38 56y/10m/12d
Lynch, Charles 1876 1886  
Lynch, Clementine 1842 1929 nee Pinnick, w/o Theodore
Lynch, Jennie 1869 1945  
Lynch, John W. T. 27-Mar-1867 22-Jan-1883 s/o W.D. & S.T.
Lynch, Mary "Polly" 24-Oct-1800 21-Jan-1881 w/o W.D., nee Lindley
Lynch, Maudy E. 1874 1875 d/o C.A. & T.
Lynch, Ottis 1868 1945  
Lynch, Synthia 01-Aug-1849 1874 w/o W.D.
Lynch, Theodore   18-Jun-1880 39y/1m
Lynch, William D. 26-Mar-1838 21-Feb-1869  
Mahan, John 1869 1939  
Mahan, Shelvy P.   24-Nov-1878 28y/5m/28d
Mahan, Stephen 22-Nov-1836 29-Mar-1895  
Matthis, Jane   05-Aug-1847 19y/7m, consort of Gerry
Matthis, Martha Ann   13-Aug-1847 13d, d/o Gerry & Jane
McDonal, James H. C.   14-Jun-1880 10y/8m/18d
McCracken, Grover 27-Aug-1889 17-Feb-1898 s/o W.F. & J.A.
McCracken, Julia 1848 1939  
Wives of Robert T. McCracken:      
McCracken, Myrtle Mae 1893 1920 nee Cox, wife #1
McCracken, Anna Frances 1894 1922 nee Cox, wife #2
McCracken, William F. 1841 1921 Co. F, 81 Ind. Inf.
McCracken, William O. 01-Jan-1874 26-May-42  
McCracken, Violet Ann 13-Nov-1880 31-Jan-48 nee Johnson
McDonald, Abner 1833 1893  
McDonald, David J. 21-Nov-1862 25-Apr-16  
McDonald, Elizabeth 15-Jun-1869 10-Jan-07  
McDonald, James H.   01-Sep-1877 s/o A. & L.
McDonald, Lavica 14-Jan-1840 8-Mar-14  
McDonald, Nora A. 03-Feb-181 2-Feb-04  
McReynolds, Sarah E. 22-Mar-1842 03-Aug-1861 w/o J.F.
Miller, Andrew J. 03-Apr-1863 23-Jul-1864 s/o L.D. & R.
Miller, Catherine S. 09-Nov-1840 26-Sep-1878  
Miller, Charles A. 27-Aug-1851 09-Aug-1852 s/o L. & R.
Miller, Harrison D.   ??-Mar-1864 2m, s/o W.D. & H.A.
Miller, Hester   07-Feb-1864 22y/4m/4d, w/o W.D.
Miller, John A. 12-Oct-1845 13-Mar-1875  
Miller, Lurelda 12-Dec-1818 01-Feb-1869 w/o Richard
Miller, Richard 23-Apr-1813 07-Aug-1862  
Miller, William D. 24-Jul-1838 28-Nov-1872  
Moorman, Celia A.   27-May-1870 5y, d/o E. & M.A.
Morris, Nancy Ann   02-Nov-1846 1m/24d, d/o H.W. & Mary C.
Newland, Lloyd   1883 s/o C.W. & H.S.
Payne, Francis A. 20-Apr-1859 04-Jan-1879 s/o J.E. & E.J.
Payne, Jetherough 09-Oct-1870 19-Aug-1876 s/o J.E. & E.J.
Payne, Nancy J. 25-Oct-1861 12-Aug-1864 d/o J.E. & E.J.
Perrine, Betsy Ann 30-Mar-1816 24-Aug-1832  
Pinnick, Laura Jane   10-Dec-1880 15y/6m/9d, d/o V.T. & E.J.
Pinnick, Mary 20-Nov-1806 08-Nov-1874  
Pinnick, Matilda C.   17-Aug-1873 6m/12d, d/o V.T. & E.J.
Pinnick, William   15-Oct-1862 3y/1d
Richardson, Harrriett 15-Feb-1847 08-Apr-1847  
Richardson, Thomas N. 24-Oct-1858 27-Jul-1864 s/o B.F. & R.
Richardson, Volney 08-Mar-1856 13-Jul-1864 s/o B.F. & R.
Smith, Mary Ann   04-Feb-1847 31y/11d, consort of Daniel M
Smith, William W.   12-Aug-1864 1y/6m/11d, s/o N.S. & M.J.
Snyder, Simon   24-Nov-1843 1y/3d, s/o S.K. & Mary Ann
Snyder, William W.   10-May-1848 4y/2m/25d, s/o S.K. & Mary
Stackhouse, Nancy J. 10-Feb-1861 20-May-02 w/o Joseph B., nee McCart
Stoner, Lucinda   29-Dec-1857 25y/3m/17d, w/o John
Truax, Alice N.   01-Aug-1869 3y/7m/1d, d/o T.N. & E.
Truax, T. N.   03-Apr-1869 26y/9m/29d
Waldrip, Andrew Jackson   14-Oct-1841 1y/8m, s/o James & Lucinda
Waldrip, Clearacy   1854 d/o A.J. & Martha
Waldrip, Infant   1854 Infant d/o A.J. & Martha
Waldrip, Mary   14-Oct-1841 3y/1m/19d, d/o James & Lucinda
Waldrip, Mary   01-Apr-1863 70y, w/o James
Waldrip, Mary E.   18-Oct-1843 1y/6m/18d, d/o Andrew & Elvira
Wininger, Albert W. 1892 1967  
Wininger, Blanche M. 1910 1991 nee Burt
Wininger, Jane W. 07-Nov-1810 19-Mar-1865 w/o Isaac.
Wood, Mourning 1820 1874 nee Miller