From the Cemetery Records compiled by the Lost River Chapter DAR

Transcribed by Karen Hugo

Paoli Township Section 18, T2N R1E. Abandoned

In extreme north part of township, one mile east of state road 37. Edward Millis was an early settler from North Carolina. He reared a family of eight children. His son, Nichosan, took part in the Battle of Tippecanoe.

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BRAXTAN, Hester Ann, consort of John L.; 12 Sep 1821-24 Aug 1842.
BUSICK, Nickison M.; d. 5 Apr 1829, age 1y/6m/1d.
BUSICK, Hester Ann; consort of Kindred S. Busick, d. 31 Jan 1831, age 25y/3m/11d.
BUSICK, Hester Ann (no date).
ELROD, Kisziah A.; dau of J. & N. Elrod, 16 Nov 1843-18 Jan 1844.
HENDERSON, William; d. 2 Jan 1877……..(illeg.)
HENDERSON, Nancy Millis; w. of William, 1810-1870.
HENDERSON, James; d. 26 Mar 1858, age 72y.
HENDERSON, Sarah; w. of James, 28 Oct 1810-28 Dec 1876.
HENDERSON, Jown W.; son of Wm. & Nancy; d. 3 Nov 1848, age 1y/4m/15d.
HENDERSON, Lorenzo; 22 Aug 1842-2 Jan 1877.
HENDERSON, Rebecca Wells; 1824-1875.
HILL, Jesse; d. 25 Apr 1858, age 51y/3m/22d.
HILL, Lydia A.; w. of Jesse, b. 18 Feb 1812, age 62y/8m/1d.
HILL, Hester E.; dau of Jesse & Lydia, d. 1852, age 18y.
HOLLOWELL, Carrie B.; dau of E. H. & S. J., 17 Apr 1872-23 Jan 1873.
MATHERS, Hester Ann; dau of T. L. Mathers, d. 20 Mar 1844, age 19y/1m/20d.
MILLIS, Edward; d. 24 Jan 1875, age 84y/9m.
MILLIS, Hester Ann; consort of Edward, 4 Feb 1773-29 Dec 1851.
MILLIS, Nichosan; d. 27 Mar 1870, age 78y/10m/1d.
MILLIS, Eleanor; w. of Nichosan, d. 3 Jan 1835, age 34y.
MILLIS, Rebecca; w. of Nichosan, d. 6 Apr 1870, age 51y/4m/24d.
MILLIS, Edward; son of N. & E., d. 5 Apr 1832, age 1y/5m.
MILLIS, Mary E., dau of N. & E., d. 14 Jan 1845, age 1y/8m.
MILLIS, Sarah J.; dau of E. & S., d. 6 Jan 1843, age 11y/10m.
MILLIS, James A.; son of Enoch & Susan, d. 26 May 1835, age 2y/8m.
MILLIS, Edward; son of E. & S., d. 14 Feb 1842, age 14y/8m/20d.
MILLIS, Lydia A.; dau of E. & S., d. 6 Mar 1843, age 13y.
MILLIS, Mary; dau of E. & S., d. 12 Nov 1843, age 18y.
MILLIS, Elizabeth; dau of Enoch & Susan, d. 6 Nov 1829, age 6y/24d.
MILLIS, Enoch; d. 12 May 1836, age 36y/2m/12d.
MILLIS, Edward; d. 3 Apr 1832, age 5m.
MILLIS, Mary E.; dau of Charles & Malinda J., d. 23 Jan 1852, age 21y/10m/5d.
MILLIS, Frankie; son of J. L. & M. J., d. 14 Jun 1876, age 6m.
MILLIS, James L.; d. 8 Jan 1876, age 38y/1m/11d.
MILLIS, Maria J.; w. of James L., d. 27 Jul 1877, age 31y/8m/3d.
MILLIS, Sarah K.; dau of J. & N., 18 May 1859-13 Apr 1860.
QUALKINBUSH, Peter S. and Mary M.; son & dau of J. & H. A., d. 1 Dec 1853.
SPOONER, Elizabeth; w. of William, d. 17 Mar 1831, age 28y/5m/11d.