From the Cemetery Records compiled by the Lost River Chapter DAR

Transcribed by Karen Hugo

Paoli Township Section 17, T2N R1E. Abandoned.

Located on the Noblitt farm, a short distance west of the Scott graveyard, and just south of the Orleans-Paoli township line. The Noblitts came to Orange County from West Virginia in 1822. Hugh Noblitt was an elder in the Presbyterian Church. He married a daughter of Henry and Nancy Peacher Webb. They had eleven children. There are about a dozen graves with field stone markers. The earliest marked stone is dated 1840.

The following is a transcript of data recorded by the Lost River Chapter of the DAR in the 1940's and remains their property.  This page may be freely copied for your personal use but may not be reproduced in any public media without permission

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ALEXANDER, Margaret; wife of John, d. 14 Jun 1880, age 27y/8m/2d.
ALEXANDER, Lemuel; 4 June 1880-17 Jun 1880.
ALEXANDER, Lawrence; 21 Sep 1878-4 Jan 1879.
ALEXANDER, Jesse; 5 Nov 1877-26 Feb 1879.
ALLEGRE, Matilda G.; wife of C. W., d. 29 Aug 1876, age 20y/10m/3d.
CHISAM, George W.; son of J. E. and S. A., d. 5 Jan 1859, age 1y/9m.
FIELD, J. W.; d. 17 Jul 1840, age 21y/6m/17d.
FIELD, Mary R., dau of J. W. and S. A., died 26 Sep 1851,10y/2m/19d.
FIELD, Nancy J.; dau of J. W. and S. A., d. 6 Oct 1851, age 12y/9m/17d.
FROST, Rhoda; Dec 1827-6 Aug 1861.
HILL, Jesse I.; son of J. A. and E. R., d. 7 Mar 1863, age 11m/9d.
HILL, Elizabeth R.; wife of J. A. Hill and dau of J. & M. Webb,
       d. 18 Sep 1872, age 30y/10m/2d.
HUDLESON, Elvet Urshel; son of E. M. and A. M., 6 Mar 1880-31 Jan 1881.
KING, Matilda W.; 11 Jan 1840-2 Jan 1869.
LEE, Charles C.; 2 Nov 1837-9 Dec 1864. He was in Co. D. 21Ind. Vol.
NOBLITT, Angeline; dau of H. and E., d. 10 Nov 1844, age 4m/8d.
NOBLITT, Henry A.; son of H. and E., d. 9 Mar 1843, age 3m/21d.
NOBLITT, Mary; dau of H. and E., d. 30 Sep 1862, age 14y/11m.
NOBLITT, Martha A.; dau of H. and E., d. 22 Mar 1880, age 16y/4m/1d.
NOBLITT, Hugh; d. 7 Sep 1888, age 70y/3m/6d.
NOBLITT, Elizabeth; wife of Hugh, d. 23 Jun 1904, age 78y/6m/19d.
NOBLITT, John T.; 24 Jul 1850-10 Feb 1889 (son of Hugh and Elizabeth).
NOBLITT, Rensselear G.; son of J. F. and L. A., d. 17 Sep 1878, age 1y/2m/17d.
PADGETT, Lydia J.; dau of R. W. and P., 28 May 1861-16 Feb 1863.
PADGETT, Henry S.; son of R. W. and P., 18 Nov 1859-15 Oct 1864.
PITCHER, Sarah; d. 24 Aug 1852, age 82y.
RAIBERN, Mary; d. 26 Feb 1879………………..(illeg.)
STINE, William; 18 Jan 1822-16 Jul 1866.
STINE, John T.; 8 Mar 1850-20 May 1854.
STINE, Zantippa P.; b. 18 Mary 1823-
STINE, Sarah; 23 Feb 1858-1 Jun 1859.
STINE, Arena A.; 10 Aug 1861-26 Dec 1875.
WEBB, Mary E.; wife of Joseph, d. 15 Jul 1851, age 55y.
WEBB, Joseph; d. 16 Jul 1862, age 76y/8m.
WEBB, Mary; wife of Joseph H., d. 5 May 1873, age about 81 yrs.
WEBB, Charles N.; son of J. T. and M. J., 27 Mar 1869-28 Aug 1870.
WEBB, John T.; Co. D. 66 Regt. Ind. Vol., 24 Sep 1842- 15 Nov 1891.
WEBB, Sarah E.; wife of John T., 21 Feb 1852-21 Jan 1897.
WEBB, Samuel O., d. 21 Dec 1875, age 48y/9m/28d. (Masonic Emblem).
WEBB, Henry H. Sr.; d. 23 Nov 1849, age 52y/11m/24d.
WEBB, Nancy; d. 26 Mar 1880, age 83y/11m/21d.
WEBB, Henry H.; 6 Nov 1824-19 Nov 1874.
WEBB, Elizabeth; wife of Henry H., d. 16 Feb 1874, age 44y/11m/14d.
WEBB, Thomas G.; son of H. H. & E., d. 5 Jun 1870, age 7y/4m/6d.