Reported by Mr. J. L. Noblitt of Youngscreek Greenfield Township
Contributed by, Patty Rogers

The following is a transcript of data recorded by the Lost River Chapter of the DAR in the 1940's and remains their property.  This page may be freely copied for your personal use but may not be reproduced in any public media without permission

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In Sec. 3 - T. 1 S. - R. 1 W., southwest of Youngscreek, on the Linus Apple farm are 7 graves with field stone markers. Those buried here are members of the John Easter family, an early settler in this section. He died prior to 1855, and children then living were Susanna Apple, John, Philip and Henry Easter. Susanna was born in 1823.

In Sec. 4 - T. 1 S. - R. 1 W., on farm of Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Gilliatt are 2 old graves, not far from the house, where are buried a Mr. & Mrs. Smith. In 1856 Charles Willyard sold this land to Benjamin Smith and presumably he and his wife are buried here.

In Sec. 24 - T. 1 S. - R. 1 W., are a few unmarked graves on land which was entered by Samuel Wellman. His wife was Mary. The land was sold in 1837. Both Wellmans and Grimes are said to have been buried here. Samuel Grimes and wife Elizabeth had land in this locality.

In Sec. 25 - T. 1 S. - R. 1 W., are a few unmarked graves, of a Spear or Speer family, pioneers of this locality. Land in this section was entered by Jesse R. Speer on May 24, 1828. A Jesse Spear married Jemima Gregory in 1834.

In Sec. 21 - T. 1 S. - R. 1 W., are 3 old, abandoned graves. A Mr. Cox & a Mr. Kennedy are buried near each other, but the exact location is not now known because of a thick growth of shrubs and trees. A lone grave in another spot is the burial place of a Mr. Cuzzort, a relative of Kendalls, who died long ago, from small pox. About a mile and a half from the Kendall neighborhood, and over the line in Crawford Co. is the old Cuzzort cemetery, which has been used by people of both counties.

In Sec. 10 - T. 1 S. - R. 1 W., on the Wilmer Riley farm, is one old, unmarked grave. This may be the grave of Moses Apple, who entered land in this locality in 1839.

Near the line between sections 16 & 17 is a lone grave in a cultivated field. A broken sandstone marker had been removed and laid against a nearby tree. The fragments put together read:
    In memry of . . . . . . . . June 15, A.D. 1814. 39y. The name is missing. The man is thought to have been a Morris.

Sec. 16 was "school land" and it is difficult to find trace of early occupants. A William Morris bought land from school commissioners in this locality in 1841 and may have lived there long before that time. This neighborhood is known as Pearson Ridge.

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