Old Baptist Cemetery

Located in French Lick Township, Section 1, T1N R2W, on the Paoli-Haynesville road about two miles east of French Lick.
A meeting house of regular Baptists once stood near the cemetery and was sometimes called Pinnick's meeting house.
Two of the well-known local preachers were Thomas Winters and Nathan Pinnick.  The church is no longer standing.

Transcribed by Robert E. Lane & Derek J. Lane in 2004, with a few updates in 2011.

Name Birth Date Death Date Inscription or Remarks
Briner, George 06-Sep-1864 12-Oct-1865 1y/1m/6d, s/o G.A. & L.
Briner, Isaac 19-Dec-1807 11-Mar-1869 61y/2m/23d
Briner, William   03-Sep-1871 33y
Cobb, Green F.   30-Jan-1881 28y/6m/5d
Cobb, Maudie 16-Sep-1873 16-Sep-1873 d/o A.G. & M.E.
Compton, Howard W. 1922 1983 Pvt. US Army WWII
Compton, Virginia H. 2-Aug-21 12-May-09 m. 11-May-1946
Davis, Eliza 02-Mar-1857 11-Mar-1857  
Davis, Samuel 18-Jun-1818 30-Dec-11  
Davis, Lucretia 07-Sep-1823 9-Dec-01  
Davis, Theoplius 15-Oct-1866 13-Sep-09  
Dickins, Shadrack   08-Sep-1858 90y
Dishon, Catherine 20-Mar-1767 01-May-1852 85y/1m/11d, w/o Jacob
Dishon, Jacob   29-Nov-1848  
Fisher, Enos 11-May-1848 8-Sep-31  
Fisher, Nancy Emily 18-Mar-1856 7-Aug-20 nee Brannan
Fisher, Infant 11-Jul-1875 11-Jul-1875 s/o E. & N.E.
Foot Elijah S. 09-May-1861 24-Apr-1863 s/o Wm & Adaline
Foot, Elizabeth   08-Jul-1865 77y/7m/19d
Foot, John W. 19 Nov 1853 20 Feb 1860 s/o Wm & Adaline
Foot, Philip A. 30-Apr-1850 20 Dec 1872 22y/7m/20d, s/o Wm. & A.
Foot, Phillip 16-Jun-1785 17-Sep-1862  
Foot, Sarah J. 12-Jan-1852 18-Sep-1872 20y8m/6d, d/o Wm & Adaline
Foot, William   13-Dec-1877 54y/8m/21d
Giles, Cora A.   23-Jul-1883 2y/8m/3d, d/o R. & P.
Giles, James W. 16-Nov-1845 27-Jan-16  
Giles, Gertrude 13-Sep-1886 11-Jun-20 nee Land, w/o J.M.
Giles, Jordon 21-May-1842 21-Jul-1854 12y/2m, s/o R. & P.
Giles, Jordon T. 07-Aug-1891 5-Nov-09  
Giles Joseph A. 1853 1938  
Giles, Mary E. 1855 1908 nee Pinnick
Giles, Randolph 15-Feb-1815 11-Sep-1894  
Giles, Prudence 14-Aug-1819 19-May-1868 nee Walker
Giles, Samuel M.   16-Jul-1878 9m/24d, s/o Joseph & Mary D.
Giles, Volney 18-Apr-1858 18-Jul-36 s/o Randolph & Prudence
Giles, Eliza E. 20-Jul-1858 1938 nee Wininger
Giles, William T.   ??-Jan-1854 5y/11d, s/o R. & P.
Gilliatt, Nathan P. 19-Nov-1840 24-Apr-20  
Gilliatt, Jemima 04-May-1844 15-Sep-1882 nee Kendall
Gilliatt, Wm. H.   16-Feb-1875 10m/24d
Graves, Floyd W.     Cpl. Co. 17 Inf. Regt. Korea
Graves, Francis 24-Dec-27 6-Sep-29  
Graves, William E. 27-Jan-03 27-Nov-63  
Graves, Lois M. 6-Sep-10 7-Jul-90 nee Curless
Hall, William 12-May-1813 17-Sep-1863 50y/4m/5d
Hawkins, Martha 27-Oct-1831 11-Dec-1841 10y/1m/14d, d/o James & America
Hensman, William R. 10-Jan-1894 9-Feb-51 Pvt. Base Hosp. 113 WWI
Henson, George M.   21-Sep-1879 1y/6m/21d, s/o W.W. & R.E.
Henson, Lettie J.   21-Feb-93 5m, d/o W.W. & R.E.
Henson, Lucy E.   17-Apr-1873 2y/2m/13d, d/o W.W. & R.E.
Hinsman, Lydia 1858 1934 nee Walls, w/o William
Hinsman, William R. 10-Jan-1894 9-Feb-51 Pvt, Base Hosp. 113 WWI
Hooten, Andrew W.   03-Mar-1863 5y/4m/7d, s/o J.W. & N.E.
Johnson, Elizabeth 07-Oct-1829 ??-Oct-1844 15y, w/o Nelson
Johnson, Bobbie M.   22-May-32 3m/15d
Lambdin, Daniel S. 18-Jan-1837 03-Feb-1862 s/o D. & R.
Lambdin, David   18-Jun-1869 65y/?m/16d
Lambdin, James A. 02-Jun-1855 15-Sep-1855 3m/13d, son of R.N. & L.
Lambdin, Lucinda   16-Feb-1854 20y/1m/27d, d/o D. & R.
Lambdin, Lucinda   14-Sep-1893 64y/6m/10d, w/o Robert N., nee Huckaba
Lambdin, Morton A.   21-Jun-1867 s/o R.N. & L.L.
Lambdin, Nathan R.   10-Jun-1863 9m/19d, s/o R.N. & L.L.
Lambdin, Robert Newton   01-Jan-1873? 48y/9m/27d
Lambdin, Rosana   09-Dec-1865 w/o David
Lane, James M. 02-Feb-1859 19-Dec-32  
Lane, Nancy A. 13-Mar-1855 6-Sep-23 nee Foot
Lawrence, Thomas 2-Oct-34   m. 17-Jan-1964
Lawrence, Darlene 8-May-41 18-Dec-95  
Leffler, Josephus H. 15-Dec-1835 01-Aug-1851  
Love, Mary C. 16-May-1836 5-Dec-19 w/o William
McCracken, Hannah 08-Aug-1806 03-Oct-1849  
McCracken, James   24-Oct-1855 58y/1m
McCracken, Margaret 12-Oct-1799 1818  
Morris, Barbara E.   02-Apr-1850 3y/9m/22d, d/o M. & L.A.
Newkirk, Cornelius P. Feb 1832 1926 h/o Sarah A.
Newkirk, James "Jimmie"   06-Apr-1876 9y/1m/22d, s/o C.P. & S.A.
Newkirk, Sarah A. 18-Jun-1837 27-Jan-05 w/o C.P., nee Giles
Perrine, Melissa Ann 18-Sep-1833 18-Nov-1857  
Phillips, Mary Elizabeth 20-Jun-1853 16-Jul-1854 d/o Henry & Millia
Phillips, Millia Ann 02-Feb-1833 17-Feb-1854 nee Cook, w/o Henry
Pierson, Abraham N. ? ?  
Pierson, Jacob 01-Jul-1861 40y/2m/16d  
Pierson, John A.   07-Nov-1862 27y/11m/16d, s/o J. & F.
Pierson, Mary F.   26-Mar-1863 15y/6d
Pinnick, Ann   10-Feb-1876 84y/11m/16d, w/o N.
Pinnick, Druzilla 19-Feb-1838 1-Jan-24 nee Cobb, w/o Elijah
Pinnick, Elijah   30-Jan-1874 72y/10m
Pinnick, Elijah T.   09-Mar-1897 77y/1m/6d, Co. G 49 Reg. Ind. Vol.
Pinnick, Elizabeth 02-Aug-1866 20-Nov-1869 d/o T.I.D. & E.
Pinnick, Isaac 14-Jan-1819 13-Dec-1871 h/o Levisa Giles
Pinnick, James   11-Sep-1861 66y/6m/29d
Pinnick, Jane 07-Dec-1808 11-Oct-1896 w/o John
Pinnick, John A. 11-Feb-1835 11-Oct-1863 Killed in Collierville, TN (son)
Pinnick, John (?) (?)  
Pinnick, John 26-Feb-1786 05-Feb-1862  
Pinnick, John T. C. 02-Oct-1861 04-Feb-1865 s/o J. & H.A.
Pinnick, John D., Esqr. 29-Mar-1820 01-Sep-1851 s/o Col. John & Sally G., consort of Emmily
Pinnick, John D. 02-Dec-1850 17-Aug-22  
Pinnick, Malana J. 15-Oct-1864 12-Apr-1865 d/o E.T. & M.A.
Pinnick, Nathan Faris 27-Sep-1816 03-Mar-1844 s/o S. & J., consort of Mary
Pinnick, Rachel 18-Jun-1871 15-Oct-1873 d/o E.T. & D.
Pinnick, Rebecca 30-Apr-1891 18y/1m/12d, d/o E.T. & D.
Pinnick, Sarah 11-Oct-1823 20-Oct-1854 d/o J. & S.G.
Pinnick, Sarah Elizabeth 12-Dec-1847 ? d/o John D. & E.
Pinnick, Sarah G.   13-Mar-1863 9y/6m/25d, w/o John (b. 1786), nee Garnett
Pinnick, Singelton F. 1847 1918  
Pinnick, Singleton   19-Feb-1844 15y/10m/3d, s/o Elijah & Lucinda
Pinnick, Thomas I. D. 21-Aug-1827 11-Aug-14  
Pinnick, Elizabeth 12-Dec-1829 30-Mar-1880 nee Lynch
Pinnick, William H. 27-Mar-1836 26-Dec-1859  
Pinnick, William H. 21-Aug-1859 22-Jan-1860 s/o J. & H.A.
Purkhiser, James Franklin 10-Nov-1842 14-Jun-1876  
Roby, Deborah 13-Sep-1807 14-Oct-1879  
Russell, William Henry 25-Feb-18 75y/7m/22d  
Russell, Sarah 08-Jun-1879 38y/11m/11d, w/o William Henry
Russell, Cora Alice 5-Feb-19 53y/7d, d/o William & Sarah
Scott, Charles 01-Feb-1805 06-Apr-1864  
Scott, Eliabeth   16-Oct-1855 66y/11m, w/o Charles
Smith, Egan H. 25-Nov-1856 1-Mar-36  
Smith, Maggie B. 21-Jan-1871 7-Dec-57 nee Butler
Smith, Martin D.   02-Dec-1855 4y (age is uncertain), s/o D.M. & P.
Smith, Polly   05-Dec-1856 35y/16d, w/o Dr. D.M.
Walls, Addie May   10-Oct-1889 d/o R.D. & E.
Walls, Andrew J.   21-Sep-34 72y/1m/29d, s/o R.D. & S.E.
Walls, Emeline 02-Sep-1860 27-Sep-1861 d/o R.D. & S.E.
Walls, Emeline "Emma" 1841 1927 nee Briner
Walls, Ella 1873 1928  
Walls, Emma J.   24-Jul-36 64y/6m/2d, w/o Andrew
Walls, Harry B. 1894 1939  
Walls, Nellie 1905 (?)  
Walls, Mary E. 25-Aug-1864 13-Sep-1865 d/o R.D. & S.E.
Walls, Robert D. 18-Feb-1830 15-Jun-1889  
Walls, Sarah E.   11-Sep-1865 27y/4m/18d, w/o R.D.
Wiggins, Sarah J.   02-Jun-1857 26y/5m/16d
Wilson, Dermont 1909 1960  
Wilson, Martisha 14-Sep-1881 13-Jun-13 w/o S., nee Evans
Wineinger, Andrew J. 02-Sep-1835 12-Dec-11 Co. D. 22 Reg. Ind. Vol.
Wineinger, Susannah 22-Nov-1863 3-Jan-16  
Wininger, Harvey T. 1892 1946  
Wolfington, Glapha 08-Jan-1817 8-Sep-83 w/o William, nee Giles
Wolfington, Jerusha   25-Sep-1881 75y/10m/19d
Wolfington, Rebecca C. 06-Oct-1835 13-Sep-1888 nee Able, w/o Volaney
Wolfington, Volaney 12-Feb-1834 15-Oct-1897