Patoka Chapel Cemetery

Located at the point of intersection section 13 and 24 of Jackson Township and 18 and 19 of Greenfield Township, Orange County, IN.
Patoka Primitive Baptist Church, known locally as Cork's Chapel, was built in 1899 near an old public burying ground overlooking 
Patoka River Valley near the site of the old "Government Mill", which was operated by Thomas and Samuel Parks about 1848.
The church building is no longer there.

Entries in the Indiana WPA Death Index for some of the individuals buried here report that they were buried at Walls Cemetery in 
Greenfield Township.  It is assumed that this must be another name for the same cemetery.

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Name Birth Date Death Date Inscription or Remarks
Allstott, John L. 1856 1948  
Allstott, Mary S. 1859 1924 nee Gilliatt
Busse, Frederick Thomas 14-Nov-09 10-Jan-79  
Busse, Grace E. King 05-Mar-1888 2-May-14 d/o Lee King & Nancy Cope
Cox, Chester Alfred 15-Apr-33 25-Dec-66  
Cox, Harvey Lee 01-Sep-1882 17-Jan-58  
Cox, Jessie 27-Nov-1887 1970  
Ford, Eliza E. 08-May-1863 05-Jan-1895 nee Parks
Free, Bonnie L. 11-Jan-55 22-Feb-03 nee Thacker
Gilliatt, Herschel Monroe 1-Sep-16 30-Oct-99  
Gilliatt, Jerry Monroe 13-Oct-41 20-May-08  
Gilliatt, William M. 07-Nov-847 24-Feb-16  
Gilliatt, Nancy E. 06-Jul-1849 13-Oct-11 nee King
Hammonds, Elijah 1819 20-Oct-1876  
Hignite, Isaiah 02-Mar-1818 13-Jan-1887  
Hignite, Elizabeth 05-May-1822 23-Jan-1887 nee Cope
King, Elzora 09-Sep-1871 30-Dec-1896  
King, Emma Jean 4-Apr-32 7-Oct-08  
King, Floyd E. 1886 1962  
King, Helen Pauline 7-Oct-15 22-Mar-28 d/o F.E. & L.M. King
King, Jehu 1869 1943 Some records list him as John
King, Susannah M. 1875 1958 nee Pittman
King, Lee 07-Oct-1851 20-Dec-38  
King, Nancy 16-Feb-1853 24-Nov-28 nee Cope
King, Lee Roy 16-May-1881 23-Mar-37  
King, Lucy 19-May-1888 29-Oct-61 nee Luttrell
King, Lowell Ray 24-Jul-08 20-Jun-46  
King, Lucretia 21-Nov-1825 14-Oct-1856 w/o C.B. King
King, Lula Mae 1891 1957 nee Livingston, w/o Floyd E.
King, Martha 11-Nov-1883 24-Sep-1899 nee Mills? w/o James H. King?
King, Monawea 1912 1912  
King, Thomas Otto 25-Aug-1895 9-Apr-68  
King, Mary Delphia 1898 6-Apr-67 nee Marlett
King, Paul 16-Jul-19 16-Jul-19 Stone shows July 10
King, William H. 1865 1939  
King, Eliza Jane 1875 1946 nee Belcher
Land, Jacob Holmes 23-Jun-1823 02-May-1870  
Land, Nancy 03-Feb-1827 29-Mar-1882 nee Walls
McBride, Lotta 1902 1951 nee Walls
Mills, John H. 13-Mar-1884 20-May-07  
Mills, Marguerite Jane 09-May-1857 04-Jan-1887 nee Walls, w/o Silas (buried at Mt. Lebanon)
Morrison, Albert T. 30-Apr-29 2-Jun-09  
Parks, Lula Edna 1896 1959  
Parks, Orval 28-Apr-1892 18-Sep-77 h/o Lula Edna?
Parks, Rufus 05-Sep-1884 26-Feb-09  
Parks, Orval N. 29-Oct-12 26-Sep-97  
Parks, Billie E. 16-Oct-16 5-Jun-99  
Parks, Samuel H. 08-Apr-1865 13-Feb-41  
Parks, Mary M. Jul 1861 1946 nee Morris
Parks, Wanda Lee 1937 1940  
Phillips, Lillie Helen 5-Feb-17 24-Dec-99 nee Walls, w/o James W.
Pittman, Hiram 04-Feb-1840 8-Jul-34  
Pittman, Nancy Land 15-Mar-1850 7-Jan-17 nee Walls
Pittman, John W. 15-Sep-1867 25-Jul-40  
Pittman, Lucy Ethel 25-Apr-1888 14-Apr-11 nee Gilliatt, 1st wife
Pittman, Samira 15-May-1877 27-Nov-29 nee Apple, 2nd wife
Pittman, Lizzie Francis 08-Dec-1878 18-Nov-1880  
Pittman, Samuel M. 08-Jul-1869 18-Jan-51  
Pittman, Nancy Jane 28-Jan-1875 25-Mar-41 nee McDonald
Roberts, Byrum Franklin 8-Jul-34 26-Apr-1886  
Roberts, Susannah 20-Oct-1853 2-Oct-07 nee Walls
Roberts, Ida A. 26-May-1878 27-Dec-01 nee Renshaw, w/o Samuel
Stevens, Nicy E. 03-Sep-1892 25-Feb-31 nee Tillery
Stoner, Mary Frances 10-Apr-1833 10-Aug-1899 nee Daugherty, w/o John T. (buried at Mt. Lebanon)
Thacker, Albert Lee 7-Mar-22 22-Mar-08  
Thacker, Derrick Lee 22-Feb-76 2-Feb-95 s/o Gary & Wilma Thacker
Thacker, Marilyn Darlene 20-Jul-72 10-Nov-82 d/o Gary & Wilma Thacker
Tillery, Alfred C. Aug 1861 1943  
Tillery, Mary Jane 10-Jan-1863 23-Mar-51 nee McMickle
Tillery, Lee Alfred Feb-00 1945  
Tillery, Rollie 1885 1919  
Tillery, Lettie 1889 1964 nee Parks
Tillery, Sidney N. 5-Sep-03 8-May-51  
Walls, Alexander Jasper 23-Jun-1867 15-May-1875  
Walls, Benjamin Manny 26-Feb-1881 18-Mar-68  
Walls, Emma 03-Nov-1881 5-Oct-27 nee Morgan, wife #1
Walls, Ida Belle 11-Apr-1888 4-Feb-37 nee Riley, wife #2
Walls, Benjamin Milar 4-Mar-08 19-Feb-09  
Walls, Phillis 10-Oct-08 9-Mar-00 nee Morris
Walls, Carl F. 14-Feb-38 7-Oct-97  
Walls, Catherine A. 16-Sep-1876 16-Sep-1876  
Walls, Charles Westley 11-May-1881 14-Mar-23  
Walls, Nella E. 1880 1968  
Walls, Coralee 1929 1929  
Walls, Elijah Robertson 08-Dec-1874 21-May-44  
Walls, Viola Bell 19-Mar-1884 27-Feb-66 nee McDonald
Walls, Eugene Robert 10-Feb-30 29-Apr-79  
Walls, Floyd Truman 30-May-16 18-Apr-94  
Walls, Infant Daughter 30-Dec-1872 05-Jan-1873  
Walls, Isaiah Lincoln 09-Jan-1866 19-Feb-1866  
Walls, John Debry 01-Nov-1838 18-Dec-1882  
Walls, Elzia Evelyn 18-Apr-1843 8-Oct-17 nee Robertson
Walls, Louie Holden 19-Dec-14 29-Oct-18  
Walls, Louis V. Oct 1847 1928  
Walls, Nancy 02-Jul-1844 14-Sep-1887 nee Sanders
Walls, Minnie A. 6-Apr-13 2-Nov-18 d/o Elijah & Viold Walls
Walls, Norman R. 1909 1946  
Walls, Luella 1910 1999  
Walls, Oscar H. 24-Feb-09 22-Dec-82  
Walls, Raymond H. 26-Nov-22 18-Sep-02  
Walls, Dorothy M. 1926 1972  
Walls, Roscoe N. "Doc" 22-May-21 25-Feb-84  
Walls, Sanders 12-Mar-1815 23-Jan-1881 h/o Susannah Patton Walls
Walls, Sarah Ellen 16-Jun-1871 11-Oct-1878 d/o Louis & Nancy Walls
Walls, Susannah 20-Jun-1823 23-Dec-1886 nee Patton, w/o Sanders
Walls, T. F. 1872 1952  
Walls, William Lavin 14-Aug-1840 13-Mar-1881  
Walls, William Jefferson 22-Mar-1878 18-Jan-57  
Walls, Minnie Catherine 02-Aug-1887 14-Apr-51 nee Belcher
Walls, William S. 16-Aug-1846 4-Jul-12  
Walls, Nancy Jane 26-Jan-1845 15-Aug-08 nee Hignite