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 From a listing compiled in 1947 by the Lost River Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.
It appeared in Orange County Indiana Records Volume 3 G 977.201 063d V.3 Indiana State Library



Chapter Regent, Mrs. Arthur P. Braxton, Paoli, Indiana Genealogical Records, Mrs. Norman B. Mavity, French Lick

Typed by Miss Ethel Farlow and Mrs. Norman B. Mavity


Stamperscreek Township. Sec.5-T.1 N.-R.2 E. Seldom used but cared for

Located in the south west corner of the section, in a field, and marked by tall cedars. The land is part of a large tract entered by George Hinton in 1813. The families Hinton, Murphy, Rigney, and Copeland were related, and among the very early settlers in the county. William Rigney came from Surrey Co., N.C. He was born Aug.27/1768. He married Amariah Potter Sept.22/1791. She was born Nov.18/1772. Orange Co. probate records show that William died in 1821. They are probably buried here in unmarked graves, of which there are a few. The earliest marked grave is that of their son John who died in 1833. The present owner of the land is Mr. Arvie Jones. (1944).

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Blackburn, Lucinda, w. of R.L., d.May 27/1834, in her 20th yr.
Blackburn, John, inf. son of R.L. & L. (no dates)
Grigsby, John Andrew, son of William & Amariah, Feb.15/1843 Jan.22/1844
Grigsby, Laura, daut. of W. & A. July 10/1861- ………1863
Guthrie, Isaac. Feb.1/1832 - Oct.9/1896)
Guthrie, Rebecca K. May 3/1837 - Apr.15/1933) one stone
Guthrie children: Jesse, Lizzie, Grace, Gail, Seah, (no dates)
Guthrie, John, husband of Malinda. Sept.23/1823 - Oct 16/1864.
Guthrie, Malinda, w. of John, and mother of A. Rutherford, d. Oct.8/1868, age 50y/7m/13d
Guthrie, John H., 1871 - 1920.
Guthrie, William, son of John & Malinda. Jan.20/1854 - Mar.29/1860.
Hancock, Walter L., son of O. & M.E. Oct.18/1874 - Dec.26/1874.
Hollowell, Margaret H., daut. of T. & M., d.May 21/1858, age 1y/18d.
Hollowell, John L., son of T. & M., d.June 6/1860, age 2y/1m/11d
Hollowell, Thomas H. son of T. & M., d.May 25/1863, age 2y/5m/15d.
Martin, Mandy, w. of Samuel, d. Jan.16/1893, age 42y/2m/2d.
Murray, William M., son of M.W. & E., d. Oct.1/1850, age 10m/22d.
McCoy, William F. 1838 - 1916.)
McCoy, Mary E. 1841 - 1926.) one stone
McCoy, Alexander, 1843 - 1917.)
McCoy, Sarah S. 1845 - 1915.) one stone
McIntosh, William, d. Mar.20/1886, age 77y/1m/25d.
McIntosh, Melindy, w. of William, d.Nov.3/1881, age 74y/11m/3d.
McIntosh, John L., son of Wm. & M., d.Jan.22/1850, age 7m.
McIntosh, James M., son of Wm & M., d.Aug.11/1858, age 19y/11m/19d.
McKinney, Amanda, w. of William. Nov.17/1869 - Aug.22/1898.
Polson, Elder Henry H. Oct.22/1831 - Apr.20/1901.)
Polson, Amariah, his w. Oct.2/1835 - Feb.27/1892/ ) one stone
Polson, William H. Jan.17/1860 - Aug.6/1916.)
Polson, Elizabeth, his w. Jan.24/1862) one stone
Polson, Millindy, daut. of H.H. & A., d. Aug.5/1858, age 3y/11m/5d/
Polson, Noble R., son of Irvin & Anna. Jan.6/1894 - June 10/1894
Rigney, William. Aug.27/1768 - 1821. (no stone)
Rigney, Amariah Potter. Nov.18/1772. (no stone)
Rigney, John, d. June11/1833, age 40y/1m/1d.
Rigney, Ruth, w. of John, d. Oct.5/1852, age 55y/11m/27d.
Rigney, Isaac, d. Aug.18/1839, age 41y/ (son of Wm. & Amariah)
Rigney, Martin, Jr., d.Aug.6/1852, age 24y/5m/21d.
Rigney, John. Jan.10/1836 - Nov.19/1864.
Rigney, Isaac N. 1838 - 1927.)
Rigney, Nancy J. 1848 - 1922.) one stone
Rigney, Sam. Jan.3/1880 - Oct.2/1904.)
Rigney, John. Nov.12/1867 - Jan.10/1911.)
sons of I.N. & N.J. Rigney) one stone.
Rigney, Elizabeth J., daut. of I. & P., d. Mar.5/1863, age 25y/11m/4d.
Roach, America, w. of John. Aug.7/1857 - Jan.16/1890.
Roberts, Joseph. d. Jan.1/1851, age 29y/10m.
Roberts, John Wesley, son of Joseph & Ruth Ann Jan.31/1845 - Sept.15.1847
Strange, Bery. Mar.29/1827 - Jan.27/1899.)
Strange, Phoebe. May 10/1834 - July 22/1909) one stone
Strange, William B., son of B. & P. Nov.17/1860 - Dec.16/1863.
Strange, Mary E. Feb.3/1863 - Dec.24/1930.)
Strange, John D. Aug.29/1854 - Apr.4/1936.) one stone
Strange, Bruce. Aug.8/1901 - Oct.5/1908.
Taylor, William G. Nov.25.1811 - Apr.15/1897.
Taylor, William M. Co.F. 50 Ind. Inf. (gov't marker.)
Warren, William. Co.B. 2 Ind. Inf. Mexican War (gov't marker)

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