Rock Springs Cemetery

Contributed by Don Condra

Southeast Township Section 11, T1S R1E

Rock Springs Primitive Baptist Church and cemetery are located in Southeast Township (Sec. 11, T.1S,R1E). This is approximately 1 1/2 miles east of Valeene, Indiana. The church was constituted in 1826 in Stampers Creek Township at the home of Charles Vandeveer. A house for worship was built in 1841 at the described location at a cost of $500. First members of the church were: John, Joel, Aaron, Charles, and George Vandeveer with their wives; _____ Phillips and wife, Abraham Pierson and wife, Cole Pierson, Nancy Pierson, William Pierson, John Pierson, Abraham Noblitt, Woodson Noblitt, Amelia Noblitt, and William Noblitt. The first minister was Aaron Vandever and since him have been Charles Vandeveer, Jonathan Jones, William Robertson, T. N. Robertson, and Samuel McMahan(this up to about 1880). Elder T. N. Robertson held an interesting revival in 1876, and succeeded in gaining about a dozen converts to the church. The cemetery has several old and unmarked graves. Nearly all those buried here are inter-related. Most of the inscriptions here were copied by unknown parties in 1946. Some updating has occurred, however, more needs to be done to bring it up to the current date (1996).

The following is a transcript of data recorded by the Lost River Chapter of the DAR in the 1940's and remains their property.  This page may be freely copied for your personal use but may not be reproduced in any public media without permission

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AGAN, Alfred F.12-04-186508-05-1894
AGAN, Audra04-24-191004-03-1920
AGAN, Bessie04-09-188803-11-1920
AGAN, Edward05-24-190803-06-1920
AGAN, Electa E.11-09-183904-20-1904
AGAN, James W.02-12-1863 
AGAN, John12-14-183612-09-1911
AGAN, John M.07-20-187002-28-1918
AGAN, Maggie F.12-20-188302-40-1885
AGAN, Minnie E.12-21-187003-24-1934
AGAN, Nancy A.08-11-186308-28-1905
AGAN, Norman03-27-188603-05-1920
BELL, Jesse L.10-20-181404-05-1892
BELL, Mary E.02-23-185104-04-1854
BELL, Nancy10-04-183402-19-1899
BIRD, Blanche18771880
BIRD, Janie18661868
BIRD, Joseph18411921
BIRD, Lizzie18721891
BIRD, Mary18491924
BOSTON, Anna C.06-15-189106-06-1919
BUSICK, Cora A.18731939
CHILDERS, Abigail1878 
CHILDERS, Celia179304-07-1876
CHILDERS, Eliza E.12-20-186304-12-1864
CHILDERS, George W.18761938
CHILDERS, Infant04-03-186004-03-1860
CHILDERS, Infant08-25-186608-25-1866
CHILDERS, James09-15-179002-27-1866
CHILDERS, John08-31-182708-06-1886
CHILDERS, John Henry09-12-186708-29-1875
CHILDERS, Martin187409-16-1875
CHILDERS, Mary J.07-03-183404-20-18--
CHILDERS, Nancy E.185108-26-1852
COLCLASURE, Ruth- -1834
CONDRA,, Helen L.05-14-190105-07-1941
CONDRA,, Robert Benjamin01-28-192303-05-1945
CORNWELL, Virginia182402-29-1906
CROOK, Mary J.06-21-183603-05-1910
DALBY, Phebe183504-27-1856
DEREMIAH, Elizabeth09-09-183810-11-1920
DEREMIAH, Inf Daughter10-02-190210-02-1902
DEREMIAH, John W.06-26-183605-14-1898
FERGUSON, Archus H.01-01-187412-06-1877
FERGUSON, Armilda184701-23-1878
FERGUSON, Ida L.186506-17-1868
FERGUSON, Inf Daughter186105-01-1864
FERGUSON, John D.12-02-186312-18-1863
FERGUSON, John W.06-22-182607-22-1878
FERGUSON, Joseph S.185909-12-1860
FERGUSON, Lizzie B.01-30-187205-06-1882
FERGUSON, Margaret183601-08-1864
FERGUSON, Nola06-29-188207-21-1882
FOSTER, Elizabeth11-11-179708-15-1870
FOSTER, Mary A.03-20-184709-30-1859
FOSTER, William T. A.01-03-184401-25-1863
FREEMAN, Elizabeth09-12-180204-16-1873
FREEMAN, John M.179010-27-1857
GLENN, Anna181912-07-1861
GLENN, Hannah1839 
HALL, Pheby180509-12-1851
HANCOCK, Margaret Ann186211-20-1864
HANCOCK, Nancy E.181905-19-1866
HICKS, Andrew J. Jr.18471867
HICKS, Caroline09-01-184006-09-1882
HICKS, James E.187409-30-1876
HICKS, Jane6-25-181511-11-1884
HICKS, Mary Ann12-13-184205-01-1857
HICKS, Sarah E.01-28-184712-26-1878
HILL, Nancy P.06-27-181905-25-1854
HOLADAY, Benjamin N.03-10-181510-06-1877
HOLADAY, Cynthia182208-13-1857
HOOTEN, Elizabeth07-30-184408-01-1856
HOOTEN, James D.183708-05-1859
HOOTEN, John180904-27-1859
HOOTEN, Matilda M.182006-12-1851
HOOTEN, Polly05-19-181907-15-1862
JONES, Margaret18381918
KELLEY, Rhoda Elizabeth185106-10-1870
LAMB, Anna06-19-179807-18-1867
LANG, Amanda V.02-24-1854 
LANG, J. W. Dr.01-23-183907-27-1912
LANG, Phebe10-20-182307-10-1893
LINE, John Col.180910-31-1854
LOCKHART, Charles E.01-14-189411-19-1896
LOCKHART, Freddie09-27-189809-05-1899
LOCKHART, Nancy E.04-16-186809-06-1899
LOCKHART, Roy12-13-189308-14-1899
LYNCH, Aaron V.18431921
LYNCH, Oliver E.187907-16-1900
MANSHIP, Charles05-01-180607-07-1870
MANSHIP, Margaret J.06-09-184406-15-1914
MAXEDON, Alfred184903-16-1850
MAXEDON, Clara183601-06-1870
MAXEDON, Cora08-27-186802-26-1917
MAXEDON, Henry182512-15-1866
MAXEDON, Jane04-28-182512-10-1864
MAXEDON, John10-21-181607-07-1874
MAXEDON, John C.06-05-184709-17-1862
MAXEDON, Lewis10-27-182703-15-1867
MAXEDON, M. D. L.06-21-183403-10-1859
MAXEDON, Mary A.10-04-186006-03-1861
MAXEDON, Mathes04-30-186312-20-1886
MAXEDON, Nancy07-04-179706-08-1879
MAXEDON, Pearson04-01-183102-08-1915
MAXEDON, Rachel01-17-183505-16-1909
MAXEDON, Robert Wood09-09-185809-13-1860
MAXEDON, Sarah E.182907-07-1856
MAXEDON, Silas I.185507-25-1857
MAXEDON, Thomas179510-23-1856
MAXEDON, Thomas E. Dr.08-13-186005-19-1915
MAXEDON, William P.185412-23-1854
MAY, George A.10-02-181801-02-1851
MAYS. Margaret179808-09-1860
MAYS. William01-22-1855 
McINTIRE, David11-06-1847 
McINTIRE, Mary E.12-13-184710-24-1915
MILLER, Clara E.04-25-186409-19-1900
MILLER, George O.18631920
MOON, Samuel R.  
MOTSINGER, John J.02-11-189903-11-1899
MURPHY, Daniel03-05-185902-18-1860
MURPHY, Elizabeth04-10-183202-01-1868
MURPHY, George186108-06-1874
MURPHY, James N.07-25-183012-27-1894
MURPHY, Lizzie12-28-186705-26-1868
MURPHY, Mary J.01-03-1834 
MURPHY, Nancy A.12-07-186304-18-1868
NOBLITT, Amanda04-02-182709-28-1909
NOBLITT, Andrew C.12-04-185007-05-1883
NOBLITT, Andrew F.05-28-189207-22-1900
NOBLITT, Benjamin M.12-02-185209-07-1890
NOBLITT, Blanche  
NOBLITT, Dessie O.04-25-188604-20-1898
NOBLITT, Emma Green12-14-185302-05-1885
NOBLITT, George Vandeveer12-14-184704-25-1945
NOBLITT, James L.10-31-185607-10-1862
NOBLITT, John Frank09-19-188902-26-1919
NOBLITT, John Thomas10-15-182311-10-1911
NOBLITT, Lee07-12-189406-16-1946
NOBLITT, Mary A.06-26-186312-08-1937
NOBLITT, Mary G.01-28-189212-31-1896
NOBLITT, Nancy12-27-185011-13-1930
NOBLITT, Nancy Jane07-01-182701-10-1858
NOBLITT, William H.06-26-184901-24-1912
NOBLITT, Zadie B.12-20-188710-28-1888
OVERBEE, Simeon04-22-183905-07-1896
OVERBY, Cora E.02-06-188202-07-1882
OVERBY, John Millard177805-08-1843
OVERBY, Lizzie10-19-185809-18-1869
OVERBY, Mary08-11-182101-31-1899
OVERBY, Mary  
PETER, Jonathan07-16-183011-29-1913
PETER, Mary A.05-03-183309-16-1891
PETER, Mary J.182310-01-1893
PETER, Simon182610-08-1862
PETER, William10-12-180110-01-1841
PETERS, Amos S.183910-07-1854
PETERS, Grace08-01-189910-17-1900
PETERS, James S.03-24-185310-20-1898
PIERSON, Infant08-22-189708-29-1897
PIERSON, James W.189001-25-1892
PIERSON, Mamie E.188010-18-1895
PIRTLE, Jesse01-30-178012-30-1855
PIRTLE, Margaret08-07-177905-02-1849
REYNOLDS, John180002-08-1851
RICHARDSON, Alfred183102-08-1854
RILEY, Albert M.08-27-189010-28-1895
RILEY, Nellie C.01-01-189807-19-1898
ROBERTSON, Eliza Ann01-16-184701-10-1848
ROBERTSON, William P.06-05-181908-22-1867
STALCUP, Elizabeth08-20-179512-28-1863
STALCUP, Emily07-01-1862 
STALCUP, Isabel08-05-186008-20-1861
STALCUP, Mary07-04-185407-23-1858
STALCUP, Samuel06-10-179407-28-1862
STALCUP, William11-16-182302-12-1859
STONE, Betta R.10-09-186808-12-1869
STONE, Mary E.08-23-185601-30-1876
STONE, Michel02-24-182508-02-1869
STONE, William12-19-181711-12-1875
STROUD, George W.06-30-184404-15-1929
STROUD, Sarah01-26-184809-23-1913
SULLINGER, Hettie04-25-185609-06-1887
TARR, Bertha A.01-25-190405-17-1912
TARR, Celia Jane09-09-185101-25-1852
TARR, Charles R.185601-27-1857
TARR, Hannah E.06-15-186707-16-1942
TARR, Infant Daughter07-20-189007-20-1890
TARR, James S.03-29-186108-30-1905
TARR, James W.02-07-189002-21-1890
TARR, John M.180707-26-1887
TARR, John T.11-30-185509-10-1862
TARR, John T.08-21-187409-28-1875
TARR, Joseph W.184502-21-1869
TARR, Julia A.183308-13-1878
TARR, Manerva Jane09-04-182904-12-1852
TARR, Martha180705-20-1877
TARR, Martha J.11-15-184604-13-1859
TARR, William182812-17-1875
TOWNLEY, Daniel R.10-20-183303-08-1904
TOWNLEY, Jane18691908
TOWNLEY, John H.18651916
TOWNLEY, John K.1903 
TOWNLEY, Joseph D.06-22-186907-14-1895
TOWNLEY, Martha E.08-03-184107-17-1899
TOWNLEY, Thomas B.19031923
TOWNLEY, Thomas R.187503-18-1894
TOWNLEY, Viola A.1878 
TURNER, James H.09-18-180303-07-1859
TURNER, Jesse  
TURNER, Magdalene  
TURNER, Matilda10-30-180805-12-1889
VANDEVEER, Lewis183507-31-1863
VANDEVEER, Sarah J.183303-12-1906
WAYNICK, Emma07-31-186402-18-1901
WAYNICK, Infant08-28-189708-28-1897
WELLS, Benjamin189304-27-1895
WELLS, Infant02-24-189902-24-1899
WELLS, Jesse03-13-185401-20-1899
WELLS, Margaret06-27-182002-05-1880
WELLS, Nancy A.09-07-185505-01-1861
WELLS, Samuel12-25-181801-20-1899
WELLS, Sarah E.07-31-184908-27-1855
WELLS, Silas01-30-184711-19-1850
WELLS, William09-18-184105-01-1863
WHITE, Charles03-14-183908-04-1862
WHITE, John184507-08-1861
WRIGHT, Benjamin R.08-12-183512-07-1864
WRIGHT, Isom R.04-30-185912-13-1860
WRIGHT, Mary A.10-21-188603-16-1888
WRIGHT, Milly10-12-183810-05-1860
WRIGHT, Nancy J.18561940
WRIGHT, Rebecca A.02-08-183704-13-1913
WRIGHT, William J.18571933