Northwest Township, Orange County, IN, Section 32, T3N R2W.
Courtesy of  Robert E. Lane

The following is a transcript of data recorded by the Lost River Chapter of the DAR in the 1940's and remains their property.  This page may be freely copied for your personal use but may not be reproduced in any public media without permission

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Allen, Raymond 1908 Infant s/o R.C. & Florence

Batchelor, George R. 05-Nov-1840 28-Aug-1878

Batchelor, Nancy E. 06-May-1842 10-Jun-1872

Gerkin, Eliza F. 31-Jul-1879 04-Feb-1881 d/o J.M. & M.C.

Gerkin, John M. 24-Jun-1859 16-May-1898

Gerkin, Margaret 19-Jun-1935 75y/5m/8d

Girkin, Charles R. 27-Sep-1873 s/o T. & N.G.

Girkin, Laura J. 12-Jan-1890 13y/11m/18d, d/o T. & N.G.

Scarlett, Alice 1861 1922 w/o George B. [nee Simmons]

Scarlett, Alley F. 07-Oct-1862 16y/6m/7d, d/o George & C.

Scarlett, Anna L. 05-Jun-1883 d/o S.A. & L.A.

Scarlett, Ava P. 28-Oct-1894 9y/7m/12d, d/o H.R. & S.C.

Scarlett, Casandra 28-Nov-1813 10-May-1893 w/o G. W.

Scarlett, Ellen 07-Dec-1841 01-Jul-1873 w/o James H.

Scarlett, George B. 1862 1927

Scarlett, George W. 18-Mar-1873 58y/5m/2d

Scarlett, John P. 28-Dec-1864 20y/11m/29d, s/o G.W. & C.M.

Scarlett, Lucy A. 16-Dec-1855 21d, d/o J. & M.

Scarlett, Martha 24-Jul-1906 80y/5m/29d, w/o Stephen

Scarlett, Nancy 26-Aug-1855 59y, w/o Stephen

Scarlett, Samuel 27-Jul-1858 36y/4m/27d

Scarlett, Sarah M. 02-Jan-1865 w/o Stephen [nee Hamilton]

Scarlett, Stephen 15-Dec-1860 69y

Scarlett, Stephen 18-Aug-1877 48y/10m/6d