Taken from DAR records

Transcribed by Karen Hugo

Paoli Township Section 18, T2N R1E. Seldom used.

The will of William Scott was made in Dec. 1841. An item reads: "I reserve one quarter acre of land, where the graveyard now is, for a burying place for the family, never to be transferred out of the family." The earliest marked grave is that of Marley Scott, 1830. 

BAKER, Samuel P.; 4 Sep 1826-16 Jun 1894.
BAKER, Martha A.; 14 Oct 1834-6 May 1913.
BAKER, Alma; dau of Sam’l P. and Martha A., d. 14 Dec 1878, age 6m/29d.
BARNES, Florence E.; dau of E. L. & M. M., d. 29 Jan 1881, age 18d.
BARNES, infant dau of E. L. & M. M., b. & d. 13 Feb 1883.
BARNES, Annie L.; wife of A. J., d. 20 Feb 1885, age 23y/9m/18d.
BUSICK, Benjamin F.; son of B. P. and M. J., d. 1857.
BUSICK, B. P.; Co. G. 24th Ind. Inf. (Gov’t marker, no dates).
BUSICK, wife of B. P., 14 Jun 1822-25 Jun 1855.
BUSICK, James H.; son of B. P. & P., 6 Sep 1840……. (illeg.).
CHATHAM, Reuben and Elizabeth (Busick); Reuben died 21 July 1880.
       Age 81y/7m/6d.
CHATHAM, John K.; d. 17 Nov 1857, age ………………..(illeg).
CHATHAM, W. B.; d. 1 Jun 1855, age 28y/7m.
CHISAM, Samuel R.; 23 Jul 1849-10 Mar 1871.
CHISAM, Sarah G.; dau of Criel and G. Chisam, 2 Jun 1842-25 Sep 1862.
CHISAM, Emily; wife of Wm. B., 25 Sep 1830-8 Jun 1860.
CHISAM, George W.; 17 Aug 1869-20 Jan 1886.
CHISAM, Charles B.; son of Wm. W. and Mary, 24 Aug 1871-11 Feb 1882.
CHISAM, Benjamin; d. 30 Sep 1858,age 81y/7m/27d.
CHISAM; Elizabeth; wife of Benjamin, b. 1775, d. 21 Jun 1862, age 87y.
CHISAM, Jane; wife of Wm. W., 1 Dec 1815-11 Oct 1865.
CHISAM, William W.; 29 Aug 1811-9 Apr 1887.
CHISAM, John H.; d. 16 Apr 1874, age 33y/2m/28d.
FREEMAN, Nancy A.; dau of B. F. & Martha, 22 Jun 1839-28 Sep 1851.
FROST, Simeon F.; 13 Jul 1792-4 Oct 1872.
FROST, Mary; wife of Simeon, d. 25 Aug 1866, age 74y/23d.
FROST, John W.; d. 29 Sep 1845, age 20y/28d.
FROST, Mary J.; dau of J. and R., d. 7 Jan 1846, age 1y/4m/4d.
FROST, James; d. 3 Feb 1849, age 57y/10m/4d).
GIFFORD, John S.; d. 7 Apr 1864, age 37y/2m/28d.

(This grave is in a small lot surrounded by a cast iron fence, a tall shaft at either side of gate. The other marker reads: Ruth Ann, wife of Erasmus Hill, d. 25 Apr 1867, age 38y/6m/5d.)

GIFFORD, Joseph E.; son of J. B. & M. C., b. & d. 10 Aug 1863.
GIFFORD, Emma; dau of J. B. & M. C. (infant).
HANCOCK, Mary S; wife of J. G., 6 Oct 1843-4 Apr 1892.
HILL, Ruth Ann; wife of Erasmus, d. 25 Apr 1867, age 38y/6m/5d.
       (In fenced plot with John S. Gifford.)
LANE, Alvan; 20 Jun 1843-2 Mar 1864. He was in the Ind. Cav.
       (Lines from Star-Spangled Banner).
MORGAN, Benny; 2 Dec 1864-18 Jan 1866.
MORGAN, Cora; b. 12 Jan 1867, d. 23 Jan 1867. One stone. Children of
       Wesley & Huldah Morgan.
McCART, Matilda; d. 16 Mar 1835, age 30y/2m/9d.
McCLAIN, Isaac; d. 26 July 1842, age 59y/4m/4d.
McCLAIN, Catherine; consort of Isaac, 30 Apr 1789-1 Jul 1839.
McCLUNER, James A.; 20 Mar 1839-19 Jul 1840.
McCLUNER, Samuel N.; 11 Sep 1836-8 Sep 1837.
PEYTON, Bluford; d. 5 May 1887, age 52y/5m/10d.
PEYTON, Sarah A. E. (Scott); w. of Bluford, d. 29 Apr 1863, age 30y/1m/14d.
PICKETT, Margaret L.; dau of J. A. & M. S., 26 Apr 1854-10 Feb 1864.
PICKETT, Josie; dau of Jacob and Mary, d. 1 Jan 1878, age 17y/11m/18d.
PICKETT, Mary S.; wife of Jacob, d. 16 Dec 1875, age 43y/10m.
PICKETT, infant dau of J. and M. S.; b. & d. 12 Feb 1869.
SCOTT, Marley M.; d. 20 Jul 1830, age 1m/1d.
SCOTT, Nancy E.; d. 9 Nov 1831, age 3y/9m/24d.
SCOTT, Simeon; d. 19 Jul 1841, age 36y.
SCOTT, Eliza; consort of Simeon, d. 25 Feb 1852, age 43y/1d.
SCOTT, William; d. 19 May 1847, age 66y/4m/10d.
SCOTT, Nancy; w. of William, d. 27 Aug 1853, age 68y/2m/3d.
STANDEFORD, Hester G.; w. of Rodolphus, 14 Oct 1872,
       age 20y/9m/19d.
STANDEFORD, William M; son of Rodolphus W. and Elizabeth E., d. 11 Apr 1881,
       age 2y/6m/1d.
STANDEFORD, Hester A.; dau of Rodolphus W. and Elizabeth E., d. 11 Oct 1880,
       age 1y/8m.
TATE, Indiana; w. of W. H., 14 Mar 1822-5 Jan 1862.
TATE, son of H. & I.; d. 11 Sep 1855, age 4y/15d.
VONTRESS, Susan C.; wife of Sam’l. T., d. 25 Jul 1853, age 22y/8m/5d.
VONTRESS, Elizabeth C.; dau of S. T. and S. C., d. 6 Apr 1853, age 1y/1m.