Sinclair Family

Contributed by, Robert E. Lane
Foster, Laura B. b. 16-Mar-1857 d. 18-Jan-1874
Jacobs, Mary J. d. 21-Sep-1882 w/o George
Sinclair, John W. b. 20-Dec-1830 d. 19-Aug-1898
Sinclair, Nancy b. 11-Oct-1810 d. 15-Feb-1890
Sinclair, Pleasant b. 1847 d. 19??
Sinclair, Nancy A. b. 1844 d. 1923 [One stone with Pleasant]
Sinclair, Infant No Dates [One stone with Pleasant]
Sinclair, Ransom d. 08-Mar-18?6 s/o W. & N.
Sinclair, Sarah A. d. 04-May-1877 35y/1m/18d, w/o J.W.
Sinclair, Seldon b. 17-Dec-1870 d. 05-Nov-1912
Sinclair, William b. 29-Oct-1808 d. ??-???-1877 Consort of Nancy
Sillings, Abednigo d. 18-Apr-1863
Sillings, Andrew J. d. 07-Mar-1863 s/o A. & M.
Sinkler, Mahaly d. 27-Apr-1852
Sturgeon, Sinkler G. d. 10-May-1873 21y/?M/10D

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