Contributed by, Patty Rogers
Southeast Township Sec. 5 - T. 1 S. - R. 2 E. Obliterated

Jacob Smith, of German origin, bought land in this section in 1816. His will was probated in 1825. He, with wife Susanna, and 20 descendants were buried on his farm. In about 1905, the land having passed from possession of this descendants, the fencing was removed from the little burial plot, markers broken up, and graves destroyed by plowing. The following data is from records found in a German Bible which belonged to Jacob Smith, and is yet owned by descendants, supplemented by informtion from Mr. J.R. Everitt, who lives near the old Smith place and knew some of the Smith family.

  • Smith, Jacob Oct. 29, 1782 - 1825
  • Smith, Susanna, w of Jacob. Sept 25, 1789 - (d. after husband)
  • Smith, Elizabeth, daut. of J. & S. Aug. 20, 1813 - 1887
  • Smith, Frances, daut. of J. & S. Oct. 11, 1823 - 1889
  • Smith, Lucy, daut. of J. & S. June 17, 1820 - 1897
  • Smith, John d. 1890
  • Smith, William

  • Others named by Mr. Everitt are: Andrew, Floyd, Lula, James, Eva, Ambose, Susie, Carrie, Emmie, Sarah, Alice.

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