Springer Cemetery

From the Cemetery Records compiled by the Lost River Chapter DAR

French Lick Township Section 29, T2N R1W. Abandoned.
(Possibly more burials after this enumeration.)

Located north east of Ames Chapel, and one half mile north of state road 150. The oldest marked grave is that of George Lindley, who died in 1824. There are unmarked graves and some of the burials were moved to Ames Cemetery many years ago. The well known pioneer Springer school house stood near the graveyard.

BRAXTON, R.E., daut. of J.H. and C.A., d. 3 Feb 1857, age 3m.
BRAXTON, inf. son of J.H. and C.A., d. 29 Aug 1875.
BROWN, Fannie, daut. of P.& E. 1843-1865.
CAMPBELL, inf. son of J.P. & P.J. 1877.
DALTON, Permelia, w. of G.W. 1833-1863.
DILLINGER, John. 1830-1871. Member of Co. G. 49 Reg. Ind. Vol. Inf.
DILLINGER, Mary I., daut. of T. & L. 1848-1849.
DILLINGER, Miles. 1790-1837.
DILLINGER, Matilda, daut. of T. & L. ....1852
DOUGHERTY, Catherine...stone broken...illegible.
DOUGHERTY, Henry, 1784-1846.
FAUCETT, George. 28 Dec. 1784-9 Jun 1864. Masonic emblem on stone.
FAUCETT, Elizabeth w. of George, d. 20 Aug 1861, in 69th yr. of her age.
FAUCETT, Zephaniah. 26 Jan 1808-3 Oct 1846. (son of G. & E.)
HICKS, Lucinda, w. of Rev. Samuel HICKS and daut. of Rev. David and
       M. OSBORN. 10 Oct 1830-18 Aug 1860.
HICKS, Mattie, their daut. 15 Nov 1859-17 Jun 1860. One stone with Lucinda.
HICKS, Mary M., w. of James. 30 May 1821-23 Oct 1859.
HICKS, Margaret J., daut. of J. & M.M., b. & d. 1855.
HICKS, Mary M., daut. of J. & M.M., b. & d. 1852.
HICKS, Louisa, daut. of J. & M.M., d. 24 May 1864, age 16y/2m/9d. Poem:

HILL, Huldah, w. of E. HILL, and daut. of Geo. FAUCETT. 10 Dec 1814-3 Jun 1864.
HOLLOWELL, Eliza J., w. of William. 24 Jan 1837-16 Apr 1868.
JACKSON, Nancy. 3 Mar 1845-4 Mar 1869.
LANE, Monroe, son of D. & M. 1851-1856.
LINDLEY, Dorothy, widow of Wm. LINDLEY and daut. of George &
       Elizabeth FAUCETT, d. 10 Jan 1861, age 42 y.....
LINDLEY, George F., d. Jan....1874, age 30 y. (Handwritten into margin of DAR
       book is this: "d. Ark. bur. 2-1-1874.")
LINDLEY, George T. 1794-1824.
MILLER, Eleanor, w. of L.D. 1819-1852.
MILLER, Henry J.. son of L.D. & Eleanor, d. ......1849.
NICHOLS, Lucinda, daut. of Thomas & Matilda. 1828-1837.
NICHOLS, Elizabeth, daut. of Thomas & Matilda. 1836-1838.
NICHOLS, James, son of Thomas & Matilda. 1826-1837.
NICHOLS, Alvan, son of Thomas & Matilda. 1840-1843.
OSBORN, Rev. David, d. 10 Jun 1875, age 65y/10m/20d.
OSBORN, Mary M., daut. of D. & M., d. 18 Feb 1860, age 18y....
OSBORN, Emma, daut. of D. & M., 27 Jan 1847-26 Jun 1867.
OWENS, w. & daut. of James--stones not found.
PATTON, Eliza M., daut. of A. & F. 21 Feb 1834-31 Dec 1838.
       (Grand-daughter of George & Elizabeth Faucett.)
PINNICK, James B. 21 Mar 1817-18 May 1873. (Soldier of Mexican War.)
PORTER, James, d. 17 Feb 1848, age 76y/1m/2d.
PORTER, David F. 1827-25 Jan 1855.
PORTER, Catherine. 1820-1843.
PORTER, inf. son of J.S. & E.J. 1848.
PORTER, Mariah J., daut. of J. & E.J. 1850-1852.
ROGERS, Thomas J. 1819-1867.
ROGERS, John M. son of T.J. & M. 1847-1863.
SHIRLEY, Catherine Baer, widow of Valentine SHIRLEY,
       mother of Elizabeth WILSON. Came from Virginia in 1815. No stone found.
STORY, Rebecca, daut. of T. & E. 1 Jan 1829-.. Aug 1878.
THOMPSON, William, son of J.A. & T., d. 1862.
THOMPSON, inf. son of J.A. & T., d. 1867.
TOLIVER, Mary, w. of Madison, & infant. 8 Nov 1826-4 Feb 1868.
TOLIVER, Madison...illegible.
TOLIVER, Henry, son of M. & P. 1860-1861.
TOLIVER, Isom, son of M. & P. 1864-1872.
TOLIVER, John, son of C.W. & C. 1871-1873.
TOLIVER, Barney, son of C.W. & C. 1875-1875.
UNDERWOOD, Alfred. 1812-1872. (Handwritten in margin of DAR book is this:
       "d. May 11, 1872".)
UNDERWOOD, children of Wm. A. & J.: inf. 1869, Addy 1876, Luley 1878,
       inf. 1878.
WEST, Sarah J., daut. of W.H. & E., d. 1874, age 10m.
WILSON, Andrew. 1789-1853. (Soldier War of 1812; son of Joseph WILSON,
       a soldier of the American Revolution.)
WILSON, Elizabeth, w. of Andrew. 1791-1881.
WILSON, May L., daut. of A. & E. 1831-1836.
WILSON, James H., son of A. & E. 1822-1833.