Wesley Chapel Cemetery

As Transcribed by the Lost River DAR

Orangeville Township Section 9, T.2 N.-R.1 W. Used Occasionally.

Located in the north east quarter, of the section, Wesley Chapel was first called Bruner’s. It was one of the eight churches, which composed the Orangeville Mission. For several years meeting were held at Shirley schoolhouse, and later at the home of Alfred Bruner. In 1857 a house of worship was built on the Bruner farm. There are a number of graves, a noticeable number being small children with native stone markers without inscriptions. Within the church is a bronze tablet with inscription viz: In memory of Lucy Bruner Halbert. Her life was beautiful, her faith large, her death victorious. She loved her Christ and her church, and left to Wesley Chapel a perpetual reminder of her noble life. 1843-1928. Mrs. Halbert, a daughter of Alfred and Mary Wilson Bruner is buried at Orleans, Indiana.

The following is a transcript of data recorded by the Lost River Chapter of the DAR in the 1940's and remains their property.  This page may be freely copied for your personal use but may not be reproduced in any public media without permission

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ALBERSON, Catherine 1852-1924.
BRITTON, Nathaniel W. 1817-1878
BRITTON, Nathan 1820-1898.
BRITTON, Lockey F. 1827-1875.
BRITTON, Joseph 1855-1862.
BRITTON, Tobias P. 1857-1927.
BRITTON, Anna P. 1857-1909.
BRITTON, two infants.
BRUNER MONUMENT Erected in memory of the family of Alfred and
       Mary Bruner, Nov. 1878. Has six names, viz:
BRUNER, Alfred 1815-1898.
BRUNER, Mary his wife 1820-1913.
BRUNER, Joseph W., son of A. & M. 1851-1854.
BRUNER, Luther M., son of A. & M-1856-1862.
BRUNER, Elizabeth daut of A. & M.1852-1862.
BRUNER.-Newton T., son of A. & M.1860-1878.
BRUNER, Wm. T. 1831-1882
BRUNER, Marion F., son of W.T. & M. 1858-1877.
BRUNER Tivis P., son of W.T. & M. 1862-1864.
(3 unmarked graves on this lot)
CADLE, John E. 1855-1935.
CADLE, Hannah E.1856-1912.
CHATHAM, Jane Tarr, nee Freeman Sept. 1/1834-Sept. 10/1926.
CHILDS, John Feb. 11/1867-........ Not readable.
CHILDS, Sarah, his w. 1861-1907.
COWHERD, William H. 1814-1896.
COWHERD, Celia w. of Wm. H. 1861-1890. Wm. Cowherd and Celia Noblitt
       united in marriage Oct.20/1842.
DALTON, George W. 1832-1919.
DALTON, Sylvania his wife 1844-1932.
DOUGHERTY, William E., son of Wm. M. & L.A. 1893 age 11 m.
EASLEY, Andrew L. 1821/1894 Father.
EASLEY, Malinda 1825-1894 Mother.
EASLEY, Henrietta 1851-1878 Sister
EASLEY, Josiah Veteran of the Mexican War. b. in Jessamine Co. KY., 1819-1901.
EASLEY, Leanna, his w. b. in Garrett Co. Ky., June 24/1830....
EASLEY, Sarah A. wife of Moses 1821-1894.
FIELD, Margaret 1787-1867(daut. of Joseph Wilson)
FLEMING, Susan 1835-1875.
GULLET, Caroline 1822-1898. (on lot with Susan Fleming)
HALBERT, Sarah E., daut. of Enos & Susan. 1854-1874.
HAM, Clarence E. 1886-1887.
HANKINS, Eli 1824-1914.
HANKINS, Mary M. 1826-1909.
HARDESTY, Joseph T. 1823-1886.
HEDDEN, Veda Florence, daut. of W.H. & J.M. 1892-1893.
HILLYARD, inf. son of Rev. J.M. & A.J. stillborn Jan.9/1869.
HOLLOWELL, Susie 1863-1963.(sic)
HOLLOWELL, David M.1861-1916.
HUDELSON, George D. 1859-1884.
HUDELSON, Josie wife of Joseph 1854-1890.
HUDELSON, Maria R. 1826-1908. Mother.
HUDELSON, Mary M., daut. of R & MR. 1857-1880.
KNIGHT, Elberta Jane 1935-1936.
MARTIN, Lydia Street 1854-1920.
MATHERS, Elizabeth A., w. of J. H. 1853-1879.
MATHERS, Thomas Luther 1819-1897 Father.
MATHERS, Ann C., w. of T.L. 1826-1906. Mother.
MATHERS, George A., son of T.L. & Ann C. 1866-1879.
MATHERS, Infant son of T.L. & Ann C. 1863 ?.
MOORE, Eliza A. wife of Rev. J.V. Moore, of the Indiana Conference of
       Methodist Church. d. Apr. 15/1871.
PICKETT, Hannah E., wife of Sm. S. 1857-1918.
PINNICK Charles W. 1877-1935.
PINNICK, Oscar F. 1871-1931.
PINNICKS Clara M: w. of Oscar 1875-1901.
QUAKENBUSH, Cyrus 1823-1894. Father/
QUAKENBUSH, Eliza 1823-1898. Mother..
RITTER, Luellie G. daut. of T.B. & M.F:. 1880-1883.
SCOTT, Agrippa 1820-1891.
SCOTT, Nancy H., w. of Agrippa 1820-1904.(b. in Lincoln Co. Ky.)
SCOTT, Sarah E. 1865-1943. Mother.
SCOTT, Thomas J. 1846-1940 Father. Gov't marker has name and
       Co. B. 13th Ind. Cav.
SEWELL, Emiley, w. of P. Sewell and daut. of N.B. &, L. Wilson.1840-1873.
STACKHOUSE, William b. in Liecester, England. 1800-1872.
STACKHOUSE, Jane, w. of Wm. 1804-.... stone broken.
STACKHOUSE, Nancy 1842-1862.
STACKHOUSE, Theodore 1821-1887.
STACKHOUSE, Alice 1866-1876.
STACKHOUSE, George 1852-1877.
STACKHOUSE, Lurelda, daut. of T & M. 1848-1890.
STREET, Della F. 1873-1882.
SWALLOW, Nora F., w. of W.H. 1887-1912.
TOLIVER, Fannie P. 1884-1900.
TOLIVER, Lucy A., w. of Samuel 1847-1884.
TOLIVER, Madison 1811-1894.
WELLS, Myrtle B. 1874-....
WELLS, Golda Estaleen 1903-1918.
WELLS, Willie O., son of O.W. & M.B. Feb. to Oct. 1902
WELLS, Clara M., daut. of O.W. & M.B. 1899-1902
WILSON, Nathaniel B. 1794-1874.
WILSON, Jane, w. of N.B. 1808-1866 ?
WILSON, Wm. S. son of N.B & J. 1837-1864.
WILSON. Elta M., daut.of J.P. & N.A. d. 1873, age 1 y.
WILSON, W. H. 1870-1903.
WILSON, Sarah 1849-1927.
WILSON, infant
WILSON, B.F. 1838-1873.
WILSON, Corie E., daut. of B.F. & S.E. 1868-1873.
WILSON, Andrew 1842-1885.
WILSON, Mary 1847-1906.
WILSON, Elvet 1873-1937.
WILSON, Mary w. of Joseph 1801-1867.