Communities of Orange County

*Town no longer exists.

Note: Many of these communities are VERY small, just a group of houses.

Community Year Laid Out Township in Which Located
Abydel   French Lick
Bacon   Southeast
Bonds   Northwest
Braxton's Siding   Paoli
Bromer   Northeast
Chambersburg 1840 (though a store was there as early as 1822) Paoli
Ethel   Greenfield
(aka Pittsburg)
French Lick 1857 French Lick
Greenbrier   Greenfield
Hindostan   Northwest
*Lancaster 1851 Northeast
Leipsic   Northeast
Lost River   Paoli
Mahan Crossing   Stampers Creek?
Millersburg not laid out; store existed in 1833 Stampers Creek
New Prospect 1836 French Lick
Newton Stewart 1839 Jackson
Norton   Jackson (on Dubois county line)
Orangeville 1849 Orangeville
Orleans 1815 (while still part of Washington County) Orleans
Paoli 1816 Paoli
Pearsontown   Southeast
Pine Valley   Southeast
(aka Fargo)
not laid out Greenfield
Prospect September 4, 1836 by Nathan Pinnick French Lick
Pumpkin Center   Northeast
Rego   Southeast
Roland   French Lick (on border with Martin County)
Scarlet   Northwest
Stampers Creek   Stampers Creek
Sulphur   Northwest
Syria   Paoli
Trotter Crossing   Stampers Creek?
Turleys   Paoli
Unionville prior to September, 1864 Greenfield
Valeene 1837 Southeast
West Baden   French Lick
Youngs Creek   Greenfield