Home of
Christopher and Elizabeth Cox

Submitted by
Marvin Beatty

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Cox posed proudly in front of their home some 105 years ago. The old home is now gone, along with its occupants. The Monroe Lindsey home now stands in this general area. Mr. Cox was among the first Trustees of Jackson Township.

This picture was loaned to the Herald by Mrs. Frank Thompson.

Christopher Cox was the son of Thomas Cox, grandson of Granny Wise. He lived in the Cane Creek area of Jackson township. This photo is extremely faded, but shows his home. Married to Elizabeth L. Parks in 1848, He lived until 1897. He was a Republican in politics and had served as Township Trustee eight years, Justice of the Peace four years, and as County Commissioner nine years, and in all public offices had proved himself an able and efficient officer.