Crossroads Church Of Christ
Valeene, Indiana

Transcribed by Linda Lockhart

We, the Church of Christ at Crossroads, Orange Co., Indiana, assemble 11 October 1898 and submit the following that we the undersigned agree to be governed by the laws of the New Testament and the same in faith and practice.

Organized by Elders Franklin Martin and John R. Radcliff on the 11 October 1898.

John H. Freeman (moved to Hardinsburg)

Isom Stroud

T.W. Moon

Felix B. Moon

Charter Members

John H. Freeman   moved to Hardinsburg
Malinda H. Freeman   moved to Hardinsburg
James Alexander Lockhart   died 4 October 1903
Emily Jane Lockhart 
Aaron W. Whitman 
Sarah E. Whitman 
Wilford K. Moon 
Catherine Moon 
Thomas McBride 
Virgil Moon   died 14 July 1916
John Manship   died 26 December 1906
Elizabeth Manship 
Mary Wells 
Margaret J. Moon 
Adeline Pierson 
Matilda Harvey 
Isom Stroud 

Eliza Jones 
Effa Moon Agan 
Flora Moon Hill 
Belle Moon Hill 
Lillie McBride McDonald 
Felix B. Moon 
Lizzie Moon 
Winifred Moon 
Dora Belle Moon 
Margaret Bunch   died December 1904
William Busick 
Ida Busick 
John R. Moon 
Anna E. Moon 
Simon Cornwell 
Martha A. Cornwell 


James E. Manship 
Mattie Manship   died 24 August 1905
Sanford Moon 
Benton Pierson   moved to Marengo
Dessie McBride Pierson   moved to Marengo
Serena Manship Stroud   died 29 March 1903
John S. Cornwell   died 24 October 1899
Henry Mackey   moved to Oak Springs
Willie Stroud   died 24 February 1902
Dovie Stroud Vernon 
John Vance 
Perry Gobble 
Margaret Gobble 
Charles Lockhart 
Mattie Lockhart 
Harley H. Hill 
James Busick  
Elmer E. Pirtle 
Rolla Pirtle 
Albert Weathers 
Doss Busick gone to saints or somewhere
Lona Busick 
George A. Bird 
Ezora Bird 
John C. Stroud 
James Stroud 
Emma Hyslope 
John Bullington 
Jacob Crecelius 
Nancy Crecelius   died 23 January 1903
Eddy McBride 
Mary E. Jones McBride 
Henry Roby   gone to Milltown
Mbel Overbee Miller 
Ettie Jones Moon 
William Hyslope 
William Busick, Sr. 
Sarah J. Busick 
Thomas Stroud 
Belle Stroud 
T.W. Vernon 
Sarah A. Vernon 
Jacob H. Hutslar 
Nancy J. Hutslar 
Bessie B. Hutslar 
Emma A. Childers   removed 8 February 1903
James E. Vance 
Leora A. Roby 
Ora E. Roby 
Oma Roby 

Sarrah Sevedge   died 22 March 1903
James McDonald 
Edgar Stroud 
G. M. Busick 
Emma Busick 
Maude Moon  
Grace Lockhart Bullington 
Manda Lockhart Manship 
John Hobson 
Milton Vernon 
Henry Roberts 
Alonzo Moon 
Albert Free 
Dellie M. Free 
Minnie E. McBride 
Hetty M. Manship 
Gertrude Jones 
Anna Stroud 
Minnie Vernon Hutslar 
Lula Vernon 
Chloe Moon   died 28 October 1921
Pearl Gobble 
Gertrude Busick 
Pearl Busick 
A.J. Overbee 
James Stroud 
Henry Agan 
Felix McDonald 
Mat Manship 
Myrtle Stroud 
William Jones 
Dessie Jones 
Silas Underhill 
Sally Underhill 
John Cornwell 
Billy Manship 
Chessie T. Roberts 
Oliver P. Strother 
Sam Jones 
Roma Jones 
Olive Jones 
Richard Alspaugh 
Mary Alspaugh 
Albert Alspaugh 
Emma Moon 
Hattie Wells 
Grace Walker 
Dessie Wells 
Elwood Vernon 
Rosa Bullington