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(This was in the 1930 school yearbook, PLUTONIAN)

The first school to be opened in French Lick was conducted in dwelling house near French Lick Springs. It was taught by an old sailor named ACLEY. It is said that the pupils of this school spent most of their time roasting potatoes.
    The French Lick Baptist Church was used for a school house from 1836-46. Early teachers there were Jacob DISHION, David SMITH, and David PORTER. The last teacher in the building was William FERGUSON, who caused quite a disturbance by attempting to teach a "silent school" instead of the customary "loud school." The people could not understand how children taught in a silent school would be able to transact business in this noisy world.

    The first free school to be taught in French Lick Township was during the winter of 1855-56.

    The town of French Lick was incorporated in 1900 and the district school of three rooms became the property of the town.

    The first superintendent of French Lick School was L.L. GOODING. Others have been: B.E. MYERS, Elgy T. WILLIAMS, C.N.LOGAN, Robert MOORE, Carl VANCE, N.B. BONHAM, B.O. WELLS, Hugh CATHCART, R.R. ROUDEBUSH, and Samuel SHARP.

    A new two-story brick building having six class rooms and an assembly room, was erected in 1903. This forms the south end of the present building.

    The French Lick High School was accredited for four years' work in 1908 at which time it had two teachers, one of whom was also superintendent of the entire system. The enrollment was about forty pupils.

    The first class to graduate was in 1909, when diplomas were issued to two boys, Exum Morris HALL and Arthur SPEECE.

    During the summer of 1909, an addition consisting of a basement, two recitation rooms, and an auditorium was built. During the school year that followed, another teacher was added to the faculty, the High School Library was extended, and a football team was organized. This marked the beginning of the participation of the school in athletics and during the year that followed, particularly in 1914, the football teams of French Lick were very successful.

    In 1912 some changes were made in the building, the old assembly room being divided into four class rooms.

    In 1924 another addition, consisting of a gymnasium, stage, two dressing rooms, two class rooms and a study hall, was built at a cost of $48,000. No further changes in the building have been made since 1924.

    Commercial work was introduced into the school in 1916, but very little was offered besides typewriting until 1923, when it was approved for a specialized curriculum. The present commercial course is very improved. The typewriting team of 1928-29 took second place in the State Commercial Contest.

    During the school year 1920-21 the high school began the publication of the Plutocraft, a school paper which was published every two weeks. The publication was discontinued this year and this annual substituted.

    The present enrollment of the school is approximately 590. A total of 310 boys and girls have been graduated from French Lick High School, not including the class of 1930.

Courtesy of  Howard E. Grider

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