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Submitted by Linda Lockhart

Transcribed from photocopies of Daniel Dwyer's Notebook in the William Henry Smith Library, Indiana Historical Society. No date is given in the notebook, the date was acertained by checking ages of the children against the 1850 Federal Population Census of Indiana. This was before free public education, consequently the students shown were those that their parents paid to attend school. According to the History of Orange County: "About 1841 a small frame schoolhouse was built near Rock Spring Church. Thomas Furguson taught here in 1842. He was succeeded by Charles Sands in 1843, and he by Daniel Dwyer in 1844".

Head of Household Children in School Age
Harris White Polly White 11
  Sarah T. White 10
Martha White Martha Jane White 10
Hannah Stout Jonathon Stout 16
  George Stout 13
  Nancy Stout 11
  Mariah Stout 8
  Silas Stout 5
Charles Long *James T. Elliott 7
John B. Hasslwood Betsy Hasslwood 7
Isaac Roach Lucy Roach 17
  Nancy Roach 13
  Thomas Roach 10
  Sarah Roach 8
  George Roach 6
  Mahala Roach 5
Harrison Bobbett Absales Bobbett 10
  Jemima Bobbett 5
  * Samuel Hobson 6
Elias Pearson * J. Thomas Bucker 14
John Pearson Polly Pearson 18
John Maxedon Pearson Maxedon 15
  America Maxedon 11
Nelson Pirtle Peggy Pirtle 19
  Charity Pirtle 17
Thomas Galbreath John Galbreath 20
  James Galbreath 18
  Elinder Galbreath 16
  Louisa Galbreath 8
Davis Overly Shelby Overly 5
Samuel Lockhart Alexander Lockhart 12
  James Lockhart 11
  Hannah Lockhart 10
  Mary Lockhart 8
  Roslen Lockhart 6
  * John Stalcup 19
  * Elizabeth Stalcup 13
  * Nancy Stalcup 11
  * Washington Coulston 15
John Hooten Phebe Hooten 11
  James Hooten 8
  Samuel Hooten 6
  * Sam Calclasus 15
J.P. Chambers Roxanna Chambers 11
  Sally Chambers 8
* Petry Elizabeth Petry 18
  Martin Petry 15
  Mary Ann Petry 12
  Martha Petry 8
  Manford Petry 6
(Petry is probably Jonathon Peters)    
W. White Ruth White 10
  Elizabeth White 8
  Isaac White 5
Perry Oliver Perry 16
  Theodore Perry 13
  Louisa J. Perry 12
  Adaline Perry 9
J.J. Walton William T. Walton 12
  Jane Walton 10
  Manoy Walton 8
  John Walton 6

* Relationship to head of household unknown.

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