Orange County Teachers, 1925-26

This information was taken from a newspaper clipping in a scrapbook currently owned by Tom McCart. The clipping is dated October 22, 1925, but it is unclear which paper it was clipped from. I have indexed the names, and then presented the lists as they are found in the article.

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Index of Orange County Teachers and Officials, 1925-26

?, Chas. R.
?, Omer
?, Sam
Alstott, Clara
Andrews, J. Fred
Baker, Earl
Baker, H.C.
Barker, S.R.
Barngrover, Robert
Bates, Mary
Beaty, Wanita
Bedster, Audria
Bedster, Jno. B
Beldon, Elizabeth
Bell, Joseph
Bennett, Escal
Bennett, Helen
Bobbitt, E.R.
Bowden, Emma
Bowden, Scade
Breeden, Price
Brown, Corinne
Brown, James
Burgess, Earl C.
Campbell, Arthur
Campbell, Ethel W.
Campbell, L.C.
Carnes, Ethel
Carnes, Mae
Carnes, Ruth
Cathcart, Hugh
Cave, Edna
Chaillaux, Lula
Claxton, Alta M.
Clay, Iva
Clements, Carl
Clements, Eunice
Clements, Orville F.
Cleveland, Marie
Cogswell, Chlois
Collins, Lloyd
Cooper, Eva
Cornwell, Helen
Cornwell, Orville
Coulter, S.R.
Cox, Jessie
Crawley, Scott
Crow, Fred
Dalton, Ollie
Dean, Glenn A.
Denbo, Chas.
Denbo, Dora
Denbo, Tracy
Dillard, Wm. A.
Dixon, Theo.
Drake, Maude
Edwards, Norman
Ellis, Mabel
Ellis, Stella
Endwright, Grace
Ferguson, Loren
Finley, Chas.
Fleenor, Ray
Flick, Lizzie
Flick, Naomi
Frazier, Esther
Freeman, Virgil
Friday, Bernice
Frost, Clarice
Garner, Emma
Garrison, Ravia
Gasaway, Herschel
Gerkin, Helen
Giles, Olive
Gilliatt, Charles
Gilliland, Florence
Gillum, Gertrude
Grimes, Verna
Grimes, Wm. R.
Hall, Blanche
Hall, Glen
Ham, Maude Anna
Hammer, Maurine
Harned, Grace
Harned, Inez
Hess, Gladys
Hill, Lula
Hilyard, Alys
Holiday, Wendell C.
Hollowell, James L.
Hopper, David
Hotchkiss, Ethel
Hyslope, Lola
Jenkins, Ralph M.
Joehrendt, Pearl
Jones, Phyllis
Jones, William
Kaserman, Frank
Kearby, Claire
Kirby, Omer
Kirk, Harry
Kirk, Opal
Lashbrooks, Hazel M.
Lashbrooks, Rex
Lehner, R.W.
Lewis, Frank
Lindley, Grace
Line, Blanche
Lingle, Dr. S.L.
Linthicum, Pearl
Livengood, A.E.
Livengood, Mrs. A.E.
Livengood, Hurst
Lomax, Clair
Love, Mildred
Mahan, Bertha
Manship, C.B.
Maris, Anna Jane
Marlette, Fred N.
Mattox, Geo. R.
McBride, Volney
McCabe, Arthur
McClure, Paul
McCoy, James A.
McCullough, Nell
McDonald, Audria
McDonald, Donald
Merrill, Nellie
Moon, Dessie I.
Moore, Ruth
Morris, Isaac
Musselman, Omar
Newlin, Merle
Osborn, Grace
Parks, Elmer C.
Parks, Elvis
Parks, Ethel
Parks, Opal
Pershing, A.E.
Pickens, Scott
Pitman, Albert
Pruett, Dottie
Purkhiser, Grace
Purkhiser, James E.
Purlee, B.J.
Radcliff, John T.
Ralston, L.C.
Rawlings, Lucille
Ray, Louva Helen
Raymond, Chas.
Reynolds, Ruth
Riley, Chas.
Ritter, Adella C.
Rogers, Geneva
Roland, Roscoe
Rosenbaum, Earl
Sanders, Claude
Sanders, Edward B.
Sanders, Faith
Sloan, Dr. W.W.
Smith, Freda
Sorrells, Grace
Speer, Raymond
Springer, Sybil
Stalcup, Chas. L.
Stalcup, Elizabeth
Stephenson, Blanche
Stewart, Esther
Stout, Owen
Teaford, George
Teaford, John L.
Tegarden, C.B.
Throop, E.L.
Throop, Jennie
Toliver, Jno. D.
Toliver, Lucille
Toliver, Ruby
Towell, Opal
True, Burley T.
VanCleave, George
Veatch, Dora
Webb, Bertha
Wells, Ethel
Wells, Helen
Wells, Norman R.
Wells, Ruby
Whitmire, Jacob
Wilfong, Roscoe
Williams, Ann
Wilson, Alonzo
Wolfe, Floyd L.
Woodson, Marjorie
Worrell, Vance E.
Wright, Louise
Wuchner, Anna

"A List of the Teachers of Orange County, Indiana, for the school year 1925-1926; together with the names and addresses of the various school officials."

(Although not stated in the the article, the listings appear to contain: Name of school, Name of teacher, Address of teacher. Also note that some lists do not have complete numbers. No reason is given for this in the article.)

Paoli Township

Northeast Township

Stampers Creek Township

Institute held 4th Saturday at Pleasant Grove.
James A. McCoy, Chairman, Twp., Institute.
Scott R. Coulter, Secy., Twp., Institute.

French Lick Township

Northwest Township

Greenfield Township

Orangeville Township

Southeast Township

Jackson Township

Paoli Town

Orleans Consolidated Town: Township Schools

Orleans Consolidated Town: Grammar Grades

Orleans Consolidated Town: Central School

School Bus Drivers of Orange County--Orleans Township--Elementary and [cut off] School Pupils Transported

French Lick Town

West Baden Town

School Officials of Orange County, Township Trustees

School Boards

Paoli School Town

Orleans School Town

French Lick School Town

West Baden School Town

Book Depositers of Orange County