Thelma McCarty Elliot has as original print, 1889.

Standing L to R Celia Briner, 17 yrs. Tompie Briner, 20 yrs. Joshua Briner, 73 yrs. Irene Briner, 21 yrs. (See note below) Kit Carson Briner, 19 yrs. Isadore Briner, 23 yrs.

Seated L to R Walter Joshua Briner, 12 yrs. John Wesley Briner, 49 yrs. (Civil War Veteran) Nathan Fred Briner, 2 yrs. Noble B. Briner, 6 yrs. (On tree stump) Eleanor Daugherty Briner, 44 yrs. (Almost) Joseph C. Briner, 16 yrs.

Note: Irene made much of the clothing in this photograph, including the white crocheted dress Fred is wearing.