Elon Sunday School
Class of 1913

Submitted by Marvin Beatty

The Elon Sunday School posed for this picture on September 14, 1913. The picture was loaned by Amy Deich who was able to recall most of the names of the group.

In the front row, left to right, are Orville Jacobs, Helen Jackson, Esther Carroll, Olive Jacobs, Esther Jacobs and Lou Byers.

In the Second row are Ivy Noe, Stella Jackson, Poter Carroll, Alphonso Cummins, Joyce Cope, Loto Whittinghill,Grace Walters, Amy (Young) Deich, Nellie Hobson.

In the third row are Charlie Young, Carl Clements, Goldie (Cummins) Osborn, Grace Carroll, A Walters youth, Bertha Hobson, Unknown, Blanche Bell, Edna Young, Hickman Carroll, Lula Kirkoff and holding the children are Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Cox.